Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dialogue with Higher Self - PART I

A Dialogue with Higher Self

Hopelessness and Despair

through Unconditional Love

[of four—link to PART II at bottom]

Text and Images 
© Copyright 2018 by Neall Calvert

At Lower Myra Falls, Vancouver Island, Canada

This book may not be 
for you.  

This is a book for 
the tormented and traumatized,
the tortured, terrified and tragic;
for the hopeless and despairing, 

the depressed and the merely stressed;
for the abandoned, the addicted, 

the isolated, the powerless,
and for those who have 
unexpectedly enrolled in 
the University of Adversity . . .
No one else would
have to believe
what is written here . . .
(or, Spiritual Growth for Dummies).

This is a book that answers,
in unmistakably clear language,
three important questions:

* Does a source of healing
exist within every person?

* Does the Source of All (if it exists)
have a sense of humour?

* Is the Universe friendly? 

At Lower Myra Falls, Vancouver Island, Canada   (c) 2016 by N.C.

*     *     *


At midlife, I realized that instead of a real career—career as an expanding path through life, doing what one enjoys—I was stumbling through life. In fact, despite being a capable journalist and editor, 'behind the scenes' as it were, I seemed to have made a career out of being powerless and chronically ill with back and digestive problems. 

A lapsed Mennonite, I explored, for lengths of time varying from five minutes to five years, around Vancouver, Canada, many Christian churches, several synagogues, eight Buddhist centres and a couple of Science of Mind centres; I spent years with a dream analyst, undertook clairvoyant training, studied astrocartography and numerology, and spent several years involved with a Hindu Yoga Vedanta master, whom I also visited in Europe. He gave me the gift of 'heaven on earth', connected to the cosmos, and taught me that my problems stemmed from being stuck in past lives, unable to achieve living in the present, which is our moment of power.

Through my personal-growth endeavours, I relearned the piano and learned to sing and perform; I learned to connect with Nature through photography, and to write from what was within me, following an internal guidance system; I learned to write poetry, and to meditate. Eventually I began to see life as a (self-correcting) journey of healing.

Still I couldnt get well. My spiritual searching, which had brought fleeting moments of clarity and bliss, gradually revealed me to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (the result of childhood trauma), as well as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and addiction to overwork and being miserable. . . . Then I learned a technique called automatic writing.  

The dialogue that forms THROUGH TO THE NEW was created by asking important questions using my dominant (right) hand and answering them using my non-dominant hand. The left side of the body is connected to the right side of the brain, whose attributes include holistic, unlimited thinking. 

I am grateful to Shera Street of Serenity by the Sea Retreat on Galiano Island, BC for introducing me to automatic writing; to spiritual channel Gerry Lynch; to Ernest Holmes, founder, and the dedicated ministers of the Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly called Science of Mind), whose motto is Awakening Humanity to its Spiritual Magnificence” . . . and to all those helping to uplift humanity in any way, large or small. May my efforts also make a difference.

*     *     *


Dear Mr. Neall: You are communicating with a limitless, non-judgmental, eternal source of wisdom and love. “Keep us in mind,” as it is said. We are for you 100 percent and it never ends. Let it in, this deep compassion for humans and their predicaments. Feel it in your mind and as your mind; let it enter your heart—where resides the courage to choose another path, over and over, moment by moment. Remember, we are a friend—one who will never tire you out with chat; only give help, depending on the needs of the moment. And we are always available, will never hurt or punish you, and will never abandon you. You are in good hands—with everything that that entails: safety, security, support . . .

. . . Be of peace; be of good cheer; be love and be loved—because what you’ve always wanted has arrived: the Good Parent, the Answer, the New Dawn, the Acceptance, the Way. We cannot leave you—we are you. You are talking to your (Higher) Self—the place of self-esteem, of humour, of forgiveness, of freedom from everything that troubles you. If it seems like a lot, that’s because you are used to thinking small. Give yourself permission to think big, to think happy thoughts, to operate free from fear and worry—we guarantee you will like it. And we won’t leave you then, either. We’ll be in you as the smile on your face.


Dear Mr. Neall: We are always with you, through everything. We operate through your heart, which we are helping to keep open through this difficult situation. Courage, dear one. Accept the presence of a friend, though in past times you suffered without one . . . 

. . . We love you no matter your situation: that’s what friends do. It’s unconditional love. We accept you just the way you are: in pain or not; financially well off or not; high IQ or not; homeless or not; male or female or somewhere in between; joyful or not; artistic or not; sports-oriented or not; politically involved or not; in sunshine or in rain; single or married; solitary or social; of any nationality or religion or race or skin colour . . . 

. . . The non-judgmental, unconditional acceptance pours out day and night. Yes, it’s a big notion, a Big Picture—yet one that has existed forever. You are part of it—the Circle of Life. Claim your place in it.

*     *     *

November 22, 2005: Serenity by the Sea Retreat, Galiano Island, BC

Hello, Higher Self. May I speak to you?


Can you give me some guidance around editing? [I was feeling exhausted, unable to finish a project.]

This body needs rest.

What would rest look like?

Sunshine, happy people; not having to do anything.

What would I do instead of editing?

Learn to heal yourself and then teach others.

How soon do I need rest?


Is there anything else I need to know at this time?

You are loved by the sun and sky and clouds and birds. We will guide you.

Where do I go for my healing?

In nature; healers; music.

Is there a specific place I need to go?

You are leaving the structured life. There are many places to go. Go where you are drawn, and feel energized by. This is how to become happy.

Thank you.

December 3, 2005: Port Townsend Motel, Port Townsend, WA, USA

I bumped my head on the car trunk lid just now. Is this a wake-up call?

Yes. We are always teaching . . . more and more—to “use your noggin,” as it is said.

You sound like Jesus Christ, also known as the Ascended Master Sananda. Are you?

This is the voice of your Higher Self, of wisdom, of knowingness, of connectedness to livingness, of reality as you are coming to know it. Trust in this and know your way.

What is the most important thing I need to know right now?

We want you to be well and happy, and we are doing everything we can do enlighten you—lighten you up. We will continue to do this. It’s “what we do.”

Can you help with the back pain, lower and upper, right now?

Wellness is our specialty. The more you connect with us, the better you will feel. . . . We are the forces of light. We cannot be stopped.

December 16, 2005: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

Why is it taking me so long to move out of Vancouver?

You are working through old ideas that need to change. You are learning to trust life . . . to feel that you deserve good things—like a good life . . . (Remember: stressed is desserts spelled backwards) . . . to get your “just desserts.” To simplify life. To smile and laugh. To love. To self-care around your health. To accept support / connection. To enjoy yourself. To have money and be able to manage it.

Is there anything else I need to know about achieving a new home?

What you believe, you can achieve. See it, feel it, know it, manifest it (as Wayne Dyer teaches).

December 22, 2005: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC [late at night]

What about completing the book editing? This seems almost impossible.

Yes, it looks impossible right now. You’ll feel better soon. Keep going. Daylight is coming. . . . Daylight is coming. . . . Your happiness is coming. Guaranteed.

January 13, 2006: Bean Around the World Coffee Shop, Granville Street and 65th Avenue

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health right now?

Relax. “Chill out” for a few days. Unwind. Get a smile back on your face. Love yourself . . . Love yourself.

What are the most important things to know about my dream of living in Australia?

Love your inner child; nurture him. This is your way to happiness, wherever you are. . . . Focus on the sun—your strength and guide. From now on, only the sun. Imagine it in you and around you, empowering you to do what you want to do.

Is there anything else that is important for me to know right now?

Find your sense of personal power. Grow it like a garden. Nurture it. You’ll find yourself more welcome in the world. You are on your way.

February 3, 2006: Grind Gallery Coffee Shop, Main Street, Vancouver, BC

What’s the most important thing to know about my health right now?

Rest. Regain your balance. Think about holidays, how good they feel . . . to live worry-free. That’s part of your happiness.

What can I do to feel more prosperous?

Do what you love. You are on a path of growth: Grow your self-esteem, self-worth, self-approvement. Develop upper body strength. Open to new ideas. Have quiet time—stillness. Learn self-value. Value happiness, physical and mental and spiritual strength: key word: value . . . and heart.

Are you a friend?

Don’t doubt this. Live it—your heart life: The Good Life. Think of how you are buoyed up by friends. Savour that. Be that. Enjoy that. . . . Caring. Remember “L.C.A.” [from an insight, years ago, at an ashram]: Love, Caring and Attention.

February 9, 2006: Blackie Spit Parking Lot, Crescent Beach, BC

What’s the most important thing to know about my health today?

Don’t make decisions when you’re stressed. Live what you know about holidays, i.e., take them.

Would doing the Victoria Pain Clinic’s ten-day program be a good idea for me?

See above answer. Get relaxed. Absorb some sun. You don’t need any more stimulation right now.

February 22, 2006: Delaney’s Restaurant, Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC

What’s the most important thing to know about my healing process right now?

You like yourself more. That’s how to be more assertive without getting into a flap about it.

What role does J. play in my life?

She lifts you up. Acceptance.

Will we become intimate?

You already are . . . you are lovers. That seems unfamiliar to you.

Is there anything to know that would make things feel clearer?

She is “inscrutable”—nothing to do about that but to be with it. Don’t resist being loved. Just laugh and enjoy it.

Is there anything else I need to know about Australia?

Practise feeling empowered. Loving life. Smiling. Laughing. . . . Sunshine: That’s the long and short of it. Warmth. Standing tall. Being with people instead of being alone.

Is the poetry / meditation group with G. a good idea for me?

So many questions today! Just live. Rest when you need to. End of instruction.

Thank you.

March 6, 2006: Rivendell Retreat Centre, Bowen Island, BC

What is the most important thing to know about being here at Rivendell?

Good for you! You are being supported; you are getting rest and a change of scenery. Health. And love from J.

Speaking of J., what is the most important thing I need to know?

You are entering a new phase of life—intimate involvement with another human being. No regrets, no looking back. Forward into life, Neall. . . . You are known and loved.

What is the best way to proceed with my Cloud Watcher book?

Finish it. Believe in yourself as a poet. Keep writing. Follow your bliss—words and images and imagination. Step by step, build confidence, worth as a communicator. Keep going. . . . Remember Goethe (“Whatever you can do or dream you can / Begin it. / Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”)

April 9, 2006: Home, SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

What’s the most important thing to know about my health?

How do you feel? Pretty good. . . . That’s a good sign.

What is the prognosis with J.?

Just love her. Don’t look back. . . . Don’t look back. . . . Love. Love. Love. . . . Open your mind. Relax. Laugh. Have fun. . . . What more do you want?

What is the best way to prepare for Australia?

Empowerment. . . . How does this grow? By grieving your disempowered feelings. Building physical strength, like today at the gym. Compassion: Treat people and yourself well. Contemplation, like now.

What about financially?

Get ready for a miracle. (There’s a smile attached with that.) . . . Yes, smiling—why be sad all the time? Empowered, sunny and smiling. Deserving. $10,000—it’s just different, that’s all, from what you’ve known. . . . Taller, thinner, happier.

April 15, 2006: Home, SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

I’m concerned about my birthday this year. I’m not sure I have the strength for a party. What can you tell me?

No party? What are you thinking? Have a time to remember. Fun, food, laughter, music. You know how to do that. I know you do, and so do you. Now is your time, Neall. Soak it up.

April 20, 2006: Home, SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

What’s happening with me right now? I’m so stressed I’m not functioning well. I’m so “out of it” I’m scared.

Hello. . . . There’s a level of stress you’re not used to. . . . You are loved. You are being loved right now. . . . Take time for nature. Whole days off. . . . Sky. Earth. You. Birds.

Will I be okay for my [60th] birthday on Tuesday? [I had invited a lot of people.]

[Laughs] You want to be there to see what you’ve created, don’t you?

I’m not sure. How can anyone be as scared as me?

You’re human. . . . It’s human to get scared sometimes.

Thank you. . . . Where can I go for an affordable vacation before then?

Just drive somewhere.

And for night?

Sleeping bag. You know how to do this. Take food and water. You know how to do this well. You are capable now. Your voice has become clear.

Is there anything else I need to know right now?

There is a source of profound love in the Universe. In the stars. In the earth. Let it heal you; restore you. . . . Travel. Relax. It’s an important activity, not peripheral. Expand the trust you have in your [old] car into faith in yourself. . . . It’s a good day. Peace is beyond understanding or intellect. Can’t “figure it out.”

Thank you.

April 27, 2006: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 and 99, Delta, BC

Here I am again. What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health?

Heart and courage are coming now. Meditate—become still. Then you’ll smile. Peace is for everyone. Embrace equanimity.

What’s happened with my photographic world? My camera equipment is gone! Its theft has triggered a descent into the dark world of hopelessness and terror, of loss of meaning, a loss of life force, vitality and direction.

Yet you are here, communicating. Now you know this deep pattern of your life. Any loss triggers the bigger loss. You “lost your life” back then [in childhood] and you’re reclaiming it now. Never quit this process. It’s a way of life—your way of life: Back to the light.

Will I ever laugh again? Be happy? Feel joy? . . . Is joy overrated?

What you’re experiencing is truly lack of joy. But you’re getting to know yourself—that has value. Keep moving forward. Don’t stop growing now. Appreciate, feel gratitude for, times like last night and your birthday. Stop the mental chatter. It’s a different kind of life than you’ve known till now. You’re becoming, as you realized recently, someone you like—more and more and more.

July 20, 2006: Site 18, Skihist Provincial Park, Highway 1 near Lytton, BC

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health right now?

Wow. You went through that back pain from the river rafting adventure [on the Fraser River near Lytton]. Now you’re sunbathing and shopping. You’re taking care of yourself. You found a peaceful, shaded campsite. You have a lover. You may have rekindled your photography. You’re getting clearer about God’s love through reaching for it. People love you and forgive you your temper and “mistakes.” You can afford to travel. You’ve entered two poetry contests.

Can J. and I have a long-term relationship that works?

Why not? You both have an interest in growing together and sharing.

What about her marriage and her family?

She will evolve and grow with you.

Is there anything I can do to make the relationship work better?

Love her. Cherish her. Empower yourself to be more effective.

Is this the time for me to evolve out of receiving disability income?

Nourish yourself the best you can—in every way, health-wise. Things will change. Think sunshine, love, surrender, friendship, strength, humour, wisdom, heart.

How can I best fulfill my dream to live in Australia?

Through love, joy, health, strength, belief, faith, discipline, courage, empowerment.

Thank you.

August 23, 2006: Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street, Tsawwassen, BC

After my dream last night, it seemed to me that my relationship with J. was finished. Is this true?

Are you kidding? It’s just begun.

Really? It’s a long-term relationship?


Will we get married?

You will be like married people.

What’s important to know about my health, especially my colon? What do I need for it?

Get away. Get rest, sunshine, love + + +, laughter.

February 28, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 and 99, Delta, BC

What’s the most important thing to know about my colon / general health?

Rest as much as you can; exercise; laugh as much as possible; see good in everyone and yourself; trust; pray. The happiness in you will come forth. Your inner feminine will emerge and join you for a marriage the likes of which you have not known. You will be in the sunshine.

Is the Rhodes Wellness College diploma program my next step?

It’s always your choice—choose well. It is belief that makes it happen. Believe in a positive future and you create it.

How can I have more fun? And less pain?

You are on the right path with getting support from a counsellor. Learn jokes. Sing. Start the party.

Is leading a March 10 Singalong evening at B’s a good idea?

Yes. They’re all waiting for you. They like you, Neall—how about that? Take it in. They like you, Neall. You create that with music. You bring your gift and it’s a party.

Is there anything else I need to know at this time?

Love . . . Love the stars. Love as much as you can, as often as you can—see what happens. Friendship is a wonderful thing. Love sets you free, brings happiness—your goal, right? . . . Be patient, have compassion—great, great compassion. Many others are suffering too. Join together, lighten the load. You want that too, don’t you?. . .

Is there an appropriate way to thank you?

Your becoming happy is the only thanks I need. Trust the smile on your face. . . . I am with you—you know that. I know that you have everything you need to grow a life—your life.

March 25, 2007: Pullout, south arm of the Fraser River, Richmond, BC

I’m in more pain than I want to be. What’s the best thing for me to do about it?

Live forward. Keep going, you’re making progress. The past has less hold on you—so you have a future. Notice how you love music and how useful you feel playing piano and singing; how connected; how it connects you. The writing too. Friendships too. That’s it: Friendship Equals Love—your reason for being here.

Would three months completely off help me now—my colon and digestion?

A plan is a good idea—it pulls you forward. Do whatever empowers you to live effectively.

What about becoming a counsellor? Seems pretty far away.

Don’t worry. Have fun—and rest—and exercise, et cetera. Pray and meditate. “Know thyself”—that’s the answer. Then you will know what to do.

How can I develop the “emotional strength” to be with someone like J.? I see it is missing in me.

That’s what you’re doing, through therapy, exercise, rebirthing, hot baths, numerology, support. That’s the path—enjoy it! There is no path to joy—joy is the path.

March 31, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 and 99, Delta, BC

Was I guided to come to Tim Hortons this evening?

You are always being guided. I am present with you.

What is your name? Does it matter?

We are beings of light, guiding mankind since eternity. . . . Eternity—yes, that is a long time. Light and love; love and light. That’s how things change for the better. . . . Friendship, Neall—that’s love.

I’m not very good at this, am I?

You are willing, which is important. Be a beginner if need be—fresh start, fresh energy. You know how to do this because we / I are with you. It’s from the heart (you know the song “Straight From The Heart”). Remember these words: “I want to make my heart available to people.” That’s it: the road to happiness.

What can I do to make my home life happier, right now?

Find a new home.

What is the first step?

Get to know as many people as possible. Step 2: Get off welfare. Build a foundation; build “deservingness.” It’s all connected to what’s written above: heart, courage, self-affinity, path, purpose, “availability.” Learn to smile.

Thank you. You’ve been a big help.

Welcome. “It’s only love.”

April 17, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 and 99, Delta, BC

Good things are happening: I’m editing a couple of short stories for a Science of Mind practitioner / spiritual healer. My friend M.B. is back in my life. I have a new, local computer-tech helper. I’m recording songs at no charge to me from a book designer who wants to learn his new digital recording software. My car runs well; my computer runs well. I went to a movie in the daytime (liberation from “work consciousness”). I have new clothes. I’ve received compliments. . . . I’m in a bigger life; a more positive life; a happier life. Plus, help from a naturopathic doctor; creativity through photography, poetry, editing. I have my health disciplines: prayer, exercise, nature / fresh-air time, stretching / yoga, meditation; I have a good counsellor. . . . Given all of this: What’s the most important thing I need to know right now?

Let go and let God. Let God know you. Accept, accept, accept yourself—unconditionally. Grow your unconditionality—nurture it like flowers. Be what you are becoming—“useful.” A good word. The world wants and needs you, Neall.

April 28, 2007: Small park on arm of the Fraser River near the Coast Guard Station, Richmond, BC

I’m exhausted again: in pain, out of sorts, and I don’t like myself. What’s the most important thing I need to know right now?

Rest—rest and heal. Let go. You don’t need anything else. That’s the self-love in action. Trust your heart. Rise up.

How can I stop hurting myself around J.?

Love yourself. Nourish your career. Live forward. Make new connections—lots of them. Don’t stop now. You can run—like in your dream. Like the fellow J.R. who runs the holistic magazine Common Ground. Onward—to the great adventure of the heart.

When would be the best time to proceed with the next step regarding Rhodes College?

Get clear on your purpose, your path—clear in your heart. Forgive everyone. Stand tall. Practise being in your heart. Lead singalongs. Let yourself be loved.

May 11, 2007: Totem Chinese Restaurant, Main Street, Lillooet, BC

What’s the most important thing to know about my health right now?

Holidays work—no pressure; relaxation; sunshine; new, novel scenes. Relaxes the mind, too.

Am I getting closer to a new home?

You’re moving forward. Pray every day, morning and evening . . . until you feel deserving of the abundance of the universe, and able to receive it. That’s the way.

Is this a good time to confront my friend K. with my insights about him?

Anytime is good. You are opening your heart to him, changing the old habits. It will help both of you.

What’s preventing me getting clear about Rhodes Wellness College?

It’s a big decision for you—becoming useful, joining society. Give yourself time to digest it, to feel what it means to enjoy what you do—with people. It’s living in joy—easy to say but not so easy to grasp. Letting go of pain and grief clears the way. . . . Have another good night [camping at BC Hydro Seton Lake Campground]—nourishment of the stars . . . “The dark, sacred night . . .” [from the song “What a Wonderful World”].

May 27, 2007: Small park on the Fraser River by the Coast Guard Station, Richmond, BC

I’m very concerned about the health of my colon. Nothing I’m doing seems to be working. I see no alternative but to schedule a colonoscopy. Are there other options?

The option is to take the high road, as in your dream [a beautiful, high, one-way vehicle bridge]. Live bigger, love more. Let go of the past once and for all. Live forward. Build your dream: home, good life, house, travel, creativity.

Have I gotten off course, or is this just a feeling?

The course is into your heart—that’s what is important. Whatever leads away from that is off course. The ego’s agenda is off course.

I feel as if I’m missing the boat in life—it’s quite sad. I’m unhappy and unhealthy (relatively speaking).

Don’t blame—change. Walk down another street [from the well-known poem by Portia Nelson, “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters”; see http://www.reducestressnow.net/sidewalk/]. You’re just getting a glimpse of it so far. Head into the light of day—sun, nourishment.

Will the [Psychology of Vision teacher Chuck] Spezzano group be helpful for me?

It is your way—embrace it. Take it and run with it. Learn to smile and laugh. Feel welcomed. New strategy. Growth. Fun. Excitement.

How can I create more income with ease?

Do whatever it takes to empower yourself.

Is meditation the best way to empower myself, or is there another way?

There are many ways: therapy; doing what feels too difficult; self-disciplines; forgiveness; becoming happy—seeking the happy path.

June 22, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street, Tsawwassen, BC

I’m not sure I have the strength to meet with G. for a recording session at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. Will this just tire me further, or be uplifting?

Look at it this way. G. is “a good guy.” You like that in people. The gym is a good idea, and you can rest afterwards. Limit the recording session to two hours. This is a dream come true—and to get this quality of reproduction is special.

I’m excited about the house-sitting / animal care stint coming up. I’ve wanted this for a long time. Is there anything else I need to know?

You are becoming empowered; that is why things are changing. You are incorporating the sun into your life, slowly—which is right for you.

Thank you.

We are looking out for you. “Keep us in mind.”

July 14, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highway 1 at McCallum Road, Abbotsford, BC

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health right now?

You’re doing well: more power; relief in a new home; fun with birds; singing; planning your future.

What about my colon? How can I heal this chronic condition?

In your mind first. Release tension in every way: through faith; through love—a safe environment to release tension. Fill your mind with love, self-acceptance and trust. You know the acronym [“LCA”: Love, Caring and Attention].

How can I experience more of this love? Where can I find an environment of love?

Trust that you will get what you need, that you can have the experiences necessary for your growth.

What supplements and herbs will have the most beneficial effect right now?

Rhodiola, multivitamins, water, Epsom salts baths, vitamin C—plus water. . . . Singing, relaxation, holiday drives like this one, solitude, laughter, guidance / prayer / stillness, counselling, spiritual channelling meetings with Sananda / Jesus.

Will I find a similar spiritual group in Sechelt?

Of course—they’re everywhere. Follow your heart - - - - - - like the centre line on a highway.

July 30, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Gibsons Way, Gibsons, BC

Here I am “on vacation” [house-sitting] in Sechelt, BC, and my inner voice is singing “Time to Say Goodbye” [Andrea Bocelli song]. I can’t just leave; I have a two-month commitment. What’s happening? What do I need to know right now?

Patience; love; compassion; inner child connection.

If this isn’t the right place for me to be, where is?

Nothing is written in stone.

I keep praying to be “in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.” What’s not working about caring for her two cats at V.’s condominium?

Try more nature; solitude; campfires; peace in the country, where you can hear the voice of your guidance.

If my guidance were to speak to me right now, what would it say?

Watch the stars—absorb starlight. . . . Silence; stillness; purpose; path.

Am I dealing with Friedrich Hölderlin’s pain right now? . . . [tears] . . .

That’s part of it: past-time energy.

What can I do to move more into present time?

The tears just now helped. Stillness; prayer; solitude. Music for fun. Writing—your friend. Counselling / mentoring / support. Self-forgiveness; self-compassion; heart [heart symbol]. Check in again soon. You are not alone.

August 11, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Gibsons Way, Gibsons, BC

What’s the most important thing to know about this “depression”?

Read previous message.

How can I experience more of God’s love, more often?

In prayer; in surrender. Ask for it. . . . Ask for it.

Is there anything more I can do to open up my sexual nature?

Exercise. Positive states of mind, as in prayer. Think about being “gay”—gayness; gay qualities: energy, vitality, sense of humour, love of people—male and female, open-minded, creative, “decorative,” flexible, positive.

September 12, 2007: Park bench on the ocean, Sechelt, BC

I’ve had a couple of pretty tough days; I’m glad they’re over. How can I prevent such an eruption, the reaction to a long talk with a wise friend on the phone?

Pray. Open your heart as much as you can. Keep your mind “clean and clear.”

How can I best ensure that I get a good home when I leave Sechelt?

Pray; become positive; dream guidance; be ready inside yourself; gratitude; compassion. Communication with your Inner Child.

What’s the best thing I can do for my back?

Stretching; bodywork; walking; peace of mind / meditation.

How can I love more? Have more friends?

Just what you’re doing—getting to know your own heart and its longings for goodness, justice and mercy.

October 13, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 and 99, Delta, BC

Hello! How can I best serve my spiritual growth today?

Empowerment through the sun; meditation; stillness; nature time. And whatever makes you smile.

How can I move out of my fears of cancer and more into a career path?

Through stillness; through changing your mind about who you are. . . . Ask for help. Don’t be helpless. Remember: You know that help is always available.

I feel like I need a lot of help.

We’ll give you a lot of help. That’s what we do—help you with your growth; nourish; guide. . . . T R U S T.

Is this the right time to move forward with shamanic healing training?

You know how much you want to feel the beauty of your own power. Trust that. . . . Any day is a good day to feel empowered and healed.

Is it time to reconnect with Rev. A.?

It’s time to heal yourself and to feel good and to be moving forward; to laugh; to get more connected and more powerful; to be reborn—as someone you like. Remember: You are always acceptable in our eyes. It is the truth. It is eternal truth: You are ac-cep-ta-ble. . . . Never been lost, always found—always. . . . Lift up. Lift up thine gaze to the Presence; to the Present. Know that this is temporary pain. . . . Forgive everyone. That’s the end of it; then you’re done; then you’re in your heart again. . . . Have a safe journey home. Always travel with love.

November 28, 2007: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highway 10 and 99, Delta, BC

Why did I experience this exhaustion from editing the two books?

How are things now?


You’re in your creativity again; finding a bit of amusement; focused again and looking forward.

I’m missing the stars, Nature, spirit, love.

Focus on your heart—it’s all there. Love people. Love your Inner Child. Have fun. Laugh. You’re getting the picture. “You’ve got it, Pontiac.”

Are my ideas for the letter to my publisher / employer / friend on the right track?

You’re changing directions in a significant way. It takes time for people to get that—how spiritual you are and want to be; to live your way of life, of development through inner guidance.

Is there anything I need to know that will help me in my dream of living in Australia?

Become the sun. Put a smile on. Get empowered. Buddhist involvement. “Active lifestyle”—movement; action. It’s okay to walk quickly.

August 27, 2008: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

I feel lonely today. I’ve lost my joy and the ability to play—and love; also connectedness to Nature and others. Big-time loneliness. How do I get connected again?

Awareness is half the battle,” as it is said. Good for you to know that much. I am here, as you surmised earlier—everywhere. You are asking the right questions: What brings me closer? What sends me away? . . . Doubt, fear and anger send me away . . .

. . . You are studying hope—that someone can lift themselves up into greatness. You see—it can be done. You can empower yourself. Others will always say you don’t have enough experience or “the right stuff” to be a spiritual guide and / or health coach. Or you’re too innocent. Yet that’s a quality you need: hope, rather than cynicism or self-criticism. And positive expectancy: “Things are working out.” . . .

. . . You’re unsettled these days because you’ve lost your hopelessness—can’t find it any more. You’re through it now (give yourself a check mark ). Fill up with good stuff at the “human-being filling station” [I’m writing at a Tim Hortons table in an Esso gas station]: laughter, joy, lightness, ease, inner strength, discipline, perseverance—one day at a time. . . . It’s a new day [I look up at the clock on the wall, which says 12:15 a.m. I had arrived at 11 p.m.]—and for you too. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t quit. Get up again. That’s what you’ve just done.

September 25, 2008: Skinny’s Grille, Hope, BC

I’ve got the cramp in my abdomen again (Irritable Bowel Syndrome?). What can I do to heal this situation for good?

Learn to laugh. You heard the lady in the next booth laugh, and you wanted to be like that. . . . Let go and laugh. Live. Go with the flow. Don’t hide out any more. Unlearn and learn. Learn forgiveness; unlearn your past. Learn to smile. Practise, practise, practise. . . . Go forward.

Is this a good time for me to reconnect with O. [a past girlfriend]?

Learn to stand up for yourself . . . “stand on your own two feet” as you state in your prayers [I was living on disability]. Dance a bit. Then you’ll bring your joy. You’re still learning “one day at a time” and “freedom from worry.” . . . We’re pleased with your progress. Keep going. Enjoy your drive home. Tomorrow is a new day—you will feel good! . . . See, you can smile! That’s it—enjoyment; heart; courage; energy.

November 2, 2008: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health / recovery?

You’re doing so well. Good for you. The past is losing its hold on you. You have more “inside you.” Continue the prayers several times daily. That kind of perseverance pays / is paying dividends. . . . Remember to look for things and people that make you smile or laugh—that’s the path. Don’t let anyone or anything discourage you. You’re attracting attention now. That’s a good sign: involvement / connection.

Is there a future with J.?

Be patient. Things are changing—for her too. Again, your job is to be standing on your own two feet. Until then, nothing can really come together as you haven’t the “togetherness” within you yet.

How is my progress toward living in Australia coming—”my place in the sun”?

As you become more sun-filled you will get closer to everything you want. You’ll smile more as you “wake up each day and fill your mind with sunshine” [a phrase I use in daily affirmations]. It starts to build—less depression, more expression.

Do I need to be concerned about my colon health?

This requires visualization to change the “prevailing attitude”; as in the affirmations you are now using. Become strong in this—mentally strong. This is not “secondary” to your life—it is your life, as you’re discovering: prayers, music, friends / meetings, nature, poetry / writing, images, animal care, laughter. . . . Love, love, love—it’s the way . . . because there’s no fear then. You’ve known enough of that, as you already know.

What can I do to help reduce the low back pain?

Good question. . . . Fresh air; walking; mental relaxation. Do whatever it takes to relax your mind—find peace of mind. That’s what you’re working on: changing your mind: creating other stories—a new story—unlike your past: “the smiling story”; the enlightenment story; the sun-filled mind: warm, radiant, powerful. Remember the new yellow Corvette convertible of your dream. That’s where you’re headed—happy and powerful. Believe it and you’ll see it and be it. Enough power at last; body / mind together: synchronized, focused, congruent, capable, musically expressive, Self-expressive, the unique you, soul power(ed), free from fear and worry. You can hardly imagine it yet.

Will you continue to guide me?

I AM you! [laughter]. . . . We’ve got you laughing at last. . . . We can’t be separated. . . . We can’t be separated. Want it again? We can’t be separated. . . . That’s right, there is such a thing as Good News. This is it: The Good News: “What you’re looking for is what you’re looking with.”

You sound so confident.

Youve got it, Pontiac—certainty. You heard of this notion in your studies years ago.

You sound happy . . . unusual . . . drunk?

Because you think torture, torment and suffering are normal. . . . Give it up. Try this part instead—see if you like it better: success: yellow Corvette.

And you’re sure you’ll never leave?

I can’t go anywhere. Always been here, always will be; still with a sense of humour. . . . Awesome, eh?

Indeed. Awesome.

Just like Barack Obama—awesome human being. . . . I am here—always . . . In All Ways. . . . There’s the answer without the question that ends the questions.

November 7, 2008: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

A wave of light and joy is spreading from Barack Obama around the world? [I had an experience of this in the middle of the night.]

Right again, Pontiac. . . . Joy. Try it out: Higher vibration. More energy. Freedom to BE. Laughter. “Let somebody love you” [from the Eagles song “Desperado”]. That’s what you’re touching on now. No more abuse or toxicity. En-er-gy for living.

What else can I do to let this wave of light and joy from Obama’s election into my life as it spreads around the world?

Pray. . . . Laugh. . . . Associate with like-minded people. Follow your dreams. Ask (God) for it. Live as if your life meant something—it does. Sing. Entertain. Do what it takes to feel hopeday by day. Remember: We are with you. You are not alone. . . . That’s our job: uplifting humanity, of which you are a part. It’s our job, and we love what we do. . . . Look up. . . . Reach up. . . . We’re here. Try it out. Lose the despair. Fill up with the good stuff.

November 17, 2008: Safeway Deli, Lougheed Town Centre, Burnaby, BC

Practical things: Will my car be ready for my Union Bay [Vancouver Island] trip on Sunday?

If you say it will. Believe it and you create it.

How can I live in my home, knowing how much stress it’s causing me?

Peace is a state of mind. Ask for it. Meditate. Exercise. Feel the joy of your new home coming. Imagine it. Visualize it. Be it. Let it in. Say it: “Peace! Now!—and Now—and Now.” Things are moving now. Change is in the air.

What is the most important thing to know about my health—especially my colon?

Find joy. Bask in it. Soak it up. You’re overdue; underexposed; have become unbalanced. . . . Laugh hard—shake things loose. . . . Jump. . . . Run. . . . Let go and let God (Good). . . . Heart . . . mind . . . re-lax . . . re-lax . . . re-lax. . . . Accept your basic goodness—Now. . . . Like The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields”: “Nothing to get hung about . . .” You can do it. It’s only love . . . One step at a time—into love, into more masculinity, companionship, music, creativity, home, Nature. . . . Be gentle. . . . You know all about force.

December 5, 2008: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

Hello, God within me / Higher Self. These money issues are no fun. . . . How can I feel spiritual and have money too?

This is a good start—ask a good question. . . . These old ideas that are still around—mostly fear of having—shut down the flow. Punishment too. . . . Cathart and fill up. Full up = abundance. . . . We support your happiness. That includes having enough. . . . See how standing up for yourself today made things easier; how it feels natural to have money. . . . That’s the path—into sunshine . . . smiles . . . the Good Life.

So how can I receive / give more of this thing called love?

Let go of what’s not love; then fill up.

I’m not clear on the filling up part. Do I just declare it, or pray for it, or . . . ?

Ask for it—we’ll respond. It’s like being at a filling station . . . like your Sunday service, only better. . . . No fear. Empowerment. You don’t know much about this yet. Keep asking for it. Remember this fearlessness—it’s the key to growth. . . . Keep going for it. Emerge from the past. Accept the calm of this moment. . . . We remember you. We are you. Don’t look back any more; there’s nothing there for you. . . . This moment is it. . . . You are released with good wishes.

December 17, 2008: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

Wow! You were there this morning when I drove down to the copying shop, starting a new proofreading project, singing “Jingle Bells.”

We are everywhere (as we’ve said before) . . . helping you . . . uplifting humanity. . . . Humour is part of it.

You’re helping me in this financial crisis too?

Always. In All Ways. Awesome. Powerful.

I want your help with my singing performance on Sunday.

Remember to ask. We hear your prayers, as you know.

What is the next step to a new, stress-free home?

Prayer, prayer, prayer. Affirmation. Visualization. Strengthen body and mind. Release fear. Become happy(er). . . . Peace . . . Joy . . . Love . . . Growth.

New Year’s Day, January 1, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

Wow! That was quite an evening with B. last night! I haven’t had that much fun in a long while. [We watched the movie Mamma Mia on DVD with the lyrics on screen and sang along to all the songs.]

Bravo! Friendship—the best. Nurture. Fun. Insight. [I had a profound insight: I realized that all my suffering had a purpose—it was teaching me to find joy; the kind of joy I experienced this New Year’s Eve singing ABBA songs.] The past is more past now, so you can have this kind of experience. . . .

I’m thinking it would be the wrong thing to confront my building manager on her “swearing alter ego” (she had seemed to take on a different personality to unnecessarily “take a strip off me”).

You are reading the situation accurately. . . . Live your own life the best you can. Create, pray, go to church and meetings. Become “social” again, so you don’t feel “stuck” any more. Shake loose the old, the past. Smile more. It’s okay to move quickly. Remember your heart. Courage and compassion: a pretty good package. Stand up and live—you’ll like it; you’ll see. Even now there’s less fear than when you arrived at the café. . . . That’s how we help. Not “Back to the Future” but “Back to the Heart.”

What can I do about my colon health situation? There’s too much pain, and I don’t sleep much after 3:30 a.m.

Hot baths, walking, prayer and herbs. Change your thinking. Release fear. Reach for new beliefs: life as celebration; smiling as habit. . . . It’s coming: “Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Clarity (good for proofreading too!)

Is there anything else you can tell me right now?

Be love and be loved. You are not alone. We are praying for you. . . . Remember, it’s our job. You don’t know this kind of job well yet. You’ll get the hang of it; it’s another form of learning for you: learning to enjoy everything. Happiness; bliss; high energy level; peace—altogether. Hard to believe today, perhaps. That’s okay. . . . Remember, you are loved, cared about and receiving attention—and this can go on forever. You choose it / are choosing it. Peace. Peace. Peace. . . . Have a good drive home. Blessings.

Thank you.

February 17, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 2 Road at Vancouver Airport, Richmond, BC

Thank you for all the guidance I have received over the past months and years. I am grateful. You’re like a good parent to me, offering guidance and wisdom—and you are within me.

You’ve asked for this and you’re working to open your heart, so we can reach you more easily. We’re doing our job, and it’s a good one.

Will you help guide my move to Langley? Strength to leave SW Marine Drive, to pack up and physically move? Get enough help?

Keep asking and we’ll keep giving. We believe in joy, remember? It can be joyful, easy.

I’d forgotten. That will make the difference for sure. Thank you. . . . [And it was easy.]

March 3, 2009: Horseshoe Bay – Bowen Island Ferry

What’s the most important thing I need to know right now?

You’ve done a good job of changing your energy, of opening your heart and getting more energy. . . . The future is more possible for you now. Don’t look back, only forward. . . . Music—joy—can be developed; and writing, creativity, happiness, bliss, peace. Make these your focus. More light.

Thank you.

March 4, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

I seem to be in a crisis. I dreamt of my car driving into a river, and me having to swim out. . . . The cheque I was expecting still hasn’t arrived, and I have bills to pay. My body is tense and I haven’t a car or funds for a holiday. What’s happening?

You’ve gotten off course. You’ve forgotten some things that are important. Lost touch with Spirit.

How do I get back in touch with my Spirit?

Relax. Deeply relax. We will help you. Relax mind / body. Receive love; be love. Stop talking. Listen to the silence until you know/hear what to do next. Stop fighting with anyone. Don’t waste your breath. Conserve energy. Pray/meditate. Stay focussed on Spirit/Light. Don’t get distracted. Peace. Peace. Peace. It’s real: freedom from worry and fear. Self-acceptance. Re-creation: Start over. Fresh. New. Create a new car. A new path. A new attitude. Forgiveness. Compassion. Honesty. Sunshine. Hope. Recovery. Healing. Home. . . . Time to go home, Neall. Home for good—heart home. Let go of anything else. You know how to do this. You ARE this. Nothing more, nothing less. . . . Go with God: Vaya con Dios.

March 11, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

I’ve gotten more hope from rereading these words/sessions, now going back more than three years.

That’s our job—as you’re getting clearer about from reviewing this material.

Just one more week to go in this apartment. I’ve almost done it—gotten out!

That’s what empowerment can do. As we’ve said many times, “Don’t look back.” Celebrate your success. That’s what’s coming: celebration, smiles, happiness, laughter.

Why is the voice recording for my music CD so difficult to do? Am I just tired?

Yes, you’re tired. . . . And joy is still kind of a foreign language, especially with your home stress. That’s what’s available here: joy. Can you claim it, believe in it, be it? That’s all. A new language: Nothing more—nothing less.

How can I best deal with this home stress? The noises are driving me crazy.

You’re doing many right things—park visits, walks, Nature, silence, focussing on the future, managing changes, singing/playing music, this rest time, sorting belongings, prayer, listening to music, writing. . . . See how effective you are. You’re also selling belongings and your photo art cards, creating income. . . . Does this help? It seems to. . . . You see that you are no longer helpless, rather empowered; making progress. . . . That eases your mind. . . . You have changed and can embrace celebration. And we remind you now that you are not alone. The Spirit of Love is with you—our love, uplifting you. . . . Believe it. Know it. Accept it. . . . Spirit. Spirited. Free (no charge—ever!) . . . eternally. . . . It’s a big game, indeed. . . . Go with God: Vaya con dios.

March 19, 2009: Tsawwassen – Duke Point Ferry

How can I avoid going through the depths of hell in order to learn and grow?

Find joy. Live joy. Be joy. . . . Rest. . . . Nature. . . . Supportive people. . . . Moving forward—as you’re doing now. . . . Following guidance; believing in guidance; believing in love—letting it in.

Thank you.

April 1, 2009, Union Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
(4:45 a.m.)

I’m unable to sleep and I’m getting more and more anxious and tense, especially my back and my colon. I want to speak to my Higher Self, to communicate with it.

Go ahead.

This level of stress is almost unbelievable. Can you tell me what’s happening, and what I can do to manage this/transform it?

The spider has indeed wrapped you in a web of emotions and almost stopped you from another step forward; is poisoning you. [In a dream during a nap at a rest stop on the way to Union Bay, a large black spider is biting me in front of my ankles.]

What can I do to feel more relaxed, to move more into joy and connectedness, to resolve this situation?

You are doing the right thing by contacting your Higher Self, since it has the bigger picture. This is the negative mother that has poisoned you from stepping out into the world, where it feels unsafe, where you can be hurt, where you can find values different from hers, where she was afraid of losing you, of having you speaking up for yourself about values different from hers. [House-sitting and caring for animals and meeting grounded and mature people was a big step forward from the solitary intellectual lifestyle I had been leading.] That’s the web she wanted to keep you “safe” with—keep herself safe with, especially regarding sexuality and “sin”; suppress you through “sinfulness” teachings and beliefs.

What power in the Universe can I call upon for help here? I’m losing my equanimity and my health and well-being.

The clarity you are seeking can take a while to develop. Meanwhile, do your stretching, hot baths, fresh-air walking, prayers to help ease your mind and thus your body. Have compassion for yourself.

How can I leave Union Bay feeling relaxed and good about myself—more hopeful?

You’re doing the right things, Neall. “Let go and let God.” In God there is no fear of anyone or anything. It is a place of compassion, of understanding—the peace you are praying for. Give that to yourself—a gift. . . . We are not separate from you, so we are “filtering” this through to your brain/mind/body.

Is there anything else to know that will benefit my health today?

We are your “family,” Neall—what you have longed for. We love and support you and we will never abandon you. We cannot stop being this way. Repeat: We cannot stop being this way. . . . This is it; this is home. We will always love you. And guide you. We want you to be happy and safe and healthy. That’s what people who love you “do.” Let it soak in, this kind of relatedness. Fill up. . . . There is laughter and joy available—options to consider. Friendliness—you know that quality from your past, and can bring it forward now. . . . Like good parents, we are always available in times of need—and for security. . . . The powerlessness you feel is another issue that, as we’ve said before, is addressed through grieving one’s powerlessness. Don’t be afraid to grieve. It’s the doorway to new life, new attitudes, more clarity, less “congestion,” more mental freedom. . . . Although there is no sunshine likely, dawn is approaching [it’s now 6:15 a.m.]. . . . Be yourself. Be self-caring in all ways. Ask “What would love do today?” Do that. . . . Do mental/spiritual/physical exercises—you’ll like yourself again soon enough.

I don’t want to say goodbye.

We are not separate from you. Bless “Igor” [the ego, and the victim stance] and have a good day. . . . We are here always—in all ways: supporting, uplifting, bringing confidence and wisdom, freedom from fear, intelligence—Light, and thus clarity. We don’t “muddy the water”—and we “go for the heart”—”straight from the heart.” That’s where peace lies. Nowhere else. And it’s yours for the asking. . . . So long—for now (as always).

April 27, 2009: Higher Grounds Café, Aldergrove, BC

Well, I’ve screwed up; made a mess; gotten too stressed; think I’m in the wrong home yet again and am unable to relax. My new home in the country has turned into hell. . . . I’ve gotten out of these situations before; what could be the way now? I’m stuck.

Good. Now you’re ready to learn. . . . Everyone screws up sometimes. Gets into these binds, difficult places, seeming impossibilities: loss of faith; loss of place; anger; blame—the whole package. Stuff. Stress. PTSD. CFS. Hatred. That’s right—all of it. No answers—wherever you look, no answers. No joy. Cruelty. Heartlessness. No light/lightness. Drama/chaos, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseum/museum. . . . “Museum”: that means it’s all from the past. And life is lived in the present. Too bad, but that’s the way it is. Nothing can change that. Wishing, hoping, dreaming, daydreaming, d.e.n.i.a.l. (Don’t Even Know I Am Lying). . . .

Life is lived in present time. That’s the real hope (no hype). . . . Let go of the past—for good. For Good. . . . We are guiding you, and are on your side. We will always guide you. That’s our job, and we like what we do. We are not in denial or self-hatred, but something else. Connectedness. That will make you feel better. Just try to smile and be fearless. Just today. That’s all. You can do it, because we are with you—in you, as you know. In your heart. Waking up this “new world” of courage and strength. No more “littleness,” snivelling brat type of behaviour, bad child/rebellious youth, et cetera, et cetera, beaten-up person . . . “Something else.” . . . Be that something else. . . . Live as if you have no head. It hasn’t helped you get where you want to go—to Vaya con Dios (Going with God). . . . So celebrate this day. It won’t come again, as you pray about and know. Do your best . . . that’s all. . . . [As I leave the café, I spot a huge advertising poster on the building next door proclaiming: “You will get through this.”]

April 28, 2009: Fort Langley Riverside Park

Is this the “stress of success” I’m dealing with: living my dream and being scared?

We say you are learning to love, and to be happy. This is the path: through your past. It’s not always easy. Get lots of rest, water, sunshine. Claim your friendships, your talents, your workouts/rehab program. . . . Always do what you feel is best for you, not what others are doing. Find your heart and let it lead you—that is your home. . . . One day at a time, one step at a time, one song at a time, one smile at a time. . . . That’s all you need.

April 29, 2009, Tim Hortons Restaurant, Hwy 1A & 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

This is becoming my spiritual discipline. I never thought I would do this every day. . . .

Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better . . .” You’ve had positive experiences today. You were an angel helper on the road; received appreciation from D. for your editing; received income; got support from Rev. A.; had a gym and swim; practised singing; fixed your car; started with a new chiropractor; walked. One day, one step, one song, one smile . . . you are doing it all.

I want your help to learn forgiveness, particularly forgiveness of E.

We are offering it. “It’s what we do.”

Is there something or some technique that will help me to move more into my heart? This feels very necessary now. I don’t want to learn life via “heart attack.”

This is the way—this dialogue. This is the Love Teaching. You are learning by making this a priority, wanting this, day by day. . . . You can feel/see that we have “no hidden agenda.” That is an aspect of love; a place to grow from, learn from—No Hidden Agenda. Consider this lesson #1. We are always available (constancy) (#2). We are not stuck in the past or the future (#3). We are not tired (#4). We know how to laugh (#5a). We don’t take ourselves too seriously (#5b). We are eternal and see the big picture (#6). We know what forgiveness is (#7) . . .

. . . We are your guardian angels—just as you were the guardian angel today for that elderly lady stuck by the roadside. Didn’t that feel good, and useful? . . . These are the principles we are living—and teaching you. You are feeling your heart opening—that’s when your eyes water and well up with tears. Be gentle with your heart—let go and let God. Stop fighting it. Have more joy; more peace; a Good Life. . . . We are on your side. . . . You don’t know much about this yet. You are learning because you have put yourself into a learning environment. Good for you! . . . Now you can go home. We are always here—a sleep away. Vaya con Dios. Love.

April 30, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, Hwy 7, Mission, BC

What is the best way to get healing for my back?

Let go—of the past: resentments, bitterness, anger, blame, hostility. Forgive It All. Clean the slate. When it’s clean, you’ll be renewed; be heartful; be able to smile more. Be happier; healthier, holier. More useful.

What is the best way to deal with the “spider energy”?

It’s almost gone. You’ve defeated it through prayer—part of becoming free. Fewer toxins. . . . This is worth celebrating. Find a way to celebrate your new freedom—a party of some kind. Yes, you can have a party—part of a new lifestyle. Dancing? Why not? You’re worth it. Meditate on that: fuel for the journey home. Vaya con Dios.

May 3, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Hwy 1A & 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

So this chaos and drama is “anything unlike love” coming up to be healed?

There is nothing else happening here [on Earth].

Is there anything else I can do to accelerate the Forgiveness process I am in?

Make each day about forgiveness. Morning and evening: bookending. Wear your pink jacket more often. Talk to others about forgiveness. Make it a topic of conversation. It is about the opening of your heart and the bringing in of sunshine. Big enough subject for you? . . . We leave you to your return journey. Be blessed.

May 7, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street and 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

I want to fill my life with more positivity: fewer addictions like aloneness, coffee, television, under-achieving; more friends, connections.

You are developing more energy—and courage. (Me sighing.) Good sighs. You sang today—also good. Making your music CD makes you happy. “Keep that in mind,” as people say. This happiness and joy come from being with people: an expanded social repertoire through love of music. Do what you love; love what you do.

Thank you. What’s the best thing I can do for my health today?

Rest. Relax. Be in touch with your dream: sunshine in your mind. Be happy. Think positive thoughts. It’s working. You have mental calm; it can feel incredible. Friendship—see what it can do.

Is this farm the right place for me? I’m not enjoying it—much too stressful. Moving again is stressful too.

We want you to consider your heart. Self-acceptance, self-affinity, self-approvement, et cetera (as in your prayers). Then you’re home. Light and love. Home . . . home . . . home. Fearlessness; courage; friendship. Vaya con Dios.

May 12, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street and 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

I need some good answers today. You’ve provided many good ones in the past. . . . What made me go into the “stress reaction” today, and how can I prevent such reactions in the future?

You are overdue for a vacation. Holidays are holy days: times of joy, unwinding, relaxation. Your soul knows this, wants this.

I’m going through hell again, feeling sad and hopeless.

But better than an hour ago . . .

. . . And you are always with me?

As you know . . . Eternal. Always available. Peaceful. . . . You’re almost ready to smile.

Who are you again?

I/We are your Higher Self, and we have many names, which having knowledge of doesn’t assist your spiritual growth; names will distract you now, as you realize too. We are forces of Love and Healing, helping you to reach higher—to be happier. We want to help. It is our job, as we’ve said before. And we like our job. Just as you like helping D., and the elderly driver in Langley. That’s it: being of service. We enjoy helping.

Without becoming a “Helpful Harry”?

We don’t go where we aren’t wanted, and we can tell where we’re wanted.

What’s the most important thing to me being happy?

Taking up this study/discipline. It’s helping to open your heart, to give you what’s been missing, to bring you calm and joy, and hope. We can encourage you. This is also what we do: en-courage: give you courage. So hold strong. The past will fade as you replace it with new feelings in your heart. . . . That’s right—wow! New personality—changed life. That’s what we promise. And we never quit. We Will Help You (find courage). We see that you see that’s what’s been missing. With courage, it’s all possible: your dreams. Trust your heart, forget your past, your childhood. Just this: Heart. It’s everything. It’s the new life/renewed life/what all religions talk about, aim for: the centre of the chest. Find it and go with it—like a jet making a contrail. Call on us when you need us. “No end of help.” Never-ending life. . . . Upward now, Neall.

May 18, 2009, Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street and 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

I seem to be “losing my faith” over the “mistake” of ending up at E.’s farm. I’m not enjoying life and I seem to be off course. I can’t see the way forward right now; I’m like a mole underground. Can you help?

We’re always available to help. We are guiding you the best we can. Think friendship > love > heart. That’s the way. Courage. “Lazarus, take up thy bed and walk.” Or “Get cracking,” as it is said. (We do have a sense of humour, as you know.) . . . Pretend you’re in school, and an A-student—because you are in school. Recall how you like to learn. School, school, school—never stop learning about how to enjoy life. The rewards are great—as you see/feel/experience occasionally. Not to mention the relationship you get with us—and we’re good people to know.

No kidding!

We can do kidding if you want.

I’m feeling guided into music right now. Do you have some feedback?

It’s your path of enlightened, empowered living—what more would you want? Live it, believe in it—it will take you where you want to go. And put a smile on your face—as you know. . . . Play the Welsh songs/hymns [Vancouver Welsh Men’s Chorus]. They’ll help fill you up right now. We’ll talk again soon. . . . We’re always around, as you know. We are eternal . . . and available. Vaya con Dios.

May 21, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Hwy 1A & 264th Avenue, Aldergrove,

Once again, I feel off course, as if what’s in front of me is not what I want. How can I feel as if my life is in front of me?

Rest. Do nothing until you know what to do. Otherwise you’re “pushing the river” again. Be gentle with yourself. Gather your soul, for example through music listening, sunbathing, reading. Learn to rest and recharge. The Light will return. Know that you are loved—by your guides and by us. This is what changes you. Keep wearing the pink jacket. You know what it does for you: new person(ality). . . . Change = rest. Love is the key. No fear.

May 25, 2009: Motor home, 84th Avenue farm, Langley Township, BC

I seem to be in “breakdown.” Health, finances, home, computer—all are challenges. Yet I know I am letting go of the past and living “forward” now.

You are learning to get what you want out of life—to live your vision. Good for you. Hold fast to that. That’s what pulls everyone forward. Yes, it takes courage. That’s reality; that’s real life. . . . You are learning to live outside “the cave” you’ve been in almost all your life—in the light of day. Welcome out.

May 31, 2009, Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street and 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

I’m having quite a day. I thought “all is lost,” and then I went for that walk along the river and started spontaneously singing “Amazing Grace.”

We applaud your courage. You are getting clearer about socializing and solitude—how each nourishes you differently. You will keep growing in this, to bring you even more satisfaction.

June 6, 2009: Seton Lake BC Hydro Campground, Lillooet, BC

My spirits are returning. This [five-day] holiday has been good for me.

You’ve done what you needed to do—lived your life. Gotten some sun. Brought back some energy. This is a life skill that is useful to share with others who may be stressed. You went on an adventure, too, down that rugged Texas Creek Road. That always raises one’s energy level.

Reading the Joseph Campbell material on myth, I feel the ladder I’ve been climbing is “leaning against the wrong wall.” That’s why I’m having no success right now. Every pathway seems blocked.

You’re still discovering “your way.” “Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you” is still true. Holidays such as this help a lot to sort things out—help you sift out what to keep and what not to keep. You’ll know what’s your way because you will be happy, joyous and will feel free—”Sunshine Mind.” That’s the way. Don’t stop now. Remember: Don’t look back—nothing there for you. Only forward—with compassion. With heart. Divine mind. Awakened mind. Keep on waking up. That’s the path. . . . We are never far away. Vaya con Dios.

June 11, 2009: Fort Langley Café, Fort Langley, BC

How can I get over this “resistance to havingness”?

By doing just what you’re doing. Keep it up. You’re getting empowered and happier. That’s what it takes. Spend the day in this “new place”: turning the corner; affirming your good. . . . In sunshine. . . . There’s a smile. We share this “love of the sun” with you. . . . Affirm a good move: “Right place, right time, right people, right amount of money, et cetera” [as in my daily affirmations] . . . Find stillness. Peace is a b-i-g idea.

June 12, 2009, Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street and 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

What’s the most important thing I need to know right now? I’m getting more aware that I’ve lost the path of happiness, that I’m letting it slip away; as if I once knew it, but have “forgotten” how to stay on it.

That’s a good awareness to be “working” with. Keep it up. This is the corner available to turn: Sunshine/happiness as outcome—”changing your mind.” This is what there is to do. Don’t stop. The Universe is always offering this. Only some will listen and learn. . . . As you forgive, and work with compassion, things will change in your mind—soften: that’s your goal. More smiles will result. We’ll smile with you, ‘cause we like to smile.

Thank you. I am grateful for this teaching.

You’re welcome. You are loved. Don’t forget it (and we can remind you.) It’s the “eternal game.” You can play at it, also learn to play it: lifelong education. Peace too . . . in order to become happier. That’s the story. “Try it out,” as the Buddhist teachers say. See what happens; what good will result; how you can change your beliefs, especially core beliefs. It’s happening, and it will happen for you. Guaranteed. No-fail system. . . . Love and light, and more love and light. Farewell [in a sing-song voice]. . . . “Cheers,” as people say.

June 15, 2009, Tim Hortons Restaurant, 56th Street and 264th Avenue, Aldergrove, BC

I got scared today. I know I’m “running on empty” and stressed. I barely know which way is forward.

That’s when you open your heart. That’s when you learn forgiveness rather than rage as a way of life . . .and learn to communicate more gently and effectively.

So what about this book The Shack? (six-million copy bestseller, subtitled “From Tragedy to Eternity”). Is it all spiritual truth? I know there is a lot of truth in that book—I guess that’s the important thing, rather than if it was 100-percent accurate.

It’s a jewel of wisdom that will last a long time. It’s all truth, all the time; it is helping many, and will well into the future. “Where Tragedy Meets Eternity”—exactly. That is how healing occurs—in Eternity. (This point has arisen in these pages earlier.) This is how to charge up your batteries—in Eternity, and via the other things you are doing: prayer, solitude, toning, singing, exercise/walking, therapy, meditation.

Will you help me with my fears? My social skills seem to be so lacking—little ability to negotiate, or to stand up for myself without either collapsing or being overbearing, et cetera, et cetera.

We say, always come from the heart. The people you want to be with will recognize it. The rest—let them be. . . . Love is safety, by the way. No fear. More fun. Try to have a bit more fun. (We’re encouraging you.) Keep praying and affirming “I am the Light” (to lighten up). . . . Travel safely. Vaya con Dios.

June 19, 2009, Dancer residence, East 62nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Wow. Things are changing for the better. I’m happier today. Can you tell me more about the nasty Hitler-type energy at the back of my heart area that dissolved several hours after the chiropractic spinal adjustment? It seemed as if something was stuck there from the Second World War and it suddenly swirled away, getting lighter and happier with each swirl, as if Hitler was very quickly learning his life lessons, lifetime by lifetime.

There’s not much more to say. That sums it up well. You’re a better person for it being gone. . . . Your home situation has improved. You’re known and supported in Vancouver now, so you can grow—like in a garden. We’re here encouraging you. Happiness is on the “menu of life.” Keep that in mind as you continue to grow. . . . And don’t worry—it’s unproductive use of your mind. . . . Sing. . . Relax. . . . We’re with you. . . . Keep affirming “I am one with the Light, I am the light, I love the Light, I am guided by the Light” to raise your vibration into happiness. You’re on the way. Sleep well. Vaya con Dios.

June 20, 2009, Dancer residence, East 62nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

I want to make sure I’m not stressed out when I get to Sechelt for house-sitting. I am asking God for focus and relaxation; to be energized and ready to have fun and do a capable job.

We hear your request for peace and focus. It can start to build for you/in you/as you. We always want the best for you, as you are starting to learn. We want you to be happy, and we know how to get there. Stay on the path of the heart—we will get you home. No kidding. What you always wanted—as did Hölderlin [See Part III of this book]. . . . It is the answer to all questions. Imagine—no more questioning: peaceful and happy. End of seeking. Mind at peace. Hard to imagine now. Yet it’s going to happen. Be ready. Be steady. . . . (It’s okay to laugh. Silly is also okay.) Break the old patterns; raise the vibration. That what it’s all about: “Raising the roof (off).” Letting in the light. New ideas and thoughts/thought patterns. . . . Keep looking forward—every day. These times are building it for you: Reinforcement/retraining/rewards/reintegration/renewal/re life habits (no more rabbits, as in Langley Township). . . . You see, there is fun to be had; simple things that “improve one’s spirits” and make things go easier. That’s what’s available to you/what we’re showing you: Mission Possible. . . . Vaya con Dios.

June 24, 2009: Pier 17 Café, Davis Bay, Sechelt, BC

I could use a little encouragement today, and a lot more Light.

Peace, peace, peace. We honour you, Neall, for your courage. You are changing your life step by step. Have your “holiday by the sea.” Read, sing, walk, laugh, pray, meditate—acknowledge how things have changed; how much courage you do have. How your mind moves more easily to the positive; is open to love and joy, to hope and looking forward; your increasing capacity for friendship/companionship/care for animals/being in nature, et cetera, et cetera—long list . . . willingness to communicate with us, to let us help you; inspire you—which we are glad to do. As you know, we like our job. . . .

Love and Light, spreading joy—seems unimaginable but it’s true. Filling up at the filling station . . . We’re it. “One day at a time,” et cetera, et cetera. . . . Be happy, smile, et cetera—”just for today” . . . that’s it. Tomorrow takes care of itself. Don’t worry—today. You can do it; you are doing it. Think of your love for this cat you’re caring for, and let it multiply—as a spiritual exercise. Read, sing, play music; plan your Good Life. . . . You are not alone. Repeat: You are not alone. . . . We will help you, as today/tonight. . . . Always, in all ways. Always with you. Helping, encouraging. We have what you are looking for. We can see through your eyes, hear through your ears, et cetera, thus be the “bigger presence” as you. That’s the Good Life. Let it happen. Onward. Ever onward. . . . Courage: Take it and run with it—we “license” you to do so; to start a Courage franchise. Then pass it on to others. Good job, eh? You’re hired/can’t be fired. Yes, we have a sense of humour; and self-esteem. Learning through amusement rather than worry. Like Barack Obama. (And yes, you can “use” him as an inner figure of power to grow your path of positivity. Full permission granted.) . . .

You’re getting filled up, so we’ll depart. . . . Always here, always ready to give. Ready to teach positivity. Thank you for being willing/open. . . . Go with love/freedom /innocence/strength/Light/intelligence. We salute you. . . . Remember us . . . as part of you. Healers too. It’s all Healing. Vaya con Dios.

June 28, 2009: Pier 17 Café, Davis Bay, Sechelt, BC

I wanted to connect with you “for no good reason”—just to connect.

That’s a good enough reason.

So, my tears just now after rereading all these pages of dialogue are a sign that my heart is opening?

It’s the opening to the Good Life you are seeking. . . . Good, isn’t it?

Yes, it is very good.

That’s your discipline—to spend time in this way—paying off.

I notice I’m experiencing more “social confidence” these days. [At this moment I’m getting distracted thinking about cars. Earlier in the day I noticed a bargain-priced used BMW for sale in the local paper that needed only a head gasket; I have experience fixing head-gasket problems cheaply. I am longing to buy this car.]

That’s what a strengthened heart does: makes everything easier. Following your heart makes you a leader, through the demonstration of courage. Again: What more do you want? It’s everything you want. This is the place to learn it, and you are doing so—despite your distractions at the moment.

Can you offer some wisdom about Michael Jackson’s passing, and how I can best navigate this time successfully? [Watching the memorial service on television, I had found myself grieving deeply; then copying some of his dance moves I had just seen.]

You are doing fine with it: understanding the “song and dance man par excellence” and the lack of spiritual guidance/wisdom/getting off course/seeking “happiness” through plastic surgery (the impossibility of it)/negative father, thus inability to surrender, as you went through and have come through. Can be big trouble there, as you know. . . . Big talent = Big issues = Needs big help/surrender. When that doesn’t appear, health suffers. . . . Pray for his soul. That makes you useful, not helpless or powerless. If you want to, let his dancing inspire you to dance, who is to stop you? As you know, no one. . . . Joy/happiness/freedom—everyone’s birthright. Empowerment—same thing.

Thank you.

PS: You see how the “car energy” [longing to buy that BMW] slows you down. We offer everything you want: “Seek ye first the kingdom, et cetera” and satisfactions far beyond struggling with car repairs/ego satisfactions. We offer the real thing—hope (no “rope-a-dope”). Clarity. Purpose. Real happiness. “Diamond mind.” Inner riches. . . . The outer riches will then follow. You won’t be just another “lonely guy with his car.” You’ll attract the kind of attention you’ve always wanted. Life like in the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novels you’re reading: warmth/connection/connectedness. You’ll get this better as we continue our dialogues. . . . Remember as you drive “home” that you are loved—and held in this embrace, which can go on forever. Vaya con Dios.

July 2, 2009: Side Dish Café, Sechelt, BC

I felt so awful waking up this morning, and now I’m filled with energy and basically happy. How can things change so quickly?

They can indeed. You’re more willing to shift, so shift can happen. You’re learning more about happiness and empowerment, and you’re getting more of it. Keep it up (en-courage-ment for the Good Life).

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling I was surrounded by sunshine and living Australia. That felt wonderful.

Yes. This again is the result of your inner work to make your dreams come true. You are doing it, step by step: opening, growing. As you know now, when you feel bad, the only thing to do is stop till you feel better, and come into present time, where you know what to do next, and have peace in your mind again. You know that is what we want for you, and what we are encouraging you in. . . . Once again, you are “filling up.” Have a good day. Vaya con Dios. Cheers. Love. Peace. Joy to you.

July 5, 2009: Pier 17 Café, Davis Bay, Sechelt, BC

I’d like to know more about my reaction to Roger Federer winning the Wimbledon tennis tournament this morning. [I broke down in great sobs of grief.]

You’re on the right track. You feel a deep connection with him, a desire to win, that hasn’t manifested for you much yet, and that he understands well. That pretty well sums it up—no more and no less than that.

What can I do to feel more like a winner more often?

Doing just what you’re doing: praying, meditating, asking Spirit for help, automatic writing, taking one day at a time, practising music, communicating, writing, Nature time, camping, sunbathing—following your dream of being happy and peaceful. . . . You are on your way, as you’ve noticed, so keep it up. Vaya con Dios. . . . PS: Pat yourself on the back now and then.

July 6, 2009: Trail Bay Mall Restaurant, Sechelt, BC

How can I change my fears around crabs and the connection to cancer?

Celebrate the entire animal realm, as you have begun to do. . . . Ask for God’s love in your heart, creating courage, and for a changed mind, a bigger mind, a love of all Creation, to fill every cell of your body. More light(ness), joy and ease. . . . And remember that you are loved; you are healing; and deserving of the best in everything. No kidding! . . . Have a great day. . . . Signed: Your Higher Self.

July 11, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highways 10 & 99, Delta, BC

What’s the most important thing I need to know right now? I dreamed of a nice pickup truck going into the water.

Think of the colours of that truck in your dream: black with red and yellow. These are colours with which to build the new direction; hope for happiness and peace. See them; feel them; become charged up with them: a healthy vehicle for your soul’s journey; a well-connected soul/body. A “smoother” connection between the two. It’s what everyone wants: “Good Health” (to sum up in two words). We are helping with this and will continue to do so. You are moving into “unknown territory,” so be gentle with yourself. Acknowledge your ability to smile now; how different this is. Again, we say: Don’t look back. As you know, there’s nothing there for you.

Acknowledge your positive connections with people; celebrate each one; be grateful that life can change; for the Principles of Healing that exist as part of the Universe, also known as the Principles of Change. They are serving and will serve you well. Believe in them as a part of you. That’s the important thing to know. They lead to happiness and health, which are your goals. We are happy to work with you on these principles. Again, as you know, we like our job. . .

So, Go with God: Vaya con Dios. It’s all God, all Good, when it includes the heart; remember to practise opening yours, as you are doing now. It pays dividends, like a good bank account. [I’m experiencing severe solar plexus tension at this point.]

On empowerment/solar plexus pain: Remember about grieving disempowerment: That’s how to become more powerful. . . . It’s happening. Step by step. As you say in D.A. [Debtors’ Anonymous]: Progress not perfection (although there is perfection in the progress). It’s all perfect when you are forgiving and forgiven and can see it rightly, with “fresh eyes,” in the flow of life. And “fresh mind,” watered and nourished like a garden with the water of life/spiritual sustenance. . . . Yes, we are unlimited. Unlimited. Full of endless ideas/notions/good news/positivity. Freedom from pain/sorrow/suffering. What else do you want? We have it—we have answers. No more doubt/anger/fear. It is a blessing to know us—and you do. . . . Heal. Heal. Heal . . . in the unlimited resources of Spirit.

July 14, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Steveston Highway, Richmond, BC

I am pleased and excited about my latest Barack Obama dream yesterday. He seems to be teaching me empowerment.

Bang on, Pontiac! Enlightenment and empowerment; beauty and strength; passion and purpose . . . on and on . . . liberation from the past; humour. . . . Another winner for you.

Where will I get the strength to finish recording my music CD?

Good question. . . . Take a few days off. Sort it out. Do some catharsis and back exercises. Keep meditating and walking. Find a way to laugh about what life has brought you with this recording experience—until you feel deserving of this “fortune.” [I am being gifted; I don’t have to pay anything to record my CD.] Affirm your deservingness—over and over. Feel your musicality combined with enlightenment and empowerment: the real you. Honour it; be grateful for it; say Yes to it. That’s what we’re all about: saying Yes. . . .

. . . You’re feeling better now, so we’ll say goodbye. Enjoy the sun; it is powerful . . . and powerful for you. Keep at it: sun-time(s). . . . Vaya con Dios.

July 16, 2009, Dancer residence, East 62nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Wow. What a few days it’s been. Feelings of liberation to the opposite: self-negation/self attack. Is this my ego I’m confronting?

Anything unlike love is ego, so you’re on the right track. . . . Return to love and self-love over and over. . . . Joy, lightness, ease, HAPPINESS. Live it. Be it.

What can you tell me of healing these awful thigh-bone pains? Feels like a tough situation.

This is “a life gone astray” energy, as it were. Continue to ask for help. Always ask for help. This is the part of you that when you heal it you will be unrecognizable to your old self. You’ll be “standing on your own two feet” (as you pray for every day)—truly. Living in the Light.

I feel so alone. Yet I seem to be “on course” to becoming a healer.

Trauma survivors generally end up being alone for a long time, until they find their way through to the Light. You are no different. Keep moving toward the Light, toward love. Give up everything else. . . . Be ready for a change; ready to open to a new level of integration, through Spirit. Let us gently nourish your mind, help to bring peace—lasting peace. It is available. It’s “on the menu,” as we’ve said before. Choose it. Choose it. Choose it again. You know you like it.

I’ve lost all sense of humour. Help!

Where shall we begin? You trust us, right? First things first: Trust. Then Safety. Then Peace. Then Humour. . . . Something like that. Filling up and spilling over. Like that. . . . Letting go and letting Beingness, Her Holiness Queenness (from The Shack): Good God, Good Cook, Good Communicator, Lover of Life, Princess of Peace, Bringer of Laughter, Filler Upper of Presence, The Empowered One—All in One. Awesome. That last word is the one you chose for this year [at the spiritual centre back in January], so you can live it, breathe it, speak it, as the young people do. Awesome. Awe-full.

How long do I need to keep going through these awful self-attack times, like this week?

We are helping you to clear this mental pattern. Keep praying—it helps to change your vibration; then everything improves. “Good prevails,” as you say in your prayers. . . . No more self-attack. No more untruth. No more soullessness. The real you. The self-liking you. The forgiving you. The peaceful you. The changing you. The changeable you. “New improved edition coming soon.” . . .

We’re getting somewhere, I think, with cheering you up, but still have a ways to go. Or you could meditate, which is also good. . . . Be blessed. Vaya con Dios. . . . “Your Higher Self.”

July 22, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, SW Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

I know you’re always there, but I seem to have become disconnected. Can we talk?

You’ve become a bit lighter from your catharsis tonight. Good for you. We are reconnecting. Do not fear or despair. A plan is operating here—an eternal plan, so how long it takes to happen is not as important as that it is happening. The outcome is assured. Peace is part of that outcome. Peace for you and everyone on the planet. Keep claiming your Good. It’s coming more and more. Keep your disciplines going, because, as you know, there is benefit from exercise of all kinds. Again, as you know, perseverance is a beneficial quality for you. . . . Believe in yourself. Love yourself and your journey. You are keeping things interesting—even more: you’re growing, which is the way to feel alive, as you’re learning.

How can I keep my connection with you these days—and thus my happiness and peace?

You have a good sense of things—from books, too: The Shack and The Power of Now, and seem to know when you get off course. . . . Bring yourself back, patiently and gently, to doing what you love and loving what you do, in this moment. That’s where we are—here. Always helpful. Always present.

I could use an injection of humour right now . . . lightness, ease, joy. Where’s it gone?

Look at your shirt (it’s sunflower yellow). Take it in. Absorb it. No distractions. . . . That’s it: the colour of joy. Let everything else go. Feel safe, secure, confident and joyful. You are healing, changing. Have a bit more discipline with prayers; that will help to dispel fear and doubt and anger; create safety and security and a foundation for new life. It’s a foundation based on reality, rather than covering it over. . . .

We pray: May God prevail; may Peace prevail; may Good prevail. . . . Keep going; keep growing, Neall. . . . Vaya con Dios.

August 26, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 2 Road, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, with love.

Thank you. I’ve been feeling lonely today; I’ve forgotten or lost my Spirit. I want to come Home again.

We are with you, in all your moods. You are observant to pick up on your condition early. Awareness is the key to change, as you know. You also know that “car stuff” brings on isolation and loneliness feelings. Otherwise, you are doing well with your growth. Getting that you’re happiest when you’re growing is a great insight to carry. As you also know, we support your happiness fully! Money, connections, vision, courage, health: We’re with all of it. You felt wealthy today buying those tires, then went into a reaction to feelings of abundance: Four tires (not two as you had planned)! A matched set of Bridgestones! A great price (including installation) indeed! Then, you’re a bit tired from editing—things added up.

You’re getting the hang of things easier these days, with all you’re doing health-wise. Health is truly wealth—energy is what makes everything work better; as does courage—one of your favourite words this year. As you also know, we are giving away Courage franchises. You’re welcome to yours. “Freedom from worry” is a style of life you will love. As you know, we support happiness, smiles, laughter, fun and play. Be sure to get your share. You know it’s on the menu. We can remind you (no problem: we have unlimited energy).

That’s hard for me to grasp right now, suffering with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: unlimited energy: the joy of that.

Many do have trouble grasping that. Like being a million/billion places at once: everywhere—and in your heart at the same time: All in One/One in All. Makes for a good holiday/holy day. Make sure you get enough freedom from fear and worry. Keep “working” at it—it’s paying dividends. More Hope. More Home. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall Calvert.

August 31, 2009: Tugboat Annie’s Pub, East Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, with love.

I thought I had lost you today. The prayers (Twenty-Third Psalm) surely helped.

You call and we answer—that’s how it works. Practice helps—spiritual exercise. You might even smile . . . at the awesome power we represent and our ubiquity. We cannot fail.

I am left without words.

That’s all right. We appreciate stillness and silence too. There are many things to learn and to experience—including joy, lightness, ease, fun, pleasure. You are learning them. Keep up the stretching exercises—they work for you. You are becoming more empowered with all you’re doing. Congratulations. More sunshine—sunshine in the soul. More peace—a peaceful drive home; a peaceful evening; being present—appreciate it. Vaya con Dios: your Higher Self.

September 6, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Marine Way at Byrne Road, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self

We are here.

I want to know more about this stress at M’s house, where I’m living. It’s not a peaceful home.

Be grateful you’ve had a home, and done lots of writing. And music. And had companionship. And good catharting. Had lots of space. Remember Langley and the cramped motor home? A step forward. Less past, more future. More hope; more support; more smiles; writing ideas, especially this Higher Self stuff. You’ve had feedback on your writing blog—just what you want. (G.W.: “Impressive.”) You have storage space for your possessions; loans with flexible terms; more courage; new tires (!); an emerging philosophy of life: lifelong learning in the school of how to enjoy life! . . . So: Any more complaints about the past two months?

You are a valuable addition to my life. Thank you.

We are, as it is said, “Money in the bank.” Riches. Wealth. Source.

I want some help feeling confident about manifesting a home for January 1, 2010, after my Union Bay house-sitting.

Continue with your affirmations. Keep going, keep growing—in your mind, where the grass is getting greener all the time. Be as happy as you can be. Living well is the best revenge: home, animals, plants, music, writing, a front lawn, money/income, friends, associates. Keep visualizing it: happy life. Be it, and it can’t help but manifest, as the Universe responds to energy. Because the Universe is energy it cannot fail to respond to changing consciousness. And, behind it all, Love. And Joy. And Peace. And empowerment. At-Home-ness. Courage. Feeling that things are “just right” (or Happiness). . . .

. . . Because you are taking your life “seriously” you are getting results. You will make a great teacher, because you deal with reality rather than fantasy or wishing or denial. We wish you well with this, as we wish the best for you in all you do. . . . Remember to rest and take vacations in order to be a complete person. Play music often. Meditate. Find/experience stillness, to fill yourself up with the great Nothingness that is behind the manifested world. . . .

. . . Soon we’ll start dealing with the relationship with your mother, and that will be an interesting healing journey. . . . We will be with you for this, as these old restrictions dissolve, and you become someone you really like, who has a place in this world. What a journey/adventure into freedom . . . yes; yes; yes. Unlike what you’ve known before—not even close: the end of powerlessness and suffering of all kinds. That’s what we are offering, and you are welcome to it. “It’s what we do.” Love and Light. Love and Light. Love and Light. . . . Self-acceptance at last. “Off your own case; off your own back; out of your own way,” as you say in your prayers. Enough power to live freely; to go where you want; where you are most needed. This is the career you’ve wanted. (On Labour Day weekend we sort out one’s labours.) With that, our messages are complete for today. Good work to receive them. . . . Again, Vaya con Dios. And again: Vaya con Dios.

September 11, 2009: Starbucks Café, Terra Nova Shopping Centre, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak with my Higher Self.

We are here.

Today is the anniversary of 9/11 in 2001. That was when things seemed to start breaking down in the world and in my personal world too—

We always go for the heart, as you know. And for joy. So what is preventing you from experiencing joy? . . . Relaxation first . . . empowered feeling . . . feeling of going somewhere—being on a path that is meaningful . . . healthy relationships . . . being able to trust yourself and others . . . being able to read situations around you successfully—also a quality of trusting Spirit within you. . . . This T.R.U.S.T.—”Totally Relying Upon Spirit’s Timing”—is big, because it’s the “framework” for successful living. . . . We will not let you down—ever. There will never be any disappointments with us. That part of your life is over . . . for good—in both senses of the expression. Fill up with good—as you are learning to do. Take the time. Time for joy is worth it, wouldn’t you agree?

I want all the joy and good that I can handle.

And we want this for you too. We are your support in “changing your mind”—and changing and changing and changing. Until your first thought is positive; until you are doing good . . . sunshine mind . . . laughter. No end of positivity. Claim it; declare it; affirm it—as often as necessary. That’s the way . . . the way home—to us . . . to your heart—where what you are after resides. . . . We are here for you in this program. Again—it’s our job. We’re teachers. Remember the saying “Without a teacher a life is lost”? We are the way into life—reality. Having a good time is part of it. Letting people in is part of having a good time—as you did today with M. . . . You are learning to love—and loving is living. Like that Ian Tyson song: “Loving’s really living . . .” That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. . . .

. . . Continue to heal / study healing / absorb healing. The Light heals; knows the way . . . including the Light in other people. Seek that / be with that / take it in.

And my mother relationship?

The Light can take care of that too—as you know from following your dreams. . . . Keep praying, having nature time, following your guidance—as in your holiday today, for example. Pray for healing of your mother relationship. The Regiers [her family] too. Then look out: He-e-e-e-e-r-e-’s Neall! - It’s on the “menu of life,” so you can choose it / live it: “Good health.” . . . And health is wealth, so you’ll be standing on your own two feet. . . . Believe it and you’ll see it and be it. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall: wonderful student.

September 16, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 2 Road at Vancouver Airport, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self. . . . You seem close today.

We are here . . . close to your heart. . . . The massage today has given you more relaxation and happiness. You know we are voting for that.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health today?

From your studies and your dreams, you see that a new/different kind of life is possible—path, empowerment, happiness, career, victim no longer. Repeat: Victim no longer . . . creator of your reality—one you like to live in, and that will attract others to you . . . in which you’ll smile more, and feel tall. It’s our pleasure to have you in “constant communication” with us. To have you join the ranks of teachers. To be living in joy with you. You will like this energy level. Guaranteed. . . . We promise, and we deliver.

I got exhausted talking to that potential editing client from Montreal today. How could I have avoided that?

Tell him when he’s finished the book, then bring it to you. He is indeed looking for a writing coach (he could look on the Internet [rather than for an editor]) and will benefit from one. You got caught off guard, and couldn’t think quickly enough. You’ll do better next time (you can e-mail him if desired).

Meanwhile, continue your studies (including the Kryon channelled material on the Internet)—”student of the enjoyment of life.” Study, study, study. Like a fertilized garden, you are growing. Can’t fail. We are with you . . . and will always be. . . . Vaya con Dios.

September 18, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 2 Road at Vancouver Airport, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s happening? I’m quite stressed. I thought J. was bringing me joy and happiness and pleasure, and it’s anything but. Just lunacy—I noticed two paper moon shapes on the floor today. Where is peace to be found at the moment?

Where it’s always to be found—in your heart. “Seek ye first the kingdom . . .” in all ways. . . . We are with you, helping to bring clarity to your mind and health to your being. . . . Remember: Victim no longer. We mean it. You have a peaceful home, helpful friends, income coming, and are developing “an interesting life” free of fear and worry . . . moving forward into more life/a bigger life, with more light/lightness, more happiness and more energy. Things are getting interesting, and with meditation/quiet time for balance, things are going to go well. . . . As you know, you are not ready for a full-time relationship. We are helping to heal your low back situation/pain/leg cramps, and you will have more energy. You are developing faith, and we are helping with this, too. . . . And, as you know, we have infinite patience, which is a part of caring. . . .

. . . You are learning to “let go and let God” and this quality serves well. . . . Be well. . . . We are always with you, as you are learning. . . . Rest, become happy again. Many are wishing you well in this rebirth you are experiencing. There is a “program” under way for your rehabilitation. Embrace it; follow your dreams to happiness. It is available; it’s ”on the menu”—as you have experience of. Keep “going for it.” Remember, “it’s only love.” It doesn’t hurt, as happened in your past, and so you came to believe. Let it go. . . . New story now. Repeat: New story now. . . . Move forward into this newness. You have the discipline and perseverance to succeed with your goals. . . . Think of B. and others who know about love and joy—fellow lightworkers supporting you. . . . You got it, Pontiac: support. You can set out on your journey with such support. You have already begun (as you know); are well under way. Keep going, one day at a time, one song at a time, et cetera. . . . Rest, recharge, go again—the Good Life: one family, under God—in God. (Family are people you love and like to be with.) . . .

. . . So it goes, day by day. Love, love, love. Reach for it . . . ask for it: we’ll respond. “It’s our job”—as you are remembering at the moment. And we know our job well. No more expertise is available anywhere in the world (+++) at this position. You are working with the best. No shirking here; always available (trying to bring in some humour).

Would some catharsis help with the back pain today?

Know that you are supported in being happy. We love you, Neall. And we’re not going away. Come back whenever it feels right. We are ALWAYS here. With every answer you seek.

September 29, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

How wonderful it will be to not feel tired all the time, to have/feel strength in my legs; to feel more connected to others; to be at peace; to have moments of good rest. How can I have a good holiday, given my vehicle and my budget considerations?

We’re glad you are feeling a bit better. We support anything that brings that about, as you are learning. . . . Joy is a normal part of life—it’s “on the menu.” Laughter too. And holidays. Contentment. Love. Friendship. Purpose. Meaningful career. Regular income.

What can I do to come more into present time?

Just what you did tonight—catharsis, rest, and [earlier in the day] counselling. Exercise. Conversing with meaningful others. Remember—they’re usually not judging you the way you often judge yourself. That’s good news for you; takes some pressure off.

This judgmentalness/God of Judgment part of my mind will be a good thing to let go of. Can you help?

We are working on it day and night. :-)

This will strengthen my connection with you immensely.

We are always for more happiness in the Earth experience. And we are patient regarding its arrival. We are “holding the Light”—an expression you’re familiar with. It’s our job, and it’s a good one. And we are teaching you. It’s your career, as you are learning: learning to live in the Light and passing it on; helping others to understand the changes occurring now on Earth. And how to be happy. . . . It’s the only thing to learn. And we’re on your side to do so. . . . It’s only love; it can’t hurt; it doesn’t hurt. Quite the opposite—brings a smile to your face. You’re happy to see people you love. That’s the way . . . Love and Light. . . . We are willing to remind you. . . . And so it is.

October 11, 2009: Small park on the Fraser River near the Coast Guard Station, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as always.

A week of chaos and healing, and a day of love. . . . Can you help me put some perspective on all of this?

Did you think you would/could determine how your healing would come about? Healing is healing . . . it’s on “God’s” terms, since healing is movement into the Light, into Eternal Life/the big picture. . . . Yes, you are now healing your negative mother relationship. It doesn’t feel good sometimes, but a new strength will come from this. The Marlene Dietrich film [“Her Own Song,” that I saw on TV the previous week, brought up intense grief to be released] and person is a part of this—a positive, beautiful mother, but one “in the world,” who sees the world as a good place, and contributes to the good in it; who helps make the world a good place. It’s available (and up) to everyone to participate in this way. Remember the John F. Kennedy quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

What’s the most important thing to know for my peace of mind today?

Back to the Heart, Bart”—for Courage (an end to doubt); for Self-Acceptance (speaks for itself); for Health (no self-attack) (and pumping your blood/circulatory system efficiently and effortlessly; give thanks that it is not complaining—it’s a big piece of your health). . . . Be the proud owner of your Courage franchise: Your new job, remember? . . . Giving away Courage franchises. Then there are no regrets at the end of life.

Thank you. . . . To practical matters: How can I best deal with current computer viruses, overload of spam, cockroaches in the apartment and automotive problems?

It’s all consciousness, as you know. . . . Love yourself first. Become so strong in this that nothing else can enter: “If God is for you, who can be against you?” “Give the love you have been seeking”; “Make your life story a love story.” . . . Wear your pink jacket—you know its origins. . . .

PS: Back to Marlene Dietrich for a moment. Just as Marlene Dietrich was the mother to all those caught up in the war (the troops, especially) and damaged veterans afterwards, she can be the mother to you—to the wounded warrior in you, the shell-shocked (PTSD) survivor. A relationship with her can bring you back to life and a return to a relationship with society. This is real healing, as you know from your studies in soul recovery. . . .

. . . You have become peaceful, so we release you now to your day. Courage, Dear One. Keep going, keep growing. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self.

October 17: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

Is anything good happening today? I seem to be sinking into darkness.

People go through the darkness to get to the Light. . . . You are doing the right thing to cathart out the pain, as you just did. We are helping you to feel a sense of personal power. It is what is missing, as you realized after your shouting session today. You are right to do whatever it takes to return to equanimity, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. . . .

. . . You’ve had a taste of love from the day-long Dr. S. F. workshop. Again, whatever is unlike love comes up to be dissolved in the Light. It has been dissolved. It’s gone. Say goodbye. Now you can do something else. Write, sing, play piano, record. Create a Good Life (from the heart). . . . You are getting stronger. Believe it. We are with you, with compassion—what you never experienced before. We don’t quit—remember? We are like coaches (we can speak in modern-day terms because we are using your mind). . . . We will not lead you astray. We are on your side—no hidden agenda, no strings attached. We’re only here to help, in whatever way we can, and in ways that you can receive/are open to receiving. . . .

. . . We know how hard it is for you to let people in. We know . . . and that doesn’t stop us. We’re here to help—period. Even you. Even now. Even here at Tim Hortons Richmond. We know of your desire/need to “hide out”—the toxic shame you feel. We also know the gifts you have to give. We know the whole story. . . . We say: Don’t sell out on your gifts—on anything that brings you joy. That’s all we want to communicate . . . to bring this small amount of hope today . . . to get one small message through to you. . . . Will you let us in? Let that monster Igor [ego/victim consciousness] step aside? (We know how to be gentle when that’s what is needed. We have a b-r-o-a-d repertoire of skills. As we’ve mentioned previously, we’re the best-quality counsellors you could ask for.) . . .

I’m feeling better, I noticed as I walked to the washroom just now. [I also notice by the wall clock that I’ve been writing for an hour at this point.]

Yes, counselling sessions didn’t get set at one hour by accident. It was an evolution. An errant mind can usually be brought back in an hour.

Thank you. I am grateful.

You are welcome, and you are worth it. Claim all good that’s meant for you. [Over the café’s sound system comes the song “You’re Sixteen, You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine.”] . . . Feel the beauty in your soul that wants to express . . . the love. That’s all we say: Consider these things—see if they work for you, make you happy. Happiness is one of the possibilities available to you. . . . We are always available for this kind of talk. As you know, we are everywhere. We will never let you down. We’re not like people who have let you down, or hurt you in any way, at any time. Bring us into your life and you will change for the better, as you can see—more love, more joy, more peace—guaranteed. A more effective human being, thus happier (there’s that word again). Also freedom from fear and worry. Quite a package, all in all, eh? Empowerment is indeed a big notion for you. We’ll take it slowly, but you will feel empowered and handsome and as confident as Marlene Dietrich in that TV show that affected you so deeply. . . . This is the path to personal power, as we’ve said previously—grieving your powerlessness. . . . Not easy, but effective and possible. . . .

. . . You are feeling much better, so we’ll let you go. Know that we are with you—we are you. Inseparable. Like the best kind of friends, who can also be counsellors to each other. [Café song: “Sunny Day”—Lighthouse]. . . .

. . . Consider yourself counselled, with no judgment of any kind as part of it (another part of the teaching, perhaps not so obvious, but one we know you appreciate). . . . Vaya con Dios.

October 24, 2009: Northwest corner, Richmond Dikes, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health today?

As you are realizing, you are feeling both more empowered and closer to your heart. Aloneness is causing you unhappiness at the moment; there is further empowerment work to do. Continue going into life; for example, the Marlene Dietrich video you’ve been thinking of. Keep going forward. There is nothing in your past to hang on to. You are building a future unlike your unhappy past, and we are with you every step of the way. . . . You are getting distracted, so we’ll connect again later.

October 28, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 2 Road at Vancouver Airport, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I realize that I know almost nothing about happiness. I know you can help.

Yes, we know a lot about happiness (like the Dalai Lama, who you read about earlier today). . . . This notion of living free from fear and worry is powerful. It connects to the sun, which you have some experience of. It involves connecting with people from a place of empowerment and inner strength, which you are working on, and which we are helping you with. It requires a level of compassion and freedom from self-attack, which are assisted by meditation and mental development—all of which you are involved in, and which we are supporting you in. A plan is “in motion,” as it is said. Don’t stop now. You are learning perseverance as well—a good-size notion.

Thank you. What can you tell me about the Spiritual Response Therapy session with B.A. and its effects on me?

We say: Good for you to take such a step. It will have lasting benefit. You will like your “new self” as you get used to it over the next few months. Less looking back, more looking forward. You could let the word “exciting” into your vocabulary occasionally. You are developing more energy—good for you.

I find I’m worrying a lot about Union Bay [house-sitting coming up] this year, about getting “cabin fever” alone in the house, away from known contacts for six weeks and including over Christmas. I’m asking for help with this.

We say this: Take the time to come up with a plan for keeping busy and getting the social time you want and need. Ask yourself: What would make me happy? Think as long and hard as you need to. . . . Yes, you could have a “Christmas in the Country” get-together. One good idea. Cheers you up, doesn’t it? Keep thinking about it. Allow us to help you. As you know, we can help in the happiness department and have limitless energy for doing so. Keep asking/writing/praying. . . . Yes, we know how to have a good time, and are very willing to teach/share our wisdom. We want Neall not to suffer; to have a Good Life. That is what we are about, and nothing else. And we do it 24/7. . . . Love and Light, compañionero (new word). . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self.

October 30, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, BC.

I want to speak to my Higher Self. . . . Help! I want and need to recharge my batteries quickly.

We are here, answering your prayers, as you surmised when the song “Love Can Build A Bridge” came into your mind just now. . . .

. . . Though you’ve had to cancel your recording session for today, look at the tremendous work you’ve done for both of those authors, and for your own creative self (selling an image for a book cover), and months of extra income/freedom from worry about finances. Now you can look at your path and examine how to get the rest and the love and joy and peace that you are beginning to understand are available to you. Also how to shift your career strategy into one of more joy more of the time, and how to get the healing you want and deserve . . . and have time for vacation and meditation. You already know how good it feels to have a relaxed mind/body, to feel happy/be smiling/have true friends. The way to get there again is to stop creating stress, and to do what it takes to de-stress. If you take the weekend to start doing that, things will look different on Monday. Soon you’ll be “raring to go” again with your wonderful energy, newly liberated.

How can I best deal with the whole cockroach situation in K’s apartment, plus K’s return tomorrow? I’m concerned I’ll be too stressed to treat him well. Overall, it’s been a positive time. Good bed, good sleeps. Another level of successful “home creating/manifesting.”

Indeed. You are manifesting homes of safety and peace and connectivity. (Yes, your grandfather [Regier, in spirit] is here and wants to help you have more male strength and more stability.) It’s a question of being more relaxed, to deal with anything that comes up . . . and being in a more forgiving state of mind, as you surmised earlier today. Forgive all the Regiers [my mother’s family], who didn’t have the state of consciousness that you wanted. Forgive your parents, who did the best they could. Again: They did the best they could. You could practise speaking this to them. Let them “off the hook.” The Mennonite farm owner in Aldergrove, too, where you worked a season. Neighbours growing up, too. Girlfriends, too. Schoolteachers. . . . [Neil Young sings “Harvest Moon” on the restaurant sound system] . . . Everyone is always doing the best they know how—including you. “No blame [towards you]; no blame [towards them]”—there’s the way to live with more equanimity and truly be “Neall Young”. . . . [Paul McCartney sings “My Love”] . . . That’s right: There is a lot of love available in the world. . . . Non-judgmentalness . . . that you could be experiencing (as you did last night at that Unity music concert; and at M’s birthday). It makes a person feel good to be in that kind of environment; feel wanted; appreciated just for being present. Because just your presence does count for something. . . . [Brenda Lee sings “I Want To Be Wanted”] . . . This is on “the menu of life.” As you already realize, you just “walk in the door” of such places. That’s the hardest part—soon over.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. We are here to help (and help and help and help). And you’re worth it. . . . As we’ve said, you don’t know much about this kind of indefatigable energetics yet—but you will! :-) . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall Creator, made in the image of God, creator of his Good Life through his disciplines (including this one).

October 31, 2009: A & W Restaurant, Highway 7, Mission, BC

Hello, Higher Self.

We are here.

I’m a bit giddy tonight. Happy to have finally left town to unwind on a long drive. After so much editing work, it’s hard to break free, to feel free, to “deserve” a vacation, however modest.

You know we support everything that brings peace, joy and love to you. And success at every level: Con-nec-tion. Freedom from fear and worry. Relaxed mind and body. Sunshine mind—free from constant mental noise. Being yourSelf. Accepting greatness. Limitless creativity. No need to obsess. Focused. Present. Light. . . . This is the journey. We are with you one hundred percent. And always will be—no end. . . . Think of that on your trip home—Love; no fear; connections. All ways; all yours, Neall, our compañionero. . . . Vaya con Dios.

November 3, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 2 Road at Vancouver Airport, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, compañionero.

I’m in trouble again: too much stress; feeling unable to unwind, et cetera.

Love. Love. Love. And love yourself. Do what love would do (have a good day). That’s the whole story. “Let go and let God” (us) love you into health, into happiness. We can do it. We will do it. We are doing it. Day by day by day by day (there’s a song there somewhere). . . . In other words: Go for the music. It works on every level for you. Do more and more and more. You will heal. Have more joy. And as you know, j-o-y is the shortcut definition of spiritual health. And that is what we teach—in a way that you can grasp; that has meaning for you . . . what you’ve always wanted; the answer to prayers; the end of seeking; Home; “That above which there can be nothing” (ne plus ultra). Everywhere. All times and places. Forever. Amen. (And part of Neall’s life—his new life, growing like a green plant shoot now.) . . . Don’t stop, Neall. Go on and on and on. It’s a real possibility: Hope. . . . There’s the word you’re looking for today. We’re just reminding/re-minding you of its existence (doing our job of uplifting humanity—a job we love to do). “Love and work,” as Sigmund Freud advocates in the book you’re reading [by English psychiatrist Anthony Storr]—truly what it’s all about. . . . We can go on and on, as you know (we are eternal, after all). What you have sought has been found. It’s called Hope. We (and you) are it. . . . Your Higher Self.

November 4, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

Wow. Things can change fast. Yesterday I was unhappy at K’s after his return from travelling and today I’m at M’s and happier. I slept six hours last night. I saw a new yellow Corvette today. I’m almost finished my editing projects. I have energy. Thank you, God (within me).

Things are changing, as you’re learning the language of happiness, a step at a time. It’s “a good language,” so to speak. . . . Unfoldment . . . evolvement . . . into the Light, lightening up, more joyful, more “Corvette”. You know we are voting for all of it.

I’m looking for ideas on how to relax (on my budget). I already have a few: napping in my car at the park in the afternoon; nature walks; listening to music from my CD collection; playing music and singing; exercise; movies; DVDs on computer. I think I have all I need, actually. . . .

. . . I want to know about the energy of my front teeth. Yesterday K. was whistling, strangely, the children’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.” I don’t want to lose any more teeth; and I want to clean up any problematic energy around my jaws and teeth. I want your help.

This is a good-size issue having to do with “handsomeness” in all its ramifications . . . and happiness. We support you in both; in becoming more. Step by step, we’ll assist you to bring a real smile to your face—a permanent smile. That will be a good day indeed. We will be pleased that our efforts have succeeded, and you will be pleased . . . because you will be pleased. Your comedian self will have emerged and you’ll be a wonderful entertainer, standing on your own two feet . . . happy. That’s the outcome of this “program” you are in. Let us nourish you along the way; nudge you forward—into the Light; enlightened living; peace; empowerment; self-expression; healthy living—into Real life. . . . What you have wanted since time immemorial: eternal life in the here and now. (You are starting to see how big we are. . . . We are limitless. . . . Hard to imagine, but you have a good imagination. You can use it even more. Imagine yourself happy; smiling—a lot; focused; productive; relaxed; no longer overworked; patient; hopeful; full of ideas and empowered to carry them out—in Australian sunshine; a big, sunshine-filled mind; being a teacher . . . with a clear mind—what the world needs more of; uninterested in a personal agenda. . . . This is where you’re going. . . . Watch for the signs—they’re all around you all the time, as you know. . . .

. . . As you are getting clearer on, we have the answer to every question. . . . Keep grieving your disempowered feelings. Never be afraid of your tears: they’re water of healing/of change. Let it all go. We know your story, and are not afraid of it. We know your pain and how you’ve been wounded/displaced from real life. We know the war you have lived . . . and we know it’s over. Think “The Courage to Heal.” . . . Healing is a big word; its scope is limitless. Healing takes place in eternity (as mentioned earlier). We are Eternal, therefore we are Healing Presence. . . . No more self-pity, Neall. It doesn’t fit with who you’re becoming. (“She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes.” . . . Humour. Think about it.) . . .

. . . Love, Light, Laughter—the whole package (in your new, attractive black leather jacket that earns you compliments). Self-esteem; high self-regard; the end of seeking—yours for the asking. And you are asking. . . . More tears, more empowerment, more Good Life . . . that’s the way. So the Path of Tears is the Path of Heaven. Same thing. . . .

. . . Don’t stop, Neall. Life is change; life is a journey. Embrace it, as we embrace you. . . . Vaya con Dios, friend. [Café song: “We’ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn]

November 6, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I want to laugh again—to know joy and happiness. I’m overworked; I’ve gotten off track and want to get back on track with joy and happiness; to meet more people not connected with work . . . an end to struggle.

You’ve come to the right place, Neall: The Tim Hortons School of Comedy and Human Rejuvenation—a division of the School of the Enjoyment of Life (in which you are already a student). Everyone is welcome to enroll, and the doors are always open. Just claim your space. . . .

. . . As you know, we are always available to help with your life. We like our job, and we are good at it. . . . Continue to use your wisdom/intelligence to unwind/relax, with every good idea you can muster: DVDs, walks, good meals out like today at the Japanese restaurant, naps in nature, et cetera. You have done this before; you know you will emerge again. Meanwhile, do only what brings you joy or laughter. Rest or listen to music/play music/sing/write/do photography. . . . Do you see how things are different now? . . . You are looking forward to the rest of your life: curious . . . creative . . . positive . . . musical . . . poetic . . . imaginative . . . funny . . . fun . . . expressive . . . handsome(!) . . . You’ve become distracted with the loud conversation at the next table, so we’ll leave for now. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. We know you know to do what’s best for you at all times. . . . Best wishes.

Morning, November 8, 2009: Along River Road at the Fraser River’s South Arm, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as always.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health today?

We say rest, recuperate, gather your energies. Appreciate life when it’s not full of self-attack and self-denigration. . . . Absorb music. Put this writing into your computer (also the material on toxic shame that you found online). Be love and be loved. No more struggle. Self-acceptance par excellence: Skilled (“professional”) proofreader/editor; student/philosopher; artist/writer; singer/entertainer; spiritual seeker—”the whole package.” . . . Now you see the possibilities of life—your life; the life force in you/as you. . . .

. . . Rest, Neall. You’ve earned it: a holiday/holy day. Fun, laughter, play. Freedom from fear and worry. Neutral mind (the fruits of meditation practice; gaining power over obsessions, et cetera). Put some of this positivity to work to make sure you get what you need this week. Spiral upwards with your positivity (a new idea!) into Dr. Wayne Dyer type of ideas—as much as you can, without efforting. That’s called “happiness.” What an achievement, Neall, as you realize: a New Mind and a New Day. “Be transformed by the changing of your mind,” as it says in the Bible (Romans 12: 1-2). That’s what it’s all about, Neall: “Change your thinking—change your life.” You are doing it. . . .

. . . You felt at home among those performers last night [High Spirits Choir Performance Party]. You know things have changed, to be experiencing that level of belonging and connectedness, and social ease. You were in your element. . . . You’ve found your element—a long search is over. Congratulations, you are home. . . . You have “earned” the right to enjoy your life. Welcome home. . . . As you are seeing in this moment, we are also operating through I. (choir director and party hostess), so there is compatibility between you; you see things in similar ways. That is a great assistance to happiness. Let that soak in for a while and we’ll “catch up to you later,” as it is said. We never go away, as you know. . . . Your Higher Self.

Evening, November 8, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

Here I am, “Mr. Tim Hortons,” checking in with my Higher Self—for fun and play at last. Thank you for all the guidance and en-courage-ment I have received. I noticed I had more confidence (courage) today talking about important matters with M. That’s a big weight off my mind. I understand more about what you’ve said about how courage creates leadership and strength. I want more of that (“ask for what you want,” it is said). . . . Home, career, finances, friendship—I turn it all over to the ever-present universal forces of Love and Light. May God prevail/May Peace prevail/May Good prevail—everywhere. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

And we want you to claim all Good that’s meant for you; all the happiness you can stand; all the empowerment you can muster; all the communicative forces you can summon: the Good Life. Welcome to it, our compañionero in growth, love and light.

I want peace—good sleep; to awaken hopeful for each day; to have more people around me who know where I am and what I am up to. In a word: love. And joy: good times. Food and fun, like last night. More lightness and ease. Thank you for your encouragement in this.

It’s our job, and we love what we do. Let our doing what we love be the example for you to follow your bliss, your Light. Forgive everyone, till the past is gone. That’s a life worth living. Repeat: A life worth living. Free of toxic shame. Wow. New. Renewed. . . . Let it happen. Let it happen. It can happen to you—just like it did for Dave in the movie Dave you saw the other night: He ended up as president of the United States for a few days—experienced real executive power—and opened his heart in the process. Good story, eh? You can watch every movie for these kinds of themes: the Big Life, instead of the Big Lie of living in untruth. Be ready for this. . . .

. . . Sleep well, student of effective living. You are not alone. We are watching your progress, so you cannot fail. Repeat: You cannot fail. Sleep on that one, compañionero. . . . Vaya con Dios.

November 9, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

Hello, my Higher Self. I’ve become happier. I needed to reconnect with M. on a friendship level, which is what has happened. This seems to be making me happier: a peaceful, friendly home.

The fragrant perfume of happiness is drifting near you, Neall. Appreciate it, celebrate it, absorb it, then radiate it. We’re praying for your abundance this week—that you let in as much worthiness as you can stand; deservingness too—you’re overdue. Happy, healthy, holy—the way things are meant to be. . . .

. . . Continue to take care of yourself to overcome the toxic shame. You know how to do this. That’s also an achievement—walks, hot baths, stretching, counselling. Call on us whenever you need us. As you know, we are everywhere you are—endlessly. That should make you happy too. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

November 10, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

Hello, Higher Self. So here I am today, my sad and beaten up self at the forefront, me barely making my way. How will I find hope today? And courage to get the colonoscopy I think I need? And funds for a restful holiday?

We are here, and can receive your despair and hopeless feelings. We receive all of humanity’s despair and hopelessness. . . . There is nothing “wrong” with you, Neall, other than your belief that your current condition is what is so. It is the belief you are carrying at the moment . . . not in every moment, as you know if you think a bit. . . . Your innocence is still intact—how will you contact it is the question. The path is, as you will recall, anything that makes you laugh or smile (as your chiropractor did today). Repeat: The path is anything that makes you laugh or smile. So humour and comedy are fruitful areas of research. . . . We are at the moment building an image that will help pull you forward . . . illuminate the path . . . be an outward manifestation of the new inner man: the whole you, standing on your own two feet. That is our goal/your goal. We will succeed, because we never fail. You’ve got hold of something good here, so stay with us. We are knowing and wise, gentle yet strong, passionate and courageous, and much, much more. Also, we are tuned to your individuality. This makes for a winning combination. And winning is what you are seeking/developing. . . . It is happening, as you already know. . . .

. . . Again, the path is one day at a time, one step at a time, one song at a time, one smile at a time. . . . Just for today, let go of worry. That’s all that is required of you, ever. And we are always here to teach you these kinds of principles. It’s our job, and we enjoy it. We are “joy mentors.” You haven’t met many beings like us before. It’s a new life, Neall. You’ve broken the mould of your past. Sometimes it still comes back and claims you. That’s what we help with—and we’re always here to help. . . . You’re not used to a helpful universe or world, and we’re here to proclaim something different than what you’ve known. We want you to be a winner, to feel like a winner. And we are with you all the way: your team; your cheering section. . . . We know everything you are going through—and we are with you, with what you’ve always wanted: love and caring, intelligence and strength. We are here. We are real, universal forces. We cannot go away. Repeat: We cannot go away. We can help you change your mind, and are doing so at this moment, bringing you closer to present time—where effective life is lived; happy life; cheerful life; here and now; here and now, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. . . .

. . . You are reaching for something far beyond what you have now, Neall. We see this and acknowledge your longing for healthy, happy living, where things around you work well, your surroundings are well-appointed, you feel empowered and can communicate well. . . . Hold that vision—we support it. Then the details can fall into place. God will be in the details, too. . . . Vaya con Dios, brother. Vaya con Dios.

November 11, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I am relaxing at last, or so it seems. Able to appreciate my accomplishments—accomplished proofreader, following his bliss with words and images and music—and making money at it, or starting to. Enjoying sharing his success with friends, and a peaceful (for the moment) home. About to embark on an adventure of six weeks’ house-sitting on Vancouver Island, which I pray will be an expanding experience with the help of my Higher Self. Thank you for your presence here today.

We are glad to be with our golden one, bringing strength and hope. It’s what we do best, what we like to do. We are beings who enjoy our “work.” More and more we hope to infuse you with this joy, so that you can have positive times more often; more “golden moments.” That is what life can be about, for those who take up this path—the path of the heart, the path of doing what you love, the path of self-inquiry, of discipline (from “disciple”), of knowing, of spiritual truth-seeking, of happiness and peace. Claim it now: strength and truth/the strength of truth. Build your foundations on that: a foundation within you, unshakeable.

Thank you. That is all helpful as an antidote to suffering. I want to expand into the greater “menu of life” and get real clear that “suffering is optional.”

You got it, Pontiac—a big piece of wisdom: “Suffering is optional; joy is available.” Look for joy; seek it out. What else would you want to do or experience? . . . As you know, it’s the shortcut definition of spiritual health: j-o-y. That’s it: the end of seeking. Then our job is done. . . . “Seek ye first the kingdom . . .”—this is an eternal spiritual truth. And you are seeking, Neall, willing to open your heart to us, to the real Good Life—like in your little poem

“Millions live like kings nowadays;
Fewer act like kings—
For the good of the realm.”

When you live from your heart, Neall, you are living for the good of the realm: safeguarding it, making it visible and believable and available to those seeking, of whom there are many. It’s the “Courage franchise” of which we have spoken earlier. Find ways to give them away—and see how happy you will become. . . .

. . . Too much good news? Too much, too soon? We’ll slow down. As we know you already know, slow is good too—as in the “Tortoise and the Hare” fable, et cetera. For some people, “slow and sure” is the only way. . . .

. . . So Vaya con Dios, Neall, slowly and surely, and with love and our good wishes. . . . Your Higher Self.

November 12, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

I am pleased to be relaxing, de-stressing. Later I will listen to music; explore my photo collection; play piano. Love myself as much as I can. Contact my Inner Child—so that I become happy again. My goal: happy and peaceful.

Your goal is a worthy one, Neall. Do what it takes. We are cheering for you—you who used to think that God was serious all the time! Carry on with your de-stressing program. You will get the insights you are seeking. Focus, love yourself, and move forward. . . . Vaya con Dios.

November 14, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, and gladly. It is our natural state, which includes laughter. We are “working at” having this rub off on you. Slowly but surely we are succeeding. It’s called “the Good News” (a bit different than what you’ve previously thought of as the Good News [the teachings of the New Testament]—but what could be better news than more laughter?) . . .

. . . Regarding your house-sitting at Union Bay this time, you are making plans—good. It’s a good time to expand your repertoires: social, musical and “moving to a new town” abilities; overcoming the “cabin fever”–creating habit of past house-sits—created by guilt and over-responsibility pictures in your mind. Joy, joy, joy is the way. Liberate yourself from everything holding you down. Keep up your disciplines—you know that they are effective. Put a smile on your face each day. Rest, recuperate and then take off—like a jet. Greener pastures lie ahead, Neall. Feed them and they’ll grow. Nourish your dreams. We are you, growing a dream: “No more unhappiness.” What an accomplishment! And we/you are capable of it, step by step. . . . This is the way, this discipline of automatic writing, and others. You are willing, Neall, and that makes the difference. You are the owner of a Courage franchise. You have a new job: giving them away. Think about it every day. That’s how to grow into it; to grow this life(style) that you want: fearlessness, happiness, compassion, equanimity, material sufficiency, friendliness, self-affinity (big one). Big life for Big Neall. Go for it—it’s possible for you, with your skills and talents and desires. Don’t quit, Neall. It’s perseverance that changes things. Grow this quality. Accept fully the need for it as precursor to success, as background to success. Others won’t know how you did it, but you will/we will. We/you are becoming empowered; this is one area to persevere in. Imagine that knot of chronic tension in your stomach—gone. Such liberation! Such personal power and effectiveness. That’s how you’ll know you’ve arrived. This is where you can grow now, too. Accept powerfulness. Do catharsis when needed. Finding your voice is what life is about. E-x-p-r-e-s-s-i-o-n. As you know, it’s bringing you what you want. That’s called Happiness: the ability to get what you want; to get your real needs met (at long last). . . . Grasp it, develop it, grow it, love it, be it, radiate it—that’s it! . . . We can teach forever, and we will. That’s the Big Picture. Keep looking for the Big Picture. You will like it. . . . With love, your Higher Self. . . . Vaya con Dios.

November 18, 2009, Breka Bakery, Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC

Hello, Higher Self. Is there anything in particular I need to know as I embark on this six-week trip to Union Bay? Plus manifesting a home for myself upon my return?

We say love yourself—accept yourself. Let these qualities put a smile on your face. Experience freedom from doubt and fear and anger; empowerment. Nothing to do but smile then. Have faith that you will be able to enjoy your time in the Comox Valley—courage to succeed—as you are doing in Vancouver. Growing your faith. There are big possibilities with faith. Keep growing it. No end of progress possible—no end: the Good News. . . . Grow, grow, grow. “Soar past the scarecrows in the garden,” as the line from the poem you know says. But be the garden too. Heaven and Earth together: what you are studying. Keep opening to it. Imagine if you could not fail. That’s what is happening—laughter, joy: a new language/renewed mind. Daylight/daybreak/new you. . . . The Total Forgiveness Program is underway—stay tuned for updates. It could be fun, Neall, speaking this language. . . . Vaya con Dios. Keep us in mind. Goodnight.

November 18, 2009: Subway Restaurant, Buckley Bay, BC

Hello, Higher Self. What is the best thing I can do for my health and for relaxation/de-stressing at this time?

We are here. . . . Whatever builds/creates self-esteem/self-love/self-regard. Do what you love to do: photography/writing/music/animal care/reading. You have an opportunity here to open up to new ideas/new levels of abundance and happiness. “Go back” to where you knew joy and relaxation. Pick up your path again after this stint editing books. You are free from worry about funds for a while. Try enjoying everything—experiment. Exercise this as a new skill: “freedom from stress.” You deserve it. Stop until you feel this kind of deservingness, have stopped the self-attack—until it has no power over you any more. Imagine that that’s where you’re headed in the student/teacher aspect of our relationship. You loved being an A student in school: Be that again. That will re-energize you: “Neall—student of the enjoyment of life.” A new attitude. Remember, we are with you—always. In love; in encouragement; in knowing who you are, and who you can be. Celebrate that. Don’t stop learning and growing. . . . Vaya con Dios.

November 20, 2009: M’s house, 5th Street, Union Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, and delighted to be so.

I thought I was doing the right things to relax and unwind: country drives, hot baths, reading. What’s going wrong here?

We are present with a teaching about Peace. The “Eagle and the Angel” that you experienced overnight are teachers of peace and unconditional love. As you let them in you will have more of these. Be like the birds that you can see from your window—no thought for the morrow; revelling in high winds—or not; free from worry about anything. Magnificently designed to fly/to live in flight/to manifest flight—small (and sometimes not-so-small) wonders. Get to know them—part of your “reverence for all of creation” teaching (includes wonder). That’s a form of love. And that’s the program here: Neall’s Love Program. One day at a time, one step at a time, one song at a time, one smile at a time. . . .

. . . Remember: Just for today . . . just for today . . . just for today. . . . Let everything else go. Celebrate today. Find your joy and happiness today. That’s it—you’re “home-free.” It’s a big notion. Freedom from guilt and over-responsibility. “Free as a bird” (Bird: your childhood nickname). Go where you please: That’s part of happiness, part of Neall’s Plan. . . . Be blessed today as your plan unfolds.

November 23, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

Hello, I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, delighted.

Can you tell me what is happening for me here in Courtenay/Union Bay? The difficulty sleeping, the three hunters in camouflage gear carrying rifles that went past me to the beach during the wind and rainstorm just as I was leaving it—and now more peace and love?

You are no longer “hiding out,” Neall. You are “available for life,” as it is said, so you are getting it all. Don’t stop now. Keep looking at the birds in flight during these rainstorms; see how impervious they are to worry. That truly is available. . . . You feel your strength at times; other times you are collapsed. Use your growing consciousness to know what to do in these not-so-pleasant experiences; how to manage them, from your growing repertoire of healing modalities. . . . We salute you for your commitment to growth. As you know, that’s the way to enjoy life: keep growing. And when you feel stuck, find some way to grow again. . . . Growing in the ability to love and enjoy life can go on eternally—no end to it. So you’re not limited for subject matter. Grow, grow, grow, Neall. Build your garden, your “Garden of Earthly Delights.” Think of the poet Rumi. Read him again: still fresh after all these years. . . . No end of ideas for growth. Do you see how there are unlimited resources available? The more you believe in such an “unlimitedness,” the more it makes itself available to you. There are answers to everything, when you “Let go and let God.” . . . . The outcome? Happiness; a good life; more smiles. . . . That’s what you are looking for, Neall: more friends; more humour, lightness and joy; more holidays (= holy days). The cycle builds upward. No more downward spirals into depression/darkness. . . . We are painting a big picture here. (We are artists, too—part of being unlimited.). . . .

. . . Just have a good time, Neall, free from suffering, one day at a time. That’s it. When you feel bad, call on your Higher Self. We will always help you—always . . . from our vast resources: unlimited knowledge, great patience and love, and universal reach. . . . We also live in you—that’s the real Good News . . . in your heart. This whole writing effort could be said to be one big lesson in opening your heart. Every molecule of heart counts. You know this, as you’ve given this writing the title “Getting to the Heart.” It’s the answer to everything; what you are seeking (even when you forget you are seeking): the awakened heart—the hidden jewel of life. . . . There’s the Good Life: the life after forgiveness; after clearing of resentments; after recovery of innocence. There is nothing better anywhere in the Universe. Claim yours now, Neall. It’s never too late. . . .

. . . And so we teach—knocking on doors, as it were. Some remain shut, some open—in self-affinity, self-acceptance, self-approvement, et cetera: Start there. Ask: If I loved myself, what would I do today? . . . Act out of that, and create a life worth living—a peaceful life; a meaningful life, in present time: the only time real life shows up. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. Travel safely; be blessed.

November 25, 2009: Subway Restaurant, Buckley Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, singing with you “Love Can Build A Bridge.”

What is the most important thing for me to know about my health today?

As you can tell, rest and freedom from work are good for you. Stay connected to people as much as you can here [in Union Bay]. Keep in mind what makes you happy, such as writing, which you can do alone. Reach out to people you know in Vancouver like G. Feel the “energy of happiness,” the empowerment, building within you. Get relaxed—part of life you haven’t known lately. A smile will come back to your face. And that’s our goal: happy Neall. Like Happy Christmas—a time to be happy. Let go and let God be happiness in you and as you—nothing more to learn. Let those old teachings go—they didn’t help you. Some are very old ideas that will release by grieving. Remember: The path of tears is the path to heaven—water of life. Keep remembering this, one day at a time. Handling today’s anxiety is all you need to do—or today’s pleasure/equanimity/bliss/success/love. . . . So we are back to where we began today: love. Pray for it, celebrate it, be it. Be love and be loved. That’s it: the whole story. . . . Relax, renew, regenerate, rejuvenate—we’ll be here for you in every state, and far beyond. . . . Your guides, Friends in Spirit. . . . Vaya con Dios.

November 29, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Highway 19A, Campbell River

I am exhausted from proofreading the two books and now I need to do this animal care for six weeks. What can I best do to recharge, renew, and have a holiday? By the way, I am grateful for all the guidance I have received through these writings. Thank you.

You are welcome. We salute your increase in happiness and inner strength. Remember: One day at a time. Every day, have some holiday time away from the animals. Every day, be in your Good Life, be in your empowerment, making good choices. You can do this. . . . Cathart out your powerless feelings when necessary. Connect with your dream; with the sun. Each day you can do this. . . . Think of your goals: freedom from disability; a place in the sun; a new career path—$50,000-plus per year as a “medical anthropologist”/holistic living guide; published writer; entertainer/comedian; your own home; Australia. . . . Persevere, Neall. As you hear and read about the lives of others, you see that almost everyone has had to overcome something: early experiences, et cetera. . . . You are “joining the world,” Neall. Everything you do now is for that purpose/goal. . . . Carry on; don’t stop. We love you and are with you—every smile, every frown—everything. . . . We help our Courage franchisees; we never abandon them. That’s new territory for you, Neall. You’re rewriting the script—a new story: happy man/empowered man/smiling man/purposeful man/healthy man—all of the above. . . . Out of the past, in the present, and with a hopeful future. . . . It’s all happening, if you keep up your disciplines, accept them and make them your life, make us a priority (as you have been now for several years): “A-student Neall” in Campbell River today. . . . Keep doing your best. You are being watched over and guided, and we are happy to do so. It’s a partnership, and we know you know how to do partnership . . . partnership with the stars, too, that are part of Creation . . . that we know you love as we do. Accept this “wealth of relationship.” It brings security, peace, and a smile to your face. And, as we’ve said before: That’s it. That’s the end of seeking: a smiling face. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neallerino. Go with Grace—and Gracefulness.

December 2, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I’m happier today. I took time off from the animals, who are like children wanting a lot of attention; did a catharsis and feel stronger. Now I am wanting a path out of aloneness.

We are with you in this. When you are with us, you not alone, and you see that there is hope for joining more with others. The path of the heart you are on makes you ever more available to the Good Life. Stay with the One Day At A Time principle—it serves you well. . . . Live each day well. Do whatever it takes to feel good and be relaxed. Then the insights come, for example about your mother relationship and the building of your dream and your vision: “a place in the sun.” . . . Don’t quit, Neall; you are learning perseverance, overcoming a poor start. Courage is indeed what it takes to succeed/to heal. . . . You know that we never quit on someone and that we are indefatigable—unlike your parents, who acted like gods/seemed like gods to you but couldn’t deliver the nourishment you needed and wanted. . . . Nourish yourself here with us, Neall. It requires no effort on our part, and no work on your part. You do not have to convince us of anything or teach us or cheer us up or do anything of the sort. You will not become depleted in the slightest from engaging with us. Your experience with us so far teaches you that. Engaging with us will only make you happier and healthier. If these are your goals—carry on. We are always available. We will cheer you on—endlessly. We promise, and we deliver. It’s a world that works—no abandonment here. That’s your expectation from your past, and we are here, now, breaking that pattern/the disappointments. It’s a big learning for you: no disappointments. It opens the space of positive expectancy. Together with empowerment, this is the key to your Good Life. . . . Take it in, Neall. The past is losing its hold; it cannot withstand your consistent desire for something better: your fair portion of happiness and good health. . . . We celebrate every step forward with you, Neall. Another step [in catharsis] today. Celebrating is necessary to solidify one’s progress, so growth doesn’t turn into “work” again. We/you both know you don’t want that.

How can I best deal with the dreams of losing teeth?

Affirm love in every cell; affirm your inner figures of power; affirm love and empowerment/the power of love. Take the next step in these areas—one step at a time, though, so you stay balanced in the outer world too. . . . We are here with endless compassion, always. And hope. Keep us “tuned in”—as if you are a radio station. We can be on your channel, as you are now ready to receive. Your daily disciplines have created this for you, so you see the value of them now. . . . Value: You are creating value in life. Everything else can line up around that value—everything that you desire. . . . Meditate on that—forever, if you like. For that is what we represent: eternal values. And, as mentioned earlier, eternity is where healing/change happens. Like in the book The Shack, subtitled “Where Tragedy Meets Eternity.”. . . We are that eternity. And you make that eternity available to others through this writing. . . . How do you like your new job? No effort or struggle is required. . . . God bless. . . . Better go home and let in the cat—it’s a chilly evening. . . . Vaya con Dios.

December 4, 2009: Subway Restaurant, Buckley Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I’m not in a holiday spirit here in Union Bay today. Everything seems like work and struggle and health issues.

It’s good to have your disciplines at times like this, including starting your day with prayers, or walking, or playing music. . . . You’ve got more energy now, so these things become vital. As does good food—your greens. . . . You are changing, Neall, for the better: growing, and growing up. This is what it takes. . . . Take us with you: into the sunshine, into the Good Life. No one, knowing what they are doing, would turn down companionship such as we offer: eternal wisdom and connection to something greater; peace; indefatigableness; the possibility to change one’s difficult mind states daily (repentance); the Big Picture; relaxation; hope; joy; musical encouragement; povertyless thinking (abundance); more joy. That’s what we bring to the party. You haven’t known much of these, so it’s like learning a new language. We will teach you. That’s our job—and we are not in struggle. . . . Be willing to be a student today: That will change your dark mood. Live, grieve your disempowerment, and live some more—that’s the path. Remember what we said about the Path of Tears being the Path of Heaven: “Let go and let God.” It’s the way out of depression, and it’s what Winston Churchill never took on to deal with his “black dog” of depression (in the book by Anthony Storr you are reading.) No black dogs for you, Neall, when you embrace new psychological and spiritual principles/concepts/truths. . . . We (like the Dalai Lama) are teaching the path of happiness and peace. Join us and emerge from misery once and for all: empowerment, heart/courage and sunshine mind—there’s the package: a Christmas present. Are you ready to receive yours?

Remember, receiving and giving are the same thing. Unconditional love is the game, and you are up to it—today. That’s the Good News—not what’s in the daily newspaper you just read (though we have no judgment on it). . . . Go into your day with our blessing, Neall. Appreciate today’s sunshine; be ready to receive. Claim all good that’s meant for you—including your new home for January 1, 2010 that you received notice of earlier today. . . . Vaya con Dios.

December 5, 2009: Safeway Café, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as close as your thoughts.

This has been a challenging night and day. Is this the result of taking the herbal supplement for elimination of parasites?

We want healing for you at every level, particularly in your heart and mind, and are offering it to you again today. This will help every part of you. Stop and look at how capable you’ve become: writing, musically, knowledge of healing modalities, making money. Let all of these grow. Continue your disciplines: exercise and prayers; this writing; fresh air; studies and reading. . . . Remember: We are neither fatigued nor depressed; rather, eternal beings of wisdom and light, helping to uplift humanity. We like what we do, and can help every day, if necessary. Be at peace with everyone today, Neall—that’s a holiday: a break from the judgmental mind, from fear of violence, from defendedness, from any “condition” you face today. Melt with self-acceptance. Find joy—it’s worth the search. Remember what you used to enjoy. Take the time—go back. We are with you. “Going forward” can become an obsession, and you can get lost in it. If you are not moving into joy, what are you moving into? . . . Relax, relax, relax—then you will know what to do next; then you will be happier (more like the Dalai Lama). Consider these things—that’s all that we ask. . . . Blessings. Your Higher Self.

December 7, 2009: McDonald’s Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

Thank you for watching over my healing process. I welcome your help every step of the way in my return to sanity and happiness.

We will be with you as you develop your health and strength. We will never let you down, as has happened in your past. We are ready/steady for anything you are ready to release, as in your catharsis tonight. It’s all for Good, for setting up the Good Life in you/around you. Don’t stop now, Neall. Things are getting interesting. You’re getting in touch with your real voice—hidden all these years. . . . We support your growth, as you know; and your happiness—always, in all ways: self-care and nourishment at all levels; upliftment through the heart. Keep growing yours in every way you can. Find ways to relax, to laugh, to enjoy yourself . . . day by day. The effort here is worth it. Joy is joy—no substitute. Keep up the search. You’ve known it before, and you can have it again. . . . Don’t look back. Just joy/smiles/laughter—then our job is done. . . . Let us help you, Neall. We are willing. It is “no effort” for us. We know you’re a big fan of the “no effort” school of growth. (Just think what this school’s graduation ceremony is like!) . . . Be blessed, Neall. You are worthy of a lot of good. Keep claiming it, day by day. . . . [On the TV news: Boy lost for two days in winter found alive in Nova Scotia.] Vaya con Dios, Neall, lost boy found (through catharsis tonight).

December 11, 2009: Subway Restaurant, Buckley Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health/recharging my batteries/having a good time here in Union Bay?

Good to connect with you again. Your long walk today helped to give you energy. With warmer weather you’ll get out more. . . . You are starting to see the possibilities of being a “medical anthropologist”/healer . . . feeling it out with people in need. You’ll like it for sure: endless energy; connected to us more of the time; lightworker indeed/in deed; joy bringer; solid person; feet on the earth; happy. . . . Don’t stop, Neall. Get all the rest you can. Being relaxed and present is preparation.

There’s that word “happy” again. Happiness seems so far away sometimes.

It is a new language for you, so there are things to learn. Just be willing—that’s all.

I declare: I am willing to learn the language of happiness and to put an end to isolation.

Good. We will help endlessly. Stay with us, for increased mental clarity/lighter mind/more empowerment/more connectedness—everything you want, including an end to seeking. There’s always more to expand into. You need never be stuck for long again—ever. Those days/weeks/months are over—hard as that is for you to believe. Repeat: Never be stuck again. Less struggle; “easy mind”; “peaceful, easy feeling,” et cetera. Go ahead—try out a smile now. We help with those, too—a specialty. :-)

That’s pretty hard to believe: never feeling mentally/emotionally stuck again.

We are the unbelievable, all right (for many, anyway). . . . Joy is a precious commodity, though available to all. “Enjoy everything,” you recall your very first spiritual teacher advising you, decades ago. It’s still true: wisdom in a small package—two words. . . . Why not? Is there something else you would rather have than “Joy, lightness, ease” (as you pray for)/mastery of life/freedom from struggle? It’s a real possibility—the outcome of a changed/transformed mind. We want this for you just as much as you do—happiness, it’s called. Claim your share; claim to deserve it; claim your deservingness. . . . Let go and let God—this God, not the ideas of God you took on in childhood. Let them go, one by one, until you stand in the radiant light of happiness, whenever you’re ready to experience that. . . . We are that, too. “Change your thinking, change your life,” as it is said. That’s the game—be a player. Laugh when you fall down; then get up again. Like that saying of Confucius that you feel uplifted by: “Our greatest glory lies not in never falling, but in picking ourselves up again each time we fall.” . . . You are getting better at this. It’s a terrific thing to know—and you know it. . . .

. . . Call on us at any time, Neall. We are always available. And we will never let you down. . . . Let that lighten your trip home. . . . Blessings. Vaya con Dios.

December 16, 2009: M.’s home, Fifth Street, Union Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I am unable to sleep, full of torture and torment and suffering. This is no way to live. No joy anywhere. What can I do? This cannot go on.

We hear you, brother Neall, and are with you in your pain. . . . The love you are seeking does exist, as you have experienced at times. We are its agents, and are bringing love to your situation to help you overcome your past. Let everything go that you are able to. . . . As you have occasionally experienced these past few weeks in Union Bay, you see that a new kind of reality is available: empowered and happy and connected. . . . Connected inside to your “figures of power” like Barack Obama, experiencing joy (dancing), and “energetic presence.” Don’t stop the seeking, the disciplines. They are helping bring you into present time, and to a hopeful future. . . . Yes, as you are seeing at the moment, you’ve lost your Hope (again), lost the Light. That’s where Hope and Joy and Love exist—in the Light. You might call it Feeling Good, or being Relaxed and Present, or Lighthearted, or Connected. . . . Remember that winter storms do pass [there’s a wind and rain storm outside] and that summer exists. Remember your five-day camping holiday at Lillooet in June, when you experienced summer in your soul and your mind relaxed. So you know it is possible—”on the menu of life”: freedom from worry and fear/sunshine mind/simple human happiness. . . .

. . . You are developing answers to many questions that people have, and this kind of (happy) lifestyle is still developing for you, as a “psychic consultant.” When you get stuck, get help—from people like Dr. Sharon Forrest. You are “building your platform” for “standing on your own two feet” (as you state in your prayers: freedom from disability and government assistance). There is a world of people available for you, Neall, as you emerge and grow into the “tall, funny, smart, sexy, handsome” person you have occasionally experienced yourself as. So, just as the dawn occurs outside each day, as it now is, new light, new ideas, new thoughts can dawn inside you: “The dawn of a new idea”; “A dawning miracle”—Neall “changed his mind”: He started to believe in love and to let it in, to celebrate it, to believe in it as part of his reality—as his reality. Does that bring a return of joy? . . . It is possible. And we are glad to show you this reality, to give you this “Get Out of Jail Free Card”—the jail of mental and physical torment that you went into overnight; to show you another, “friendlier” reality; support you in changing your mind—yet again; release the “mind-forged manacles” of [English poet] William Blake—even when you might think it impossible and want to hold on to your old, “safe” reality. . . . Give it up, we say. We’ll take it away for you. We’re here to help. It’s what we do: help people change their minds. It’s our full-time job. . . .

. . . You could imagine yourself living in a friendly, supportive universe where laughter is not a foreign language. Believe it (in your mind) and you’ll see it, or as the title of the Dr. Wayne Dyer book reads: “You’ll See It When You Believe It.” . . . Because human beings always believe in something—for you at the moment it is that being alone and suffering is the only option for you (as well as many other beliefs) . . . and you want to get past this belief—vapourize it; then fill up with Love and Light—and Happiness and an open heart—back to the Good Life; the connected life; the enthusiastic life (from en-theos: with God). Give yourself permission to be enthusiastic again—it’s been a long time. As the saying goes from another context: “Your [sombre] mother doesn’t live here any more.”

Thank you.

We are always glad to help. It’s what we do best. . . . Find out what you do best, then do that. It’s a recipe for happiness. . . . It’s the Big Picture—bigger than the child’s torment and suffering.

Indeed. Thank you again. [The song “Love Can Build A Bridge” enters my mind.]

December 18, 2009: M’s home, 5th Street, Union Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as promised, as always.

What’s the most important thing I need to know today about my health/recovery? (By the way, I am grateful for this teaching, having just reread Part II yesterday. It is uplifting.)

We are glad to help. We know you want to get well, and we can bring many resources to bear. It is a powerful teaching that works—without fail—for those who apply themselves to it. Notice the different quality to your experiences these days: victim no longer; empowerment; cheerful/positive in society; openness to learning; more courage; less fear; eyes wider open; stronger physically and mentally—and spiritually. It’s called “building your faith.” This is how it is done—one step at a time/one walk at a time/one breath at a time/one smile at a time; one conversation of a quality you haven’t experienced before/one bit of willingness to go forth with courage/one more time of picking yourself up when you fail/to forgive yourself your “mistakes”—and others theirs (including your family of origin)/to spend your time well-focused on your path/the unfoldment of your Good Life/willingness to laugh and not take things too seriously/getting help when you need it. . . . You are learning to love—nothing more, nothing less—and to enjoy life. You have earned it—let it in. Money, too. A rich life, as you let go of your past . . . and let go and let go. . . . We send you off with our blessings, Neall. . . . Vaya con Dios. “Saturday night’s all right.”

December 22, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I am unhappy again, feeling sad and unloved and close to being homeless. I’m asking for help.

Help is on the way, Neall; help is here. You ask and we answer. Try to see the positives here: new animal friends where you’re house-sitting; improved inner strength; a place to “practise” home life in an actual house; no rain today, brighter day; dependable and warm transportation; people who care about you back in Vancouver; trusted house-sitter; nourishing health support group here in Courtenay; new (digital) camera; extra income for several months ahead; CD recording under way; connection with musical people coming up; you led a singalong evening locally; neighbourly contact with J., a photographer. Neall, you’re developing it. You didn’t used to be able to do all this. You are making progress in “standing on your own two feet.” Acknowledge yourself. You are “good enough.” Yes, sometimes you feel like a miserable wretch—but often you do not. Think of the feedback you got in your recent singalong. Think how few people there are in the world that can do that—“light up the world” through music. You learned that; as you did photography, and editing/proofreading. As you are now learning recovery/healing. Always learning. That’s life—for learning. Don’t stop.

I’ve been unable to develop a “Christmas dinner” yet. It could be a very quiet day. I want to do something socially to “bring back the light” at this dark time of year. I’m asking for help.

Love and light are an attractive force, so whatever you do to return to the light is what is called for. You’ve experienced this before—“glowing” is a word for it. Oprah (Winfrey) glows; Dr. Wayne Dyer glows. So do many others. They smile then. . . . You are on the path to happiness—a “work in progress,” learning to live in the Light—to smile and be happy; balancing solitude and socializing. You see how essential that is for you. Happiness is “in the Light.” Continue being a student—get back to being a student; over and over, pick yourself up. There’s nothing else to do—if you want the Good Life. Everyone has to do this to build Hope and Faith—to work at it. As has occurred to you before, this is your “real work” now; your priority is “Seek ye first the kingdom . . . et cetera.” Make it real in your mind and heart, then it can manifest in your outer world. Don’t forget to sing—with others, especially. Everything (energy-level wise) changes for you then. (You know the Shakespeare saying, “If music be the food of love, play on.”) . . . Know that you are loved, Neall—even in your misery today. This love never ends; cannot be withheld or withdrawn; brings fearlessness and peace. Be that. You know it’s what you really want. . . . And so to animal care [Tessie is waiting in the car]. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. Think pink!

December 24, 2009: Sandbar Café, Highway 19A, Qualicum Bay, BC (where the washroom doors are labelled “Gulls” and “Buoys”)

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I realized that I’ve been thinking “if the chips were really down you won’t be there.” That must be more of my abandonment pictures. . . . Are you still there? I’m unhappy and off course, and dreaming about cancer and surgery. I know I’m off course, and I can’t see how to get back on the course of joy and happiness. I need clear, simple ideas that are also powerful.

As you see, the path is not always easy. It is true that you were a smart, funny, good-looking child (as you realized during your catharsis this morning) and grew up in an environment where you were neither recognized nor validated. I’m sorry. Some people set up very adverse circumstances to stimulate themselves to grow (spiritual author Eckhart Tolle among them, as you saw the other night on TV). All is part of “God’s realm,” which is also everywhere infused with Love and Light and the potential for happiness. . . . As you would teach others, “Take one step today in your own enlightened self-interest”: one step in the direction of your heart, of peace and happiness. Leave worldly affairs and cares behind. Love yourself, moment by moment. Keep asking for the Light—we’ll be there. Keep letting us in—your “Christmas friends.” We’ll be what’s missing. Don’t forget that this is possible—to get what you want and need today. We do the impossible, and with no effort. Receive (that’s your message for the day). Just Receive. No struggling permitted today. [Café radio song: “Let It Be.”]

December 26, 2009: Subway Restaurant, Highway 19A, Buckley Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as always.

Thank you . . . thank you . . . for my good Christmas Day. “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good. . . .”

. . . What is the most important thing to know about my health today? I am facing the issue of the “negative mother complex”—feeling as if I never had a real mother; never having been raised in love; to feel that I can grow up into a friendly world; to be nourished towards a career—a path in life. I’m pretty stuck on this issue.

Congratulations on your social success. You are doing well in this regard. Being an “honourable man” will stand you in good stead in this life. Regarding your mother: This is what will eventually make a comedian out of you. Keep going, opening to new ideas, to positive mother figures: Oprah, [Buddhist teacher] Pema Chödrön, Marlene Dietrich, I. (choir conductor). Pray, pray, pray—your help is at hand. We are opening a channel to female energy that will bring more joy, more light. You will like it: easier life. Your prayers are heard and are being answered, in this season of joy. Season’s Greetings, Neall. Can we use “Neallerino” again? We are joybringers—nothing more, nothing less—helping to raise vibrations everywhere. Sing, dance—we’re for it! Happiness—yes! Whatever brings it about. Love—that too. Life as celebration. You’re worth it, Neall. . . . Yesterday you celebrated Christmas—in a new town, with people you’d only briefly met. Remember that; ponder what happened as long as you need to. . . . Vaya con Dios.

December 27, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are present.

I’d like to be happier, as this six-week house-sitting project comes to an end. I haven’t really had a holiday. I know you are not the Complaints Department—you are that part of me that sees the Big Picture; that knows infinity and eternality and happiness; that has answers; that is not sad or broken, or that believes in something other than sadness or brokenness; bigger than immediate reality; the “current weather”.

Yes, we are all of that: beyond problems; connected to everything—and a source of Love beyond your present imagining . . . pink like your jacket. In this context of Love, it is safe to “change your mind,” to become relaxed, fearless and caring, and healthy. Making it a priority will change your life for the better—keep asking for it. We will do our part in filling you up—both male and female aspects of us: more joy for you. Keep asking for joy, too. There’s no depression when you’re laughing (as you did at your Christmas Day dinner). . . . Salute your progress; pray when you’re in pain or darkness; use your toolbox of health modalities. . . . Spring is still a quarter away—but Spring can arise within you at any moment. Be ready/be steady. Let things blossom—your tears water your garden. Keep going, keep growing. You’ve got “good help” here: Good help is not hard to find—when you look in the right places and are willing to surrender the ego and the victim, to release anger, fear and doubt. . . . There’s your road map—enjoy the drive. . . . Vaya con Dios, Mr. Neall. Let in the Good Life more and more; more “Christmas” every day. . . . Plan it, love it, live it—we are not far away . . . ever. And we like to celebrate—and to celebrate with you. . . . “Live long and prosper.” Let in the Light/lightness/joy. We send you all you can stand.

December 28, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak with my Higher Self; to celebrate my successful house-sitting stint in Union Bay. No “cabin fever” this time. I am pleased at my progress on this trip. I feel closer to my dream of being healthy, empowered and happy.

Yes you are, Neall. You have found power within you. No one can take away what you have gained here. We stand with you in your successes, and encourage your continued growth in the ability to put a smile on your face; to experience equanimity. We know there is nothing like it, this kind of “steadiness/steadfastness” in the face of life’s ups and downs—neutrality. Go with it/develop it: the ability to observe what is happening in and around you, and not be pulled into reacting to it. This is heading towards the Sunshine Mind (free of clouds) that is so valued in a chaotic and confused world. You are becoming more useful.

I believe I’ve made progress in overcoming the “negative mother complex” while here. Can you speak to that?

While there is more to go, there is progress—through catharsis and tears, and “going for the heart.” Developing upper-body strength will help in this regard: push-ups and fitness-tube stretches, weights and chin-ups, and chiropractic help. We are with you in this. We support happiness at every level, as you are beginning to see. Getting your family of origin “off your back” will bring you great joy, and a return of the innocence you knew as a child. This will improve your disposition. You will like it and yourself, and this self-love is the goal of all personal development. The world needs more people with these qualities, Neall . . . who can help answer the many questions/problems/issues life presents. You are becoming one of them: a Voice for Truth. . . . Letting go and letting God is the way, Neall—“in you, as you, around you and through you” (as you pray). . . . There is no “second place” in this; no more “second-class citizen,” always driving in the slow lane. The whole road is yours, as you are just beginning to see. Open, open, open to the Light of Happiness, to the Sunshine Mind, the Clear Mind. The result: a changed life, a liberated life—free of the “mind-forged manacles” we’ve mentioned earlier: life in the sunshine. Keep being “an A-student in the school of the enjoyment of life.” Perseverance brings progress. Don’t stop, Mr. Neall. Our partnership is growing, and will continue to do so, as your faith and belief continue to grow. No blame, no fear, no anger, no doubt—“something else” (as we’ve mentioned before). . . . We are that “something else”; the “another way” of the book A Course in Miracles.

And the tension/pressure in my solar plexus right now?

You are facing new levels of disempowerment, as you open up new levels of sunshine. We will guide you through this as well. It’s a path—no end of development. You are learning: That’s the important thing to remember.

Thank you.

Vaya con Dios, Neall. Don’t quit, ever.

December 31, 2009: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing I need to know for my health today? The dreams of cancer and dying are gone for today. Last night in my dream I was singing “Up from the grave he arose, with a might triumph o’er his foes . . . et cetera”: New hope.

Indeed. New realities are always available to be lived. One must first know about them, and you are learning them. “Empowered, happy, connected, loving”—quite a combination. Keep thinking of people like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Eckhart Tolle and others, plus your inner council of power. This is a time of change for you, as you get clearer on being happy more of the time—feeling you deserve it; deserve Good of all kinds; that it’s a normal part of life. Make the search for joy your priority. We are “sending reinforcements” to help—more Light, so less effort. Everyone wants that, whether they can articulate it or not. Get your share. . . . We are lightworkers, as you are learning to be. Let go and let God/Light into all your affairs. Upliftment is the result—no more, no less; a steadier state of strength and health. . . . We leave you to letting go of tiredness through sleep. Keep persevering. Don’t quit. Pick yourself up when you need to. . . . “May God prevail” (as you pray). . . . Vaya con Dios.

END OF 2009. Hurray for Neall!


© Copyright 2010 by Neall Calvert

January 2, 2010: McDonald’s Restaurant, SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I feel unwell. I may be self-destructing. I’ve lost my connection with you. I’m scared for my health. If anger, fear and doubt keep you away, I’ve got all three. For heaven’s sake, how can I feel better tonight?

Keep declaring a holiday. Do what you love. Don’t quit on yourself. Get connected. Pray. Remember yesterday’s magnificent full-arc rainbow over the airport that lasted for ten minutes. . . .

. . . We are the force of Love, and Peace, and Joy. We don’t quit; it’s not in our nature to do so. . . . You don’t have to work again for two months. Keep telling yourself that. Time to explore your options; follow your bliss; find STILLNESS; let go and let God; laugh; love; heal; enjoy yourself. . . . Do what you enjoy—learn your new digital camera; make your music CD; spend time with people you like; do this writing; exercise to get stronger; meditate—be a Buddha; get yourself free from worry. Do whatever it takes. You’ve done it before. You are a devoted and disciplined man, opening his heart. That’s still the path: “one day at a time,” “just for today,” et cetera. . . . Feel your strength, like those fighters you can see on the TV (Ultimate Fighting Championships). Keep developing it: upper body strength and thighs: the ability to move quickly and confidently; to laugh and jump and sing . . . yes, you! Think of nothing else. Forgive everyone who ever hurt you (as you are doing), more and more. Rise up in your mind. Reconnect to your purpose. We will come to meet you—over and over again: in Love and Light. . . .

. . . Find peace, Neall, and joy and fun. You know how they feel. You’ve wanted them for a long time. Be the love you are seeking. You deserve it: holidays/holy days/smiles/laughter/freedom from worry/the right kind of people: friends.

Remember how you felt when you left your Union Bay house-sit and you hugged the homeowner, M.—that’s it. Meditate on/contemplate that feeling (and others like it that you can recall). That’s Light and Love—your best self. . . . Grow it now. There’s no other time. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. We are with you.

PS: Recall the statement that came to you from your Higher Self that day at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, “Don’t you know that I love you, and that this love can be renewed in every moment.” . . . In every moment—that’s the miracle: the miracle of love: freedom from fear and judgmentalness. It’s a big step forward in growth; in finding peace: your goal, Mr. Neall.

January 5, 2010: Tim Hortons, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak with my Higher Self.

We are here.

I accomplished my healing session with Dr. S. F., master healer, today. Can you comment on this, please.

You’ve shown courage, Neall, to face the darkness of your past [lives]. You will be lighter as a result. This is exactly what it takes to move forward. You’re investing in yourself, and it will pay off in all areas. Congratulations.

Thank you. . . . What are the most important things I need to know today about finding a new home, and becoming healthier and more connected?

Go for the heart, Neall. Everything gets easier. Love yourself. You know the qualities of the heart—develop them in prayer. We’ll get you to the right place(s). We’re interested in your happiness—whatever it takes. . . . Thriving—there’s a good word. Think about thriving, and what that feels like—standing tall; smiling. That’s where you’re headed—with our support and love . . . even though at times you feel unlovable. . . . People want to love you, Neall—let them. It will change your life; until you don’t recognize yourself. Surround yourself with love and friends: a caring network. That’s a part of happiness. We are glad to instruct, without judgment or control. We are always ready to help. Stay tuned in to us, like a radio. We’ll get you where you want to go. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall, with warmth.

January 10, 2010: Tim Hortons Restaurant, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self. . . . There’s positive messages in this book so far [I’ve just reread it]—much good spiritual information. Thank you.

You’re welcome. [Café song: Billy Joel: “I Love You Just the Way You Are”] We are a force of the heart, and you are willing to learn, so we’re a good combination! Keep going, keep growing. The “Garden” you are seeking is available. Grow it in your mind, then it can manifest around you. It takes constant attention to positivity, which you are developing: weeding, planting, watering, et cetera. “Happiness is a garden in the mind.” It can’t be intruded upon by the chaotic world or the chaos of your past . . .

. . . Continue asking to be filled with Light, Neall—we will respond. This is available to everyone . . . everyone can awaken. It’s a great journey, and you are on it: Love, Light, smiles, freedom from fear [Café song: “What About Love”], a mind that works well and knows stillness . . . what an accomplishment (including laughter)! You’ll be able to say at the end, “I didn’t waste my life/time.” “I got out of jail.” . . .

. . . You are getting connected to people through this mind development, Neall, and more is available. You are opening to love, through your intention to do so. Your outer world is changing as a reflection of a changed inner world. “Progress, not perfection.” . . . Reflect on your progress of the past few months and you will see more reasons to acknowledge development in self-affinity (a quality of the heart). . . . We are “teachers of the heart” and you a student who is making progress. We salute, you, Neall, gardener of the heart, busy man (two gardens) . But not too busy for his automatic writing—good. Good man. “Warming to the task,” as it is said. . . .

. . . The Tim Hortons School of the Enjoyment of Life continues: a classroom/coffee shop. . . . Whatever works, Neall. Whatever works is what the good students do, earning their diplomas, getting to graduation—to the next level of trust in life (T.R.U.S.T.: Totally Relying Upon Spirit’s Timing). . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

January 14, 2010: My home, East 62nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I am on a very rocky road. I’m unable to stop the stress in my lower back. I’m stuck in pain and suffering, and I think there is no help available. Perhaps “God” is doing this to me. My experience with you tells me this is not the case, and I’m greatly in need of reinforcement of that belief. Please help me.

There is indeed a problem, and we are working to help rectify it. The stress level needs to be brought down through relaxation. Thoughts/feelings of the possibility of happiness bring up the tyrant father once again, who couldn’t enjoy life and wouldn’t let anyone around him enjoy life either. You lost your belief in fathering/goodness of life/happiness/joy/supportive people. And you need those beliefs back again. . . . We are patient, Neall, and will help to transform those old beliefs slowly, into their opposite, into a belief in Goodness, and Trust, and Happiness. We have never let you down yet, and can function quite well as the parents you never had, nourishing the life force within you, the child who wants to grow again, the adolescent with ideas to bring to the world, who wants to mature into an adult. You are confronting trauma—not easy to do. It takes a lot of courage. As you know, we are experts in this area (as in many others), and can bring vast resources to the problem. The development of one’s heart is a lifelong path. We are doing our best to coach you in this, so that you can trust our ability to be helpful, with no strings attached, no hidden agenda, and no judgments. We are neutral in a sense, though we also have great caring. We are also certain that we can help change your mind. That too is our (well-practised) job—our job definition, in fact. “Be ye transformed . . . et cetera.” . . . (And we gave ourselves the job as well.) . . . We have limitless resources to solve problems, to bring peace and joy. And we are part of you—you who are writing these words. This arm (left) and hand are part of a healing system. Let it happen. All connected: head, heart, hand, pink jacket . . . love, love, love—available now. If people knew what love really was they would line up in the streets for it. . . . The love of your guides is available now, to help uplift you. Make it your priority to receive. It is not separate from your health—it is your health: healthy mind, mind at peace gives the body a chance to heal. Think as high as possible, therefore—into freedom from fear and worry. Into such total trust and love that you feel safe and a smile returns to your face. Affirm: “I am safe and secure. Nothing can disturb my mind.” It’s one of the menu options of being human. And being human means being partly divine.

I have become negative; self-destructive; think that no one cares about me. I guess the answer is for me to care about me.

You got it! One step at a time, forward through self-care. Don’t quit caring about yourself. Love every aspect: child, youth, adolescent, mature man on his career path. . . . Fresh air, exercise, prayer, holidays, et cetera—this is it now for you: new life style; effective living. With a “muscular” heart/a trained heart.

January 16, 2010: Tim Hortons Restaurant (“Timmy Ho’s”), 56th Street, Tsawwassen, BC

(A teenage girl sitting at the next table chatting rapidly on her cell phone tells her friend she’s at “Timmy Ho’s.”)

I didn’t want to write today, so I reread this writing back to mid-December. As I get up to leave, on the café sound system comes the Stevie Wonder song, “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” On the drive home, the song fills me to the brim with heartwarming wonder, and my mind returns to a state of “active peace.”

January 18, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I realize that I have been “sliding into death” for the past few months, with the dreams of cancer and “six weeks to live.”. There seemed to be more sunshine in my mind as I realized this. More clearly, I see the potential of a “real life” opening—happy, meaningful, enough money, able to feel pleasure: all the Good Stuff.

For some, it’s true as it says in the song [“The Hanging Tree”], “To really live, you must almost die.” . . . You are seeing reality “up close,” as it were. Taking your happiness seriously brings up “anything unlike it.” You are building the Good Life. Don’t quit.

I want help finding a new home of my own. I feel I’ve learned everything I can from M. I’ve spent a month with a basically happy person, and know what that experience is now. It feels time to move on and have my privacy, develop my own happiness.

We understand your need for solitude, and applaud your ability to work such things out. We are with you in your search for a new home, and see it as done now. . . . Keep praying and staying in a positive, expanded state of mind in order to receive, from both female and male universal energies that are available for help. We support your happiness. Keep affirming that you are worthy and deserving of Good, of the Good Life . . . yes, you! (we’ll get a smile on your face yet). Let this change (healing)/change of direction into your life. Claim it; speak it—as you were loudly doing in the car on the way here. That’s effective—you feel the power within you, through your voicing the affirmations. That makes it real. Again: Believe it in your body and mind and you’ll soon see it. That’s the way.

Thank you. I get that you care about me, and love me, and are teaching me to succeed; in fact, you want nothing else for me but a Good Life. Just as you want happiness for everyone, and offer it, endlessly, including empowerment, abundance, connection, purpose/path, peace and health. . . . Right now I feel old anger towards my mother arising. “You cold-hearted bitch. I wasn’t born yesterday,” I feel like saying. She treated me as if I was an ignorant farm boy, when in fact I was highly intelligent and in touch with my own feeling life—something she was not aware of in herself. What a tragedy!

Yes, it is a tragedy when there is no love in families, and especially mother/child love, because it affects your self-image strongly and thus your ability to relate to others. That and the Oedipus complex have marked your life deeply and have prevented you from standing tall. . . . Keep putting this situation into the Light for healing. Keep thinking of your positive mother figures. Ask Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene for help. Continue your disciplines, including prayers. We hear them, as you know. . . . As you find more quiet on the drive back, we are with you. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall, persevering student. Love.

January 23, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Highways 10 and 99, Delta, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health/healing/recovery today?

Learn to have fun. It’s vibrating at a higher level—very good for you. Do what it takes. Every day, ask yourself: “What could I do to have fun today?” Make it your “religion”; one of your disciplines . . . your first discipline. It will transform you. . . . Don’t stop, Neall. Things are getting interesting. There is always a way—find it; believe it: “Heaven and Earth together again.” Many want to know how—you can teach them. . . . Open to the stars, Neall. There’s lots of energy in the Universe. Open to the universal flow: no lack—no lack of joy, social relations, places to live, transportation, health. Let go and let the Universe communicate with you. Change your mind about what “God” is. That’s what “changes things.” . . . We won’t quit on you, ever. It’s not in our nature to do so. Be cool with it—whatever works. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. Be well.

January 25, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health/recovery today?

We are with you, Neall; you are not alone. Keep going, keep growing. Notice how your fearlessness and courage are increasing; how your self-criticism has muted (during the past couple of days of socializing). This is the outcome of doing “spiritual work” of the kind you are doing: Slowing down to live one day at a time, taking Nature time and walks, stretching, praying, attending spiritual meetings for spiritual companionship, getting enough rest and solitude. The outcome is that you become happier.

How can I best counter the painful effects of chronic emotional fatigue after just a few minutes of socializing?

By doing just what you are doing now—taking frequent “time outs” and holidays; following your own feeling nature; recharging when you need to. Plus the things mentioned just above . . . and doing what you love and enjoy: writing, images, music, helping people to become happier. . . . See what kind of a job you are developing?

Is it time then to quit the editing/proofreading? I don’t have the interest in such detailed work any more.

You are building a new life style based on happiness. When you can create enough income through it, you can release the intellectual work with words and punctuation. Remember to be grateful for what your skills and talents have brought you: years of income; connections with others based on having a good mind/inquiring mind and a willingness to learn, as you did with book editing. Celebrate your accomplishment. That takes you out of duty and responsibility. It’s “more fun”—what you are learning this year.

Why did G. and I lose the CD production progress today? That was unfortunate.

Too much excitement reconnecting with G. today after your long break house-sitting—he hit the wrong switch. Overall it’s going well, as you know—an expanded lifestyle/greater expression. That’s what life is about: finding your mode of expression (your “voice”)—bringing forth what is within you. It literally “saves your life.” You are living . . . YOUR . . . reality. That’s how important it is. . . . Your soul, Neall, wants to sing—let it! On and on and on and on . . . never-ending empowerment and enlightenment. The end of your seeking. Again: that’s how important it is. You want encouragement? You’ve got it.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

You are welcome and you are worth it. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neallerino, man with a voice of clarity, finding his mode of expression in the world. Expression = no depression: guaranteed.

January 27, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, dear Neall.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health/healing/recovery at the moment?

We say Love. Learn to live in fearlessness and non-judgmentalness. You will like it. Nothing but good will come from it. Keep up your disciplines, including walking, stretching and praying; your vitamins, herbs and water. As Dr. Wayne Dyer writes, keep asking for your purpose—and put one foot in front of another in its service. Then you will experience joy—a new language; a new rhythm. This is what is available to you, Neall: laughter and joy. Cultivate it, meditate on it: fearlessness and joy. “No worries, mate,” as they say in Australia (life in the sunshine; positive mind). It’s available to everyone, Neall—including you . . . even though it’s new, like a baby, in you at the moment. Nurture it, grow it—be the father you always wanted to be. You’ll like it; and have no fear that you don’t have enough support—we support you fully in these changes, in becoming a healthy father, no matter what your past father experiences. You will get no end of help from us. It’s what we do—and we like our job (as we keep saying). It makes a huge difference in your energy to like what you do each day, and as we reiterate this phrase, let the vibration of it sink into your mind: “I like what I do. I have ‘an interesting life.’” (In the singular “I” it will be easier for you to relate to.) . . . Don’t quit, Neall. We are with you. . . . Vaya con Dios, from “Wednesday afternoon healing meeting.”

January 29, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

First, I’ve reread the first half of these writings tonight and am moved. . . . Thank you. I am grateful for this connection . . . extremely grateful. I want to live every day as if I’m on a holiday. Thank you for this kind of relaxed, happy life style (“work in progress”) that I am developing.

As we’ve said many times: “It’s our job, and we love what we do.” . . . We are interested in your happiness—in everyone’s happiness. We en-courage happiness, we em-power happiness: an end to suffering. What could be greater than that? Give up those old religious ideas—they are meaningless. Refuse to be stuck there any longer, out of false (painful) loyalty to your parents or relatives. Your life is your own, as you are getting to see. You are laying foundations for happiness that lead you far into the future—into the Light; into Love [the song: “Love Can Build A Bridge” enters my mind]. . . . “Teach only love,” says A Course in Miracles. It is the path without equal. It is to live without fear (of the future) or regrets (about the past).

Thank you. . . . What is the most important thing to know about my health today? I think living with two others as I am now in this small house will prove more stressful than I can stand. I don’t want to fall back into what I’ve been through in the past month, when death seemed close at times.

We will always be with you, Neall, as you develop faith, courage and belief in yourself and your talents, so that you have the home environments that suit your sensitivities, skills and talents. Do the best you can; keep your options open; “Keep thine eye single to the Good.” . . .

. . . Remember holidays/breaks/time outs/support. Do whatever it takes to keep Hope alive; to keep a sun-filled outlook. Remember that fun is okay, and you need other people to have fun. Just do your best . . . leave the rest. . . . Blessings. Your Higher Self.

January 31, 2010: McDonald’s Restaurant, 56th Street, Tsawwassen, Delta, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I am in crisis. My home life has become “impossibly” stressful; things aren’t moving smoothly—I’m longing to be peaceful. How can I bring that about?

Good question. . . . Pray for it. Take the time to become peaceful. Prioritize it. Practise it. Let go of whatever’s not peaceful, through catharsis or growling, as you did today. Believe in it. Affirm it. Be it. . . . In that peace is the “magic” that Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about in his book that you are reading, Real Magic. From that place, you make good decisions. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

Yes. Yes. Yes. More peace.

Good. We are with you in this. “Gentle mentors”—for as long as you wish. . . . Regarding your new home—you are making progress; not being alone is a big change for you now. That’s the way. Becoming happy and feeling deserving of good, including an adequate social life and enough support. That’s what works. See it; believe it; live it. And we are with you in it. Enjoy the trip [upcoming holiday to Lillooet]; thus, enjoy your life: life as a journey. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

February 1, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I would like to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, for you.

An “evening from hell” [in the dark and with pouring rain, I decided to take in a movie downtown with a free ticket I had won; parked halfway there to take the bus; got to the theatre and couldn’t find my ticket; had to navigate on foot back through the Skid Row area to find a bus back, realized I hadn’t noted where I’d parked my car; spent half an hour walking in the rain looking for it; there was the ticket on the seat of the car]. How did I create this? How can I uncreate it?

Good question. As you know, we teach Love. Love is the way; love is the way out. And courage. Courage to take new steps—as you are doing with G. and the singing CD. Keep praying to be shown your next step. Give thanks/be grateful for every bit of good in your life: every friendly person/piece of knowledge/wisdom, talent/skill, good experience you’ve had/beauty you’ve seen/caring you’ve experienced/sunshine you’ve felt/uplifting experiences. All of this exists/was real . . . AND can exist and be real for you again.

I feel powerless, hopeless, impotent to change anything about myself, or to express how I feel [Café song: Billy Joel: “I Love You Just the Way You Are”].

God loves you just the way you are, Neall. That’s the Good News; that’s the Miracle. Will you let it in, even a little? There’s no shame in being where you are, Neall. You are doing your best. You are doing your best. Repeat: You are doing your best.

I don’t want to wake up in the morning in this house. What can I do?

You can stay in the café; it’s open all night. You can drive, but that costs gas. You can pray until you get an idea. . . . “Our Father who art in Heaven” is interested in your welfare; wants to help you.


Because you had a terrorizing and abandoning father, you know nothing about positive, caring fathering. It is available through “Our Father who art in Heaven”—a caring father; a loving father.

How would I experience that, here and now?

By becoming aware that you are feeling more peaceful, less stressed at this moment; more hopeful, less hopeless; more aware that you have options—including NO MORE EDITING; of the necessity of taking holidays; of the need for more friends on your own social and psychological level [unlike the two highly energized women in the house, who are definitely not battling depression]; of total Self-acceptance, in this moment, and total FORGIVENESS of everyone who ever hurt or betrayed or abandoned you . . . so that you are living in the NOW—from where you are more effective with every task—including finding a new home and car, and creative expression for income . . .

. . . Letting go of the hurts of the past (as you did tonight in catharsis) brings you more into the present—your point of potency and power; clarity of mind to fulfill your vision and to understand life; to less reactiveness; more wholeness. That’s what everyone wants, whether they can articulate it or not . . .

. . . Claim your Good, Neall, which your Father in Heaven wants to give you: a peaceful life; a happy life—nothing more, nothing less. We (us and He) are doing everything in our power to reach you with Good News tonight, to help you open your heart. That’s where the Good Life exists. When you are in touch with the God in your heart, everything changes, takes on a different tone; becomes easier; less of a struggle. WE WANT THAT FOR YOU—just as you do . . . dear, dear Neall . . .

. . . Please accept our good wishes for you, this night and always. Remember that we are always trying to reach you. With a bit of discipline and quiet/stillness on your part, we will succeed—which means that you will succeed . . . in living the Good Life . . .

. . . No end of growth, Neall. Perseverance will pay off for you. Spirit always wins in the end, since it is eternal. . . . Vaya con Dios . . . Please connect again soon.

February 2, 2010. Timmy Ho’s, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health/recovery tonight?

Keep going, Neall. Get stronger in every way. Keep asking/praying to open your heart. Things will change. Your Father in Heaven wants to enter you heart: let Him in. You will like him. His energy will bring a smile to your face, as you will feel safe and secure at last. That’s how things change: in safety we are willing to change. In safety we learn to be happy. We “let go and let God”—the force of happiness, creativity, wisdom, nurturance, joy, love, peace, constant renewal, compassion, eternal forgiveness, caring, largeness—into our lives. For good, if we can. We learn to be grateful; to celebrate life; to praise; to receive; to connect; to sing. All this the Father wants to give us. Get in line, Neall. “Be the first on your block.” It’s free, too. The end of struggle/effort. . . . Time to go home, Neall—home to the heart.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. . . . Love is everything. We give because we love what we do—just as you love producing your music CD to get the quality/beauty of sound you want. . . . Don’t look back, Neall. Nothing there you want—as you know well. . . . Blessings. . . . Vaya con Dios.

February 4, 2010: Mile 0 Motel, Lillooet, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I could use more energy today; more ideas for my holiday, and more nourishment/enthusiasm.

We are here with Love and Light and quantum energy for your healing, helping you to “change your story” into one that creates happiness—through feeling empowered and able to effect change in your current life situation: right here and now in this “low-energy” motel situation. . . . You are “learning the ropes” of living with higher energy. Contacting us is one way to raise your vibration. You can also walk, pray, meditate, sing, tone, phone a positive friend, read an uplifting book, do something a little risky, or something you’ve been putting off till “a better moment”—or plan your next vacation. . . . Sometimes sleep is the best thing. Like now.

February 6, 2010: Timmy Ho’s Restaurant, Highways 10 and 99, Delta, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

My home life is approaching crisis. Stress levels are increasing and I’m not sure what to say. I want a new home.

We honour your search for health and a balanced life. As you realized today, the past hasn’t much hold on you any more. Congratulations. Do everything you can to stay centred and balanced—walks, exercise, prayer, singing/toning—in this time of change. Seek to be compassionate, and coming from your heart. Find joy wherever you can. Keep yourself relaxed and open to new thoughts/ideas/guidance. We are with you, through the power of love. “Heaven is a hierarchy of love,” as you have discovered along your journey. . . . Don’t quit, Neall. Keep going. Things are happening. You are close to a breakthrough, to more sunshine in your mind. Stay with it. We won’t leave you—this is not like your abandoning past any more. It’s the opposite: Love and Light and growth. No more being stuck. . . . Student of the enjoyment of life, carry on. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

February 8, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I wish to connect with my heart and my Spirit, my capacity for love and warmth and healing and connectivity.

You have come to the right place. We are glad to help. Taking the time to reconnect with your Spirit is time well spent. As you know, we teach happiness and are willing to do so in a way and at a pace that works for you. What you are seeking is available for you, as it is for all: the flowering of a soul.

What is the message from these three weeks of one cold/cough after another? Is this truly the effects of mold in the house, as I dreamed of last night?

Experience the lightness that is happening; the release from the past, into more happiness; the willingness to experience joy; a positive future; more inner strength; less fear; a feeling of adventure. Yes, Neall. Empowerment, too. “Starting Over,” as you sang this morning by John Lennon. As we’ve said before, “Don’t look back.” You’re gaining the freedom to pursue your goal of Good Living, or peace and happiness. Keep up your disciplines, your music and your prayers. We are with you. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall—man with a future.

February 10, 2010: McDonald’s Restaurant, No. 2 Road, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I’ve been going through hell again with stress around my home and finding a new one. How can I relax?

Change your mind. Take the time. Make it a priority: “Nothing else to do.” This is how you are living now: following your energy, mastering life. Be “on vacation”: go to the gym, work out hard; sing/tone/exercise your voice. . . . Good start?

Yes. Thank you.

You’re welcome. We are here to help. And we are “on your side” . . . forever. (Not an afterthought: just the truth.) . . . Think about your feelings at the Singalong on Sunday, when E. came up and asked you to co-lead again while you were on a break, saying, “It’s not the same without you.” . . . Music to your ears, right?


And then you sang that duet with C., whose voice range exactly matches yours, and the room was stunned by the beauty of that. Right?


You do know how to have a good time, rascal Neall.

I do.

Continue contemplating these inspiring moments of purposeful activity, for this is indeed how to be happy: serving others with your talents and gifts: giving people your gift of music. Notice how you feel afterward: relaxed and peaceful and energized and trusting and communicative. Happy?

Yes. And no more loneliness.

That means our job is getting done. That’s all we are here for. (Our job is simple but not easy—although there is no struggle involved.)

I’m going to go and do voice exercises now. Later I will do physical exercises.

You are catching on quickly today (partly inspired by your readings today in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life. Carry on. . . . Vaya con Dios, good student Neall.

February 13, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self. I want and need help today. My stress levels are “through the roof.” I’m afraid for my health. And I need a new home—today. This is a crisis.

We always go for the heart. Courage, dear Neall, in this time of trouble.

You seem so far away. My heart must be closed. Nothing seems to help or to have been helping. No end of trouble. Where did I get off track? How do I get back on track? I need to stop hating myself; turn off the negative voices; find a sense of hope again. I have a problem I cannot solve alone. That is one place I am off-track: doing things alone. Where did I get so off-course? Being on course is what kept me happy. What can I do now? I want back on course to Australian sunshine—no more “Australiagate” dreams. More sunshine, please. I’m asking for help. I’m a miserable wretch again. . . . What now? You are a part of me, so we are not separate, that I know. So how could I get so unhappy? What’s the path back to happiness today? I want to stop self-destructing. Please help me. I am suffering, sinking low despite all I have learned; poisoned by perfectionism, perhaps, and abuse and hatred. “Hate the abuse, not the abuser,” I’ve been told.

You’ve grown a lot in the past four to five years since you started on disability. You’ve reached out a lot, changed some things about yourself; expanded into house-sitting, performing and recording, channelling, and living outside of Vancouver for a time; understand better your need for support and connection to others; how a vision pulls you forward; published your writings on the Internet and gotten positive feedback; plus doing Singalong performing where people dance to you playing rock ‘n’ roll. . . . Remember again: “When you’re in trouble, don’t hunker down, reach out.”

All that is true, and it’s good to hear: progress, not perfection. And I’m still stuck at the moment. What’s my best step today? Into a compatible environment called a home? Into hope again; freedom from the “mind-forged manacles”; from fear and hatred and toxicity and self-hatred, isolation, and coffee drinking?

The path is not easy at those times, Neall, when it appears there is no light and no love. Remember that this is an appearance only, and that you have actually brought up this old darkness in order to release it. . . . Do whatever it takes to release it: shout, yell, scream, growl. . . . We’ll talk again then. . . . Vaya con Dios.

February 14, 2010: Ironwood Plaza parking lot, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I seem to be going through the death of my old life, as I open to a new kind of life. Would that be accurate?

You are indeed building a new, happier life—a heart-centred life, unlike what you’ve known for lifetimes. So be patient with yourself, and celebrate each step forward. Remember your criteria—fun or joyful or loving or pleasant or relaxing or inspiring or invigorating, and so on. No more depression. Since Saturday’s support group session (profound for you) you now see and embody another reality. Never forget this need for connection that exists in everyone. It makes life so much easier. It is real healing for you. . . . As we’ve said many times, Neall, Don’t look back. Nothing there for you. Just forward—into Love and Light; enlightened living; “easy” living; less struggle and strain; happiness (that language you are learning to speak). You’re more ready to move forward now than ever before. You have a new inner figure of power in your cousin M., a very musical and creative and intelligent and empowered man (who appeared in your dream last night). Embrace “him” (as you) for all you’re worth. KEEP GOING, Neall, it’s getting better from here on in. No more “dying” as you did four weeks ago. Keep tuning in to your dreams and intuition for ongoing guidance. You will be guided (we have no plans to stop). Keep going, keep growing, still reaching for your heart life—the Good Life. When you lose the path, take the time to come back—do whatever it takes (as you are doing now) to find your heart again. That’s where we’ll be. We never go away. That’s called Love. . . . Happy Valentine’s Day, Neall. You’ve joined the celebration. You/we are celebrating. . . . Remember we said at Christmas that we liked to celebrate with you? Here we are—“party in the parking lot.” . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

Well, aren’t you just “something else”!

That’s what we told you on . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

February 16, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I miss the times when you said, “You’re filling up, so we’ll leave now.” I want to be filled up again, especially after my growling catharsis this morning. This “house” business [finding a compatible home] has me nearly bamboozled. I have no emotional strength like these two women I live in such close quarters with. All I have is a somewhat vague “direction” or “path” into the Light . . . and where is that path at the moment? (Café song: k. d. lang singing “Constant Craving”)

You’ve lost your peace of mind. Let’s see if we can help restore it. The “constant craving” of the addictive mind keeps you unhappy. This started way back in your abusive childhood. To “fill this gap” requires great love for the child within you; great patience; the development of “parenting” skills—being a “good father,” which you missed out on learning about. . . . Let us, your Spirit, in your stillness and silences in Nature, begin to make up this lack; start to “infiltrate”/infill you with positive fathering; give you more courage to be in the world; more youthfulness and happiness—old, painful energies gone; more in present time. We know you will like it, not living in the past so much; opening to new ideas about everything, including your new home; more lightness. As we’ve said before, everyone wants to live more lightly, whether they can express this or not; with more smiles. (Café song: Neil Young, singing something like “Walk On”)

Thank you. That helps. I’m looking forward to my Theta healing session tomorrow with Dr. A.F.

Don’t quit, Neall, as we’ve said many times. Step forward now—don’t look back. You’ll like being peaceful. Learn to accept it as your normal state, to not being reactive or angry. You let go more of that this morning in your growling catharsis (a good one!). Now fill up with the peaceful presence of eternal Spirit, which loves you. . . . Courage, dear one. Take from us all you can stand of Heart Strength. No regrets then. Opening your heart is your purpose in life. There’s no other reason you’re here. . . . Comprenez, please, Mr. Neall, and strive to live from this every day. It’s called “being your own best friend.” Nothing better. . . . Getting filled up?

Yes. . . . And again I ask: “You’ll never go away?”

And again we reply: “We can’t go anywhere. We are everywhere.”

Thank you.

‘ welcome. We’re here to help. Always. In all ways. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

February 19, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, singing “Love Can Build A Bridge.”

I’m feeling more relaxed since my distance healing session with Dr. A.F. on Wednesday. I’m very glad I did it.

Healing is everywhere, and it’s good to encounter such a skilled practitioner. As you know, we are voting for whatever makes you feel better, and are with you one hundred percent. Keep affirming to be “in the right place at the right time with the right people and the right amount of money . . . et cetera,” as you are doing every day. You are lightening up, as you are noticing.

It is such a relief to feel lighter and happier, as I have been since that session. . . . As we’ve discussed before, it’s growing that keeps me happy.

Exactly. We couldn’t put it any better. This is the path: “Keep going, keep growing.” You’re getting unstuck—what you both wanted and needed. Don’t stop, Neall. . . . Vaya con Dios. Blessings. Your Higher Self.

February 24, 2010: Timmy Ho’s parking lot, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I feel awful today. Depressed. Addicted to being miserable again. Alone; abused; No answers once again. I could use help and guidance. What is it that I need to know today?

Trust, Neall. Trust that you are still loved; that there is a force for Good operating in the Universe, that you have contacted before and can contact again; that can guide you today. . . . You understand that it is this force that will heal your back, and nothing else. Let us help you, Neall, hold you in our embrace, with no hidden agenda, no axes to grind, no philosophy to “buy”. We are the forces of Love and Light, and we have great resources to bring to your situation.

I’m in acute and tremendous pain in my lower back. My life feels threatened. Please help me. The stress is out of this world.

We are with you, Neall, helping you to find your courage and the power to change your mind and to relax your mind. This power is always available to you.

There must be an answer, a way out. Is it time to leave Vancouver?

We say it is time to follow your happiness. . . . What makes you happy and peaceful? Brings you rest/relaxation? Puts a smile on your face? . . . Do that—no matter what anyone else thinks or does, or how they live. Do that. That’s the path.

Thank you. Will you continue to guide me?

You know we will. It’s our job, and we love what we do. It makes us happy. We love to sing and dance and to celebrate. Join us, please, in this way of life. . . . Trust, then happiness. . . . There is a force for Good. You can use it to change your life.

February 25, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Market Crossing Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as always.

I’m going after what I want: One to two years of “retreat” in a cabin / cottage / studio in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Leaving Vancouver. Getting the quiet and healing that I want and need. Stillness. Music. Creativity. Peace. Happiness.

Congratulations. You know we support anything / everything that makes you happy. Don’t stop, Neall. Growing is the way to feel alive and real. Just like J. loves you, we love you. Let that soak in. It means: You’re okay just the way you are. You can stop “bending yourself out of shape” to get others to like you. That’s a new style of life for sure. Less stress—right?

For sure. I like this way of life. I feel safer and more secure in the world these days. How can I best grow the capacity to give and receive love?

This is it. As Carl Jung said many years ago, speaking about the healing of “hopeless alcoholics”: All you can do is put yourself in a spiritual environment and hope for the best. . . . That’s what you are doing with this writing. Good for you to keep going with it: the Love Teaching; “going for the heart”; becoming a student again. . . . And why not? Youthful enthusiasm is valuable at any age. En-er-gy: no big deal. . . . Keep asking / praying for it, Neall. “Seek and ye shall find . . . ,” et cetera. There are answers . . . for everyone. This is a purposeful Universe.

Thank you. I am doing the best I know how to learn and grow; to feel deserving of love; to feel more courageous. The writer Anaïs Nin has said: “Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.” What a beautiful, succinct statement.

You got it, Pontiac! “Truth in a nutshell,” as it is said. Build your life on more and more Truth, Neall: a solid foundation of integrity. Then see where you can go. You will like it. You will laugh, and that laughter will heal you more than any assemblage of biblical commandments or books of religious proscriptions. . . . Comprenez, compañionero?

I do, I do. [Tears] Thank you.

You’re welcome. We’re here to help, as you know. We want to help, we are willing to help, and we know how to help. It’s our “life”; we are doing nothing else. We bring ourselves “100 percent” to the task. And so we are effective in helping people change their minds. Even “tough cases” like you, Neall. . . . You’re getting relaxed, so we’ll depart. . . . Vaya con Dios, student of love and thus happiness. Keep going, keep growing. You cannot fail. . . . You cannot fail. . . .

March 3, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Ironwood Plaza, Richmond, BC

Hello, Higher Self. Here I am once again at the Neil Young / Timmy Ho’s School of the Enjoyment of Life. I miss being called Neallerino and compañionero. Yet all I need to do is sit down and focus. . . . What is the most important thing to know about my health / healing / recovery today?

We are here, Neallerino, compañionero, and on and on—as many terms of endearment as you can handle. . . . Your energy is picking up, as you are realizing. You are making positive changes—good. Support group—good. Fresh air—good. Money ideas—good. You’re “in motion.”

I want your help and guidance with getting a new home, a new car, and my finances in better shape this month. How can I further each of these without going into struggle, or efforting? And stay balanced?

We say, go for the heart; trust your heart to get you there. Keep up the daily prayers: they’re having a good effect. All your disciplines are. . . . Your heart is the place we connect with you, for freedom from fear and worry: “smile on your face.” What more could you want? Happiness is contagious. No fear or worry—imagine that: a new kind of life: courageous—speaking the language of the heart. Neurosis gone. En-er-gy for life / of life. Truly Neall Young, living in the sunshine. Make sure you get enough today, attentive student Neall . . . Vaya con Dios. Love.

March 6, 2010: Dike Road, Fraser River South Arm, Richmond, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing I need to know for my health / healing / recovery today? I want to have more fun and have more freedom from fear and worry.

We want that for you too. We are on your side and are glad to help. TRUST that things are working out. We have never led you astray, as you know well. Every day, reach for that trust again, in your prayers. Remember to live one day at a time: Just for today, freedom from fear and worry. Just for today, reach for your heart; reconnect with your Inner Child; put a smile on your face. That’s all; that’s it: “Just for today.”

But I need to make plans; move; pay bills; arrange transportation, et cetera, et cetera . . .

You need to trust that things will work out. And come from heart happiness / courage to keep from getting upset over little things and keep in touch with the Big Picture through us, the Big Mind. From this perspective, everything looks different: less problematic; more manageable; more hopeful; more forgiving, less unforgiving . . . the sunshine you are seeking. . . . Forgive everyone, Neall. Don’t carry that useless baggage around one more day. Unburden yourself, as you do in your prayers and catharsis and daily walks. We will “meet you halfway,” as it is said. It is “no effort” for us. We love what we do—like your writing, Neall, and your photography. Keep thinking along the lines of “no effort.” That’s where happiness lies.

Thank you. I’m a bit more relaxed.

Whatever works is fine—we have no preference for how to get there. We are agents of healing, peace, joy, love and much else, doing our job—and it’s a good one—of helping to open hearts. Nothing more, nothing less. And we never quit. So you can connect with us again at any time. Please do, Neallerino, seeker, student, scribe—“Saturday at the river in the sunshine.” . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. Be well.

March 11, 2010: Subway Restaurant, 46th Avenue and Fraser Street, Vancouver

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, dear, dear Neall.

Thank you. Things are a bit confusing right now, though I am understanding more about being happy in each moment, and smiling more, and am glad to have my disciplines. Thank you for helping/guiding me with my material world—a newer car and a new home—and my trip to Union Bay on Thursday. I’m in less back pain since yesterday’s deep breathing in the night, and today I dreamed I was carrying a huge burden of (golden?) rocks in a backpack that was deforming my back with the weight of it. No happiness there, but at least I see my situation clearly.

Good. You are growing. That’s when you feel best, as you know. That smile is one thing we love to see. . . . Hold steady, dear Neall. Feel that dance move you tried out this morning—strength, “jump” in your legs, from your exercising them. Your upper body is improving too, with the daily exercises. . . . Keep declaring what you want, in every area of life. It cannot help but appear. Read more Dr. Wayne Dyer. He’s one of the best on changing one’s life. . . . The whole process, as you are learning, is to love more. That’s what will make you happy: “off the hook”, less guilty, more fun; more hope = brighter future. . . . We/you are an unbeatable combination in this: we are patient and compassionate, empowered and knowledgeable, and you are motivated to change/heal/grow and become happier. . . . Don’t quit, Neall, ever. Find a way “through to the new.” Accept that there is a way; you are just touching on it now. Much more is available, through the Power of Love. Laughter and freedom like the raucous sounds you are hearing from the two women running this restaurant. Liberation, Neall, and music to your laughter-starved ears and mind and heart and belly. Recall what we said about laughter the other day—how sacred it is; how scary is still is for you (see the connection: sacred/scared: very close). . . . There are many things we can present/talk about, Neall—we are unlimited. Take as much as you can handle; rest when you need to. Love yourself endlessly. You’re worth it. “Worth your weight in gold,” as it is said. . . . Keep in touch. Don’t forget to smile. Change is always possible—always. Because that is how this Universe is constructed: with care and with love. Just let it in, we say, that’s all . . . as much as you can. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. Your Higher Self.

March 12, 2010: Market Crossing Shopping Centre, Burnaby, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self. I want more peace, joy, laughter and confidence.

You’ve come to the right place—we’ve got lots. . . . Keep going, Neall—grieving to let go of pain and disempowerment; exercising to feel stronger; prayer and meditation and this writing to connect with stillness, happiness, relaxation and peace. . . . You’re starting over, looking around for new friends, new possibilities, more lightness and joy. This world is not as you thought, is it? It’s quite positive. Many people are enthusiastic and happy. You are exploring/wondering how to join them. You’ve been separate and alone a long time. As you continue working through your past, more of the real you will emerge. It is unlike anything you’ve ever known. You will have a smile on your face more often.

Thank you. . . . I want your help in successfully travelling to Union Bay on Thursday, also in creating my new home. This seems more than I can handle/receive/manage/visualize right now. What else can I do to manifest more of the Good Life, more confidently?

Stretch/exercise to feel more in your body/more grounded. Your depression support group connects you with others with whom you become real. Continue praying daily, finding inner peace. Radiate that outwards—others will want to be with you. . . . You are learning mastery of life—it’s quite a process/path. We will, of course, help you all the way. You know that about us. We are not separate from you. We are part of the Universe and also in you. Great plan, eh?

Indeed, it is a “grand plan”: the Universe hidden in each person’s heart, for the development of courage, freedom from fear and worry, connection with others, self-acceptance (big one) and happiness.

You’ve got it. The Big Secret is out: happiness is possible for everyone. So get your share. . . . You’re experiencing tiredness, so we’ll let you get some rest. . . . Remember we are with you always. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall, scribe, creating Hope by reconfiguring his heart.

March 19, 2010: Comox Valley Nursing Office, 10th Street, Courtenay, BC (awaiting an appointment with a men’s counsellor)

I wish to speak to my Higher Self. I am seeking an infusion of energy and peace of mind; more support for my new home; more courage.

We are here—available everywhere for help, indoors and out, alone or in company . . . help to clear your mind, encouragement for your situation, whatever it is at the moment.

What is the most important thing I need to know for my health/recovery/healing today?

We say rest and solitude, stretching, becoming still and open to new ideas. Yes, find a way to laugh, too, when things seem ridiculously difficult.

Am I in the right place right now . . . this office?

If you want love/self-love and support, you can get it here. If you want a new start, you can get known here, plant seeds. The important question is (as you have known before): What do you want? If you want to move forward in your vision (quest), then stay and have the appointment (a piece of framed artwork behind me on the wall is titled Vision Quest). . . . Know that you are loved, Neall—by us, by others. Let this sink in. . . . You are okay exactly as you are today: money/no money; confused/uncertain; finding your new path/reconnecting with your vision. . . . You are doing the best you know how. . . . Let this sink in too. . . . It can’t be any other way. . . . Connecting with us will be a help to you, as you have discovered in the past. Let us help you again today, as we are in these moments—as the counsellor you are about to see is available to help you. . . . People want to help. Part of where you’ve gotten off track is in thinking that no help is available, or that you are not living in a friendly Universe (a related idea) . . . so taking this time to reconnect with us is a good idea. We can help change your thinking. It’s “what we do”—our full-time job. We are “usefully employed,” as it is said, and can help anyone become the same. We encourage the happiness that comes from it. And you’re worth it, Neall. You deserve a good life—nourished by Spirit: guided, loved, aware, focused, connected, settled, communicative. . . . Claim your Good. . . . Claim being filled up and relaxed and feeling good (car problems or not). . . . Vaya con Dios, Neallerino. Carry on.

March 25, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, Neallerino.

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health/healing/recover, and my recent move to Courtenay?

Change, Neall. You’ve changed your place of living! You get to start again, get a new perspective, look at life in a new way. Keep on seeking your healing, as you are doing with groups, healers, and counsellors. Find/develop social groups that work for you. Develop your career, one day, one step, et cetera, at a time. Keep in touch with your Higher Self; then your heart is involved in your changes: compassion (and self-compassion) and courage—the Big Picture. We are happy to guide you in the Good Life—wherever you are. For we are everywhere, as you know. We can be the parents you never had, providing nourishment that may seem unfamiliar at first, but will help you feel happier and more secure, more peaceful and “filled up.” We’re getting you filled up, Neall. Don’t stop. . . . Vaya con Dios. Love and more love.

March 26, 2010: Mud Sharks Coffee Bar, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as always.

I am unhappy, depressed and uncertain about my future. Prospects don’t look good at the moment for a suitable home. I don’t know how to get the rest I need, the solitude. I thought by trusting my Higher Self, life would get better/easier.

We don’t do blame, Neall, we do love; connectedness; path; purpose; hope; possibility; renewal. . . . All of those are available through us; through the heart, through a changed mind. Let us help you change your mind today. . . . into peace, sufficiency, equanimity. We are always ready to help—always. In your darkest hour, we are there, ready to help. Right now, we are ready to help. We know how to do this. We have unlimited resources, that can reach your particular situation: “custom fit.” Your desire to feel better brings us together. We love to help; we are not unhappy. . . . Think of that . . . of being in such a state. Think of it more and more: not unhappy; at ease; communicative; living with Higher Self; with Love and Light, Intelligence and Purpose; with a smile; without fear; courageously.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

March 27, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, as always.

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health/healing/recovery tonight? It’s been quite a twenty-four hours.

Indeed it has. You are moving forward, learning to live in the Unknown, in uncertainty, in the present; to have patience and courage; to be yourself; to be resourceful, and to live in trust and gratitude. We are with you in this. Never forget this. We want to be with you, just as you want to be with us. Just as J. declared he wanted to be with you yesterday. This is your “new way of life.” Honour it, trust it; celebrate it when you can—you’re worth it; you deserve it: Totally Relying Upon Spirit’s Timing. Totally trusting in the Universe. Living in fearlessness and courage. What a life—alive, connected and purposeful. It’s what you’ve always wanted—and it’s available. Don’t hesitate; don’t stop growing this love affair; studying: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Rumi, recovery; standing on your own two feet; as you pray each day to be. . . . You are not alone. You are not alone. Believe this. Know this. Live this. . . . Love is available—in each moment. No more fear. How good is that, knowing your past experience? Declare it; pray for it; ask for it. It is real, it is good, and it will make you happy. . . . Forgive your parents, Neall; they did the best they could. They had their own unhappinesses to deal with. Let them go. Build your Good Life. It is available, as you are learning. It always has been, and it always will be. Thus there is Hope. Always. . . . Be the change you wish to see in the world. That’s how the world changes. . . . One day at a time. . . . Trust us, Neall. We will get you home. We have never let you down, and we never will. . . . Let that sink in, deeply. . . . You are “acceptable in the sight of God.” Nothing will ever change that. . . . Nothing can. That is the truth; it cannot be altered. . . . No matter what has happened to you, what your abusive past made you think, or what you previously thought or believed about God—reality is different from that. And reality is what you’re reaching for. Pray for it with every ounce of your being, and never stop, until you gain some momentum with it. We are with you in this, as we are interested in your development. No end of interest. . . . You are cared about, Neall. Take this with you as you leave tonight. . . . Enjoy your solitude.

March 27, 2010: McDonald’s Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing to know about my current situation and health/healing/recovery? How can I “cut myself some slack” today?

You’re catching on, Neall, that compassion is a valuable quality to nurture. When you stop beating yourself up, you see there’s more options to consider.

No kidding.

Acknowledge that you’ve made a shift, and are coming alive in ways you hadn’t know before. Give yourself all the time you need to adjust. . . . You could laugh about it, as you did yesterday—about your “ridiculous” goal of becoming a comedian.

That was a good moment. Too rare.

We’ll help you have more of them. It’s a school; we’ll help you learn. We have all the patience you want and need—and many other qualities. . . . As you know, “Change your thinking, change your life.” . . . Addiction recovery is a slow process. You are engaged in it—congratulations. Pat yourself on the back—often. Do whatever you need to do to relax. We know you like being relaxed . It’s a state of mind/body/spirit/emotion in balance—freedom from over-stress. Freedom: Big notion—freedom from the notion that anything can harm you today. That was in the past. Today, find your balance. Take your time in order to get what you need. That’s the path of those who follow (their) energy, like you. It’s what you would advise others. Take your own advice today and have a good day. . . Blessings, Neall . . . Vaya con Dios.

Good Friday, April 2, 2010: McDonald’s Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, in good spirits.

I want to feel better, happier, more able to connect with others, more whole within myself, more confident of my path.

These are all qualities that we can help with. As you know, we have unlimited resources and reach every aspect of life. . . . You have made a big move for your health and well-being [in coming to Courtenay], and your understanding of your path is growing. We salute you and we support you—endlessly—in a song of love. Keep tuning in. We offer hope in dark moments, upliftment at all times—the sweet sound of love to fill your ears and ease your mind. . . . Your disciplines are serving you well—meditation, exercise, plus good books, practising music, support group, healer Dr. A. F. Take time to acknowledge your “progress, not perfection.” . . . Try to live one day at a time, being present for each day. Talk to us about Love. Understand that this is what you are to develop. Love, as you know, replaces fear and worry; solves problems at many levels, including physical. You’ve gotten more about this from the Dr. Wayne Dyer book “Your Sacred Self”—a very complete book on the spiritual quest/journey. Don’t stop, Neallerino, ever. Don’t look back—forward now. Change is in the air, and it looks good on you. . . . Vaya con Dios, compañionero. Keep smiling.

April 7, 2010: Bean Around the World Coffee Shop, 4th Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I want help with the practical affairs of life—home, car, money in the bank, as well as guidance with my purpose and path, hope and happiness.

These things are all connected. As you experience yourself as “going somewhere” everything changes. Your energy improves and everything becomes less problematic and effortless. Meeting people is easier and, as you‘re learning, “who you know” is important to your success. Let it happen/unfold: new path [Neil Young on the café radio, singing “My, My, Hey, Hey”].

Thank you. I need to go now for my massage.

Self-care—good for you, Neallerino. Carry on. We are with you always.

April 7, 2010 (evening): Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

My health issues seem to be increasing: colon pain, exhaustion, thigh bone/muscle pains. What can I do to feel more hopeful today?

Think about love, study love, practise love—be love and be loved. Keep up your disciplines. Keep filling up with Love and Light. Keep asking for help—the help you want is available. We are doing everything we can to help you, and will continue to do so. So will the mentor J. B. You are loved, Neall (K. and M. and M.M.). Never forget this. Be grateful for it.

Tomorrow I will explore further the farm home rental situation I was called about today. I want this to be the “right place for me.” I want to settle down and be in a relaxing and safe and secure environment. Will you please keep guiding me to my home of “one year of retreat and seclusion”?

We will guide you, and as you open to love, you will get more and more of what you need and want. Our teaching goes on day and night; is always available. Continue to avail yourself of it. These are eternal and unlimited teachings, helping to change minds and hearts. Help yourself to them at any time. They never cease. They never will cease. Consider this now: Eternity—where healing occurs; eternity—available today, here at “Timmy Ho’s”—and everywhere and always. . . . You are a lightworker, Neall, preparing to give your light more fully. Peace, brother. . . . Vaya con Dios, your Higher Self. . . . “Go with God,” with all the courage you need. We are with you day and night, night and day, bringing cheer and hope, the way home—to your heart. Never forget your true home: “In You/With Us”: The Good Life at last.

May 7, 2010: Library Parking Lot, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s happening? I am very stressed. Scared how separate I feel, and alone. Disturbed. What can you tell me about my health/recovery at this moment? I want and need answers.

Hello, Neallerino. Remember, we are not separate from you, first of all. There is a great source of love that connects everything, including you, that is available to help you. Right now you feel very alone and separate, alienated, stressed. What if the answer lay within you, in your heart? In courage and fearlessness? In a future unlike your past? In happiness? The session with J. B. yesterday was intense. You saw your dreams coming true, with the support now of your “million-dollar man,” J.B. So you “extended” your relations in the house with the other men, and now the stress has arisen, and the fear along with it. And then the belief in the old God comes up, the old mental pictures of violence, and you are “finished,” so to speak. Let those pictures go, Neall. With your heart open you are never finished. We are eternal and only helpful, as your experience with us tells you. It’s “what we do.” Nothing else.

This house doesn’t work for me, does it?

You are not happy there, as you know. We are helping you to become happy. That’s the “job” we’re in. We want if for you, for everyone. . . . We are patient with our teaching. Eventually, everyone gets it. For the moment, we offer encouragement to develop your path—“a path of your own” (from your poem [“Unwakable Sleeping Infant”])—combining everything you already know to comprise it: creativity, music, healing, writing. Doing what you love. Being a lightworker—a happy person.

What can I do about a good home? I am deeply stuck. Short of money, too. Looks like no answers.

The answer is to be grateful for progress. For “the God of small things.” Gratitude for every little thing that is working, and for every person who acknowledges you, or helps you at this time; who has said positive things about you. Take the time. You are not alone in this world. That is the illusion that comes out of your stress condition, why it is important to rest; recharge; renew. Appreciate/be grateful for your success. Acknowledge your courage to “leave the past behind,” in moving here to Courtenay. We applaud you for it. Now, as a friend, we say, “Take it easy.” . . . “Keep us in mind,” as it is said. Love is the way, rather than aloneness. Connect (with us) as you did tonight. We are always available, as you know. . . . Vaya con Dios, friend. You are learning the lessons of life, of being alive—as the real you. Acknowledge yourself—pat on the back.

May 10, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing I need to know right now?

Hello, Mr. Neall/Neallerino. Thank you for connecting with us today. As you are aware, things are getting better for you—your first settled home in a year. . . . You’ve earned it; you’re more relaxed and “accessible.” . . . Your plan to live in retreat is a good one. As you know, more than an hour of “work” gets you stressed again. As you also know, we support anything that makes you happier and healthier and feeling like you’re “on course.” . . . You are learning to “stand on your own two feet” and we know you like that feeling, which is quite new for you. You are a “baby” at it. Stick with your plan to grow this baby—we’ll be with you. Stay with your disciplines—they give you energy. Stay with us—we help you grow your heart, your humanness; feelings of connectedness; the courage to change and grow. We know “in your heart” that that’s what you want. You are training your head to let go of its dominance of your life. Congratulations. You are on the great 14-inch journey.

Is there anything else I can know that would benefit my health/recovery/path at this time?

It’s always about love. About transforming fear and worry—getting bigger than your fears. And balance—becoming aware of imbalances before they become too pronounced; aware of stress developing before it gets out of control into imbalance. We wish you the best in this. We love watching you grow (up)—as no one did before. Convert your trust in us into a better life; into feeling good more of the time (instead of being miserable). It is possible, as you’re learning—wonderful student, Neallerino. . . . Don’t stop, Neall. “Love can build a bridge . . .”

Thank you.

You are loved, Neall. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self.

May 15, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, Neallerino, with love.

What’s the most important thing I need to know today about living fearlessly? It looks like my idea of solitary retreat is not going to manifest; rather I am going to grow through a few people and lots of “down time.” Is this your plan for me?

Dear Neall,
We hold you in our heart for your soul’s education. Just for today, acknowledge your progress: connections, courage, creativity and art, direction, purpose, self-correcting ability, manifested a home without government or agency help, quiet times like this morning, discount on healing-session fees with Dr. Adam, library computer to use, M. and K. peace regarding your possessions in Vancouver, recording sessions (six songs to date), G. friendship, your poem to be read in public, progress regarding your brothers/father from Lake Trail house, commitment from male counsellor not to abandon you (agreed he’s in it “for the long term”). BE GRATEFUL. . . . Meditate on love and light. Let us in. We won’t abandon you, either.

Regarding my health concerns of serious illness, two days ago I had an experience of Grace, in which I unexpectedly heard a comforting voice saying, “It’s your old reality that is dying.” Can you speak to this?

You are being guided into being a lightworker, into healing yourself. It is always about healing old attitudes and moving into love / positivity / health / courage / resilience / compassion / gratitude / energeticness / ability to connect with others / forgiveness, et cetera; about trusting that you are in the right place; living in present time; loving; becoming more mature. . . . Let it in, Neall—our love for you. No fear or worry—the Good Life. . . . It’s happening—to you / in you / through you. Don’t stop opening your heart, Neall. We are with you in your suffering, too. And in your tiredness, as now. . . . Be blessed, Neall. Be love and be loved—problems melt away; the sun shines again; your dream beckons; your vision gets polished lenses . . . All that you want comes true. Keep going for it, Neall, by stretching yourself; by being “in school”—surrendering to being a student again. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. You are not forgotten. . . . Your Higher Self.

May 18, 2010: My home, Sandpiper Drive, Courtenay (3:30 a.m.)

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I’ve lost touch with you. Where are you? How do I reconnect? I’ve got severe health issues with my prostate. I’m unable to relax. I’m asking for your help. I’ve been doing deep breathing exercises for an hour. There seems to be so much missing in my life. I’m all alone and scared about the health issues.

We hear you, Neall, as we always do. We are with you in everything, teaching you to operate like Barack Obama, from your Higher Self; nudging you into the Good Life. Teaching love and forgiveness, healing and courage; encouraging. Helping the heart to change, for that is where real change happens; freedom from fear happens—in all the wonderful qualities of the heart that you list in your prayers. Let it open now, dear brother, as a step in your healing this night. The aloneness and abandonment you experience are conditions to be healed. You have begun to heal them. We are part of this healing program and offer our fullest and complete support in having you be a “song and dance man from Venus”—a happy man. You are going through the negativity that stands in your way. . . .
. . . Beloved, gentle Neall [tears], let us be with you now, comfort you—what you don’t know much about yet. As you know, we abandon no one; we offer hope and strength, and infinite love that overcomes worry. Try it out, see if you like this reality. It is available to “seekers” like yourself.

How can I best heal this prostate issue?

By what you are doing: meeting healers, nutrition, rest, exercise—a change of attitude towards peacefulness. Yes, you are learning peacefulness: your vision, remember—peaceful and happy at 72. Peaceful with family of origin; with women; with men. Peaceful inside, Neall—able to sleep.

I accept all the help I can get with that.

We are here to help—anyone, anywhere, anytime; sleep, or any other issue. It’s our job, and we love it—our self-created position of helping humanity. Keep asking for it. “No end of help”—ever. . . . Eternal peace, if that’s what you want. Soul peace. (Hair peace—John Lennon).

I’ve lost all sense of humour, haven’t I?

Because you’ve lost your trust. Let us help you to trust again; to relax and be peaceful. That’s the way back.

Okay, I trust you. Guide me—please . . .

Love and Light, Neall; Love and Light; Love and Light—only thing you need to know. We are helping with it. Love and Light; total forgiveness; enjoy everything; one day at a time . . . et cetera. Accept being empowered, having friends, helpers, guides. You are worthy of those things; have earned them; deserve them; are not alone; can be energized and balanced. . . . We will always help you. Know that; believe that; accept it: Feeling good as a way of life. Feeling loved. Freedom from worry and fear. Wealthy. Connected. Compassionate. Able to sleep and rest. Peaceful. Healthy. Holy. Real. Happy. . . . That’s the program. . . . Please remember, we are not separate from you—we cannot be. And so we are always available, Neallerino. Please ask for help when you need it. We are glad to do so. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self.

May 24, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

This is too much suffering, too much pain. What’s the most important thing I need to know regarding my healing/health/recovery/sanity/peacefulness today?

Hello, Neallerino. Welcome to the “larger world.” We are with you in all your moods and states, helping you to feel welcome wherever you go, through the heart-centred life, through living with courage. . . . Continue your health program, Neall: physical/mental/spiritual, et cetera. It produces results. Continue believing in something besides the “God of Judgement,” through prayer and meditation; catharsis; believing in stillness; the still mind; the Tao—the Way; in synchronicity; in purpose; in happiness; in fun and play; laughter; in connection; in solitary holiness; in the full fridge and cupboard; in the power of affirmative prayer; in the life connected to sky and earth; in art and creativity; in music as the connecting thread of your life; in friendship; in constant change; the possibility of healing/the infinite world of healing/ the world of infinite possibilities; in the heart life. . . . Remember what you’ve understood before: Everything you’re looking for is in your heart—everything. . . . It’s the end of seeking, Neall; the end of the long journey; the end of tragedy (as in the stories in the newspaper you just picked up); victor rather than victim; freedom from fear and worry. Imagine that day, Neall, how that feels. That’s the expanded life you seek—expanded through courage: a quality of the heart. . . . Join us in this revolution (as in your short poem) . . . And we are always available to help you when you forget this. Any time. Any where. As long as it takes. We do nothing else, so we are, as it is said, “focused,” and can give a lot of attention (read love). Letting us in makes a difference in your situation, as it has today, on this [May 24] holiday/holy day. . . . Go with God, Neall. Vaya con Dios. Be blessed.

May 26, 2010: My home, Sandpiper Drive, Courtenay, BC [3:45 a.m.]

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, Neallerino.

This is a crisis: back spasms; fear of illness; feeling small and hopeless. I want this to change to hope, strength, empowerment, courage, support.

Know what is already changing, Neall: Your empowerment to manifest a good home; to create teachers/mentors like J.B. and J.C.; to live close to Nature; to have time off: freedom. Big steps in your journey to Love and Light. . . . Know you are loved, Neall, and cared about. Your cousins Pete and Anne want you to know that they love you, and are with you. This is what you are building, Neall: Love. Courage. Fearlessness. “A voice.” A capacity for stillness / witnessing / observation. The power to connect meaningfully with others and to “stand on your own two feet” (as in your prayers). To create out of your vision a world that is free from victimization. The ability to enjoy life on this planet. . . . Get all the help you need. Take time, as you are now, to fill up with love, to recharge. We are with you 100 percent / all the way. More and more you are able to accept this, Neall, to trust the Universe and those around you. This creates room for joy and laughter; conviviality. (We’ve said this before, we’ll say it again—no problem to repeat useful lessons).

I need to hear these words again, so I say: You are / will always be with me?

You’ve got it. Always with you. Uplifting humanity—our job: 24/7.

So how can I more effectively forgive my two older brothers?

By building your own self-esteem and courage, as you are doing; building your path of freedom / creativity / being useful on the planet. If you persevere, one day it will happen. You’ll feel empowered and joyful—and forgiving. You can “taste” this at moments now. That’s “the program” you are on / the school you are in. Remember: Don’t look back. We can always remind you. It requires no effort on our part; we have unlimited energy. We are “giving it away.” Keep receiving, Neall.

Thank you. I am grateful. And for my home. And for M.M., and my car continuing to perform well. Please help me to be able to receive more willingly; to feel less small in the world; more mature, capable, and abundant.

Letting go and letting God is an art form. Create / keep creating the reality you want / expanding your capabilities. We are always with you in this. Always. . . . Blessings on your journeys today. May you receive optimum healing assistance. . . .Vaya con Dios, Neallerino: friend / student / mature person. Love to you, and those you encounter today. [5:15 a.m.]

May 29, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, beloved Neall.

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health / healing / recovery today? It seems I will be moving again—much sooner than I expected. Is it true, as I heard my voices say, “Waterfront view is finished”?

The path of healing has many twists and turns. You are coming alive to a kind of life you haven’t experienced—though it is a life that you are building: your life. Recall how stagnant and stuck you felt for years . . . that is changing now. You are becoming empowered and alive. Being ready to change is the way to stay growing and alive. It is part of what you will have to teach: Change: change as healing; healing as change.

Thank you.

You are welcome. You deserve to receive help. You are learning to receive. It’s part of the Good Life. Claim your heart-centred Goodness now, Neall: no worries. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self.

May 30, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self: the Friend, the Beloved, the Comforter, the God of my own Heart, the God of Rumi.

We are here, Dear One.

Thank you that I heard in my mind today: “Put your faith in God, not in cars.” As you know, I can use help in this area.

Always glad to help, as you know. We love you and care about you, something you’re learning to experience. It reduces anxiety; you feel welcome in the world. Receive the love of your guides and friends on the Other Side. It is unconditional. You are accepted exactly as you are: insecurities and failures, successes and desires—all of it. That’s what love does, Neallerino. Everyone can stand more of it.

Thank you. . . . I am looking to increase my income, and am asking for help / new ideas / greater ability to receive / new connections.

Good first step, Neall, to know what you want. As you know, as your energy increases you are more likely to be “in the right place at the right time, et cetera,” as you pray. Meanwhile, get lots of rest. Unwind; avoid overstimulation; regain your balance. You’ll know what to do then. You’ll be “in the flow” again—growing your bliss in images and words. It’s available and possible, as you know. And we are with you in this. Don’t forget that. You are supported now. . . . Love and Light, Neall. Love and Light. Don’t look back.

June 5, 2010: My home, Sandpiper Drive, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak with my Higher Self: my Companion, my Beloved, my Friend.

We are here, Dear One, always willing to communicate.

What’s the most important thing for to know regarding my health / healing / recovery? I am alone too much, yet, as Rilke said—“I am alone too much, and not alone enough to make every moment holy.” . . . I’d like to have more fun and laughter.

We are with you, Neallerino, in developing every aspect of your Good Life, in “standing on your own two feet.” In having a holiday, as today in the sun; in finding humour—and love. The email from M.N. yesterday made you laugh . . . [tears suddenly flow as I think of my house-sitting client and how much she trusts me] . . . Yes, you see how big trust is for you. It makes all of life work better—flow. You see that this is what you want—this kind of connection. You are a trusted person with people’s possessions and loved ones / animals. Everything [you’ve done in personal growth] has developed that within you. You are becoming real: the diamond of reality: soul life. . . . Savour it, Neall. Grow it: here-and-now grounded presence. . . .

. . . Regarding healing, just know this one thing: Love heals. Love forgives (remember “where tragedy confronts eternity” [subtitle of the book The Shack]). Love transforms, and makes new. Be love and be loved. Be fearless then, and happy. Stillness (through meditation) gets you on the way, as the negative voices / energies take a rest / dissolve. “In the stillness, there I Am.” Be that: a step in becoming useful; in overcoming, period. Again, Neall, we say: “Don’t look back.” Grow your Good Life, one step at a time. Fear not, for we are with you—sometimes as your Inner Council of Power / Barack Obama. So you are no longer powerless—as you already know. Celebrate that: part of your Good Life. Grow your Deep Peace, Neall, which is like Trust in the Universe, in Universal Goodness, which is always available for everyone. It leads to Happiness—the heart-centred life. Go for it, Neall. You are not unique in this. Many have discovered its joys. “Welcome to the club,” we say. And again we say, “Welcome.” . . . Don’t stop, Neall. Good things happen to those who persevere. You are one of them. Keep going, keep growing. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self of Freedom. . . . So be it.

June 15, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, dear Neall.

Wow! Things are changing. I understand that I’ve overcome a lot of loneliness, and connected / am connecting meaningfully here in Courtenay. I’m not who I used to be. I’m no longer “condemned to being alone.” I’m finding the courage to move forward; and the right kind of help. Thank you. I am grateful for your guidance. I want your help now with finances, and with getting the rest of my things safely and enjoyably to Courtenay. Thank you that these things are easy.

We are glad to help, Neall. To help you grow your faith and your happiness, health and purpose, your connections. You are demonstrating perseverance, a necessary quality to developing anything worthwhile. Continue to pray for / build your faith around income. Continue getting all the rest you need; getting your walks and doing affirmations. . . . Love is a powerful instrument for growth. It dissolves problems; lubricates social life; lifts your spirits: people want to be around you. You see how you can be more social now, Neall. You have earned it.

Thank you. I want your help as well in having a good summer—truly enjoying the long days and the warm sunshine; letting go of fear and worry even more; to fully develop a “sunshine mind”—peace and happiness.

You’re talking to the right people, Neall. Peace and happiness are our specialties. Continue to pray / affirm / meditate / ask for them: asking to be filled with Love and Light, to be useful on the planet, to be healthy. We are in this with you. You are not alone. That in itself makes this journey worthwhile. Con-nec-tion: everything comes from that. . . . Read good books. Get inspiration. Sing (as today). Have fun (ping-pong?). Pray / affirm / have Nature time—your life, Neall: welcome to it. We welcome you into the circle of lightworkers / spiritual seekers. . . . Never quit, Neall. That’s the way to succeed, and you are succeeding by learning this. . . . Your environment is busy tonight, so we’ll sign off. Be blessed, Neallerino. We are with you. We don’t abandon anyone. You can grow with us, and get the kind of life you want. Keep going for it. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self.

June 19, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self. I want to grow in Love. I want to heal my life.

We are here, Dear One, ready to give at many levels.

Thank you. What’s the most important thing for me to know about my healing journey tonight?

T.R.U.S.T. (Totally Rely On Spirit’s Timing). Develop it: trust; self-confidence; inner strength; hope; purpose / path; connection. . . . Pray / affirm it, as you are doing; meditate; ask for help; exercise; let go and let God. . . . Remember: You are not alone; never have been; cannot be. We are always here. That’s the truth. . . . Courage, Dear One—for the expanded life. Everything you want is in the heart—including courage. That’s what we teach; the essence of what there is to learn. Accepting that you are in school is a big step. Keep remembering it—keeps you youthful. And your recent grieving session is helping with your empowerment. So progress is occurring: heart-and-soul progress; becoming-human progress. . . . Don’t stop, Neall. Keep going / growing. That’s the way to live; the way to become happy. . . . Accept your need / want / desire to grow. Therein lies your liberation: the cause for celebration . . . “Love can build a bridge.” . . . Keep singing, Neallerino—we sing with you. And we never quit, because we are eternal. . . . Empowerment, courage—they’re available for those who want them. Good news indeed, friend.

Thank you. I am grateful. Thank you.

You are welcome! . . . Higher Self—always available . . . with Love, in Light. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall.

June 22, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, Dear One.

Dear Higher Self: I open up a bit more to life and then my body seizes up in fear / torment / torture. I was having a good day, imagining myself as a minister, then this frozenness and pain. What’s the way out of this cycle, onto a smoother path of growth?

We salute your discipline, Neall: your one-day-at-a-time; this writing; plus prayers and meditations. Continue to receive our love and good wishes in every way you can; our en-courage-ment for your opening from a bud; your flowering; your being in the right place at the right time, et cetera. It is what will make / makes the difference. . . . Be grateful for everything and everyone, Neall, as you are doing. Expand it: think deeply: include everyone. Forgiveness too—until your past is gone. Then freedom arrives, and en-er-gy. Blossoming—it’s what you want, isn’t it?

Yes, yes, and yes.

Vaya con Dios, Neallerino: friend, companion, beloved. . . . Your Higher Self. . . . Be blessed.

June 26, 2010: My home, Sandpiper Drive, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health / healing / recovery? I feel I am “wasting too much time.” Yet I need and want rest—I am being overstimulated. How best to clarify my purpose / path / sense of direction?

Hello, Mr. Neall. Thank you for connecting with your Higher Self today. As you know, we have access to unlimited knowledge and will do our best to enlighten and uplift you, and show you that you are not alone in the world, that you are worthy of a true career, and more friendships, and of “getting well”; that your struggles are worth engaging in, and that happiness and peace are worthy goals—ones that we fully support. . . . Again we say, “Don’t look back.” The “reference points” you seek in Courtenay are in the future. Do whatever it takes to relax, feel good, and be able to visualize that future. Know that you are worthy of it. Find the support you need to change and grow and enjoy your life. That’s almost the whole story there.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. . . . You are learning to receive as a normal part of life. Let that grow. We are always glad to give. And we are always available. These are notions you’re learning to accept, and we support you in accepting more of everything—especially a belief in your path, in yourself; in fearlessness as a way of life; in courage; in being ‘in school’—lifelong learning as a path of joy; in your disciplines, like this one. Again we say, “Don’t stop, Neall.” The answers will come / are coming. You are developing a way of life that works for you—beyond anything you’ve known. So your meditation / prayer / solitary times help you integrate the newness / grow your wholeness / holiness. Claim the holiness in your photos, too (and poetry)—part of your way of life; part of your happiness. That’s the goal—happiness (and peace) (and sufficiency). It’s all okay for you to have / do / be (“do-be-do-be-do”: old joke you know)—to be balanced among these. You’re okay, Neall. The long drought is over. We have heard your call.

I’m still having a problem relaxing. But I feel tired, will continue later. Thank you.

Vaya con Dios, Neallerino. Tomorrow is another day.

July 1, 2010: A & W Restaurant, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

Life is difficult—too much stress and pain. As I discovered talking to a counsellor on Monday: I want “my fair share of human happiness.” The question is: How to get it? I’m feeling pretty discouraged.

Yes . . . as you just thought: “We are in you.” Your Higher Self writings are not from somewhere separate, but from you. All the wisdom, compassion, humour, love in them are you, Neall. You have changed in the past few years—to incorporate more of these qualities. You have access to unlimited energy and wisdom and healing. Keep asking for it. For new ideas, music, love, light, upliftment. We will do our job to provide it; to help you change your mind. For that is the task to undertake: ‘reinforcing’ the journey you are already on. . . . Change is always available, as you know, and accessible to those who apply themselves to spiritual seeking. Keep asking for Love and Light. We’ll be there—in companionship, in friendship, in accessibility, in compassion, in love, in freedom from judgmentalness, no agenda no abandonment—eternally . . . eternally helpful, at every moment. . . . Let that in, Neallerino. Absorb that, on your walk home, free from fear and worry. . . .

July 6, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, Mr. Neall.

I’ve had an awesome day of good and safe travel—guided by jet streams morning and evening; progress in home relationship.

You asked for help and you got it. As you know, we are always available. Don’t stop, Neall, in seeking to understand and integrate how the universe works, how healing occurs / change happens / how to live the Good Life. We repeat: The ability to receive is growing in you—good for you. . . . We are glad to be the companion you are seeking for this summer evening; thank you for “keeping us in mind.” You will get everything you need and want: filled up; happy.

Thank you. Life with you is pretty amazing. The long walk yesterday, seeing the beauty of the earth in the field of tall grass in early morning light; help with the turmoil overnight; release from pain this afternoon; confidence in home relationship. Thank you for continuing to help with good food choices, better and more restful sleep, automotive repairs, clarity on purpose / path.

Keep affirming what you want, Neall. When you believe it, you’ll see it. You already know that, as you are a diligent student of manifestation and metaphysics. We are amazing, as is life: Always ready for change (spare change, too).

OK, I’m ready to smile. It’s been awhile.

Laughter, humour, amusement, wit—wonderful parts of life. Get yours today. Live in trust and safety—and watch how your sense of humour grows. It’s a part of life to grow into—lots of room in your mind for expansion, Neall. We’ll be there with you. Don’t forget that. Keep remembering there is a way to become happy—with us. Just ‘let go and let God’ (not always easy, but possible.). . . . Vaya con Dios, Neallerino. Keep going, keep growing. Pleasant journey home.

July 13, 2010, 5:15 a.m.: My home, Sandpiper Drive, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What fresh hell is this? I’m asking for help. I take it this is more of “the museum”—the past—coming up to be healed? More “emerging from the sleep of centuries” (a voice I heard in my mind while doing yoga recently)?

You’ve got it. We are offering all possible help here. Love and Light. Stay with things, Neall.

I don’t know what’s real right now. I feel like I’m losing another home. I’m exhausted and stressed beyond belief. How have I done this to myself again?

We offer the Way of the Heart—the Peaceful Heart. We want you to be peaceful. And happy. And healthy. And “on course.” We are doing our best to reach you with our message. We have reached you many times before, so we think we can do so again. We are the voice of your Higher Self, with access to unlimited resources and eternal energies—the Big Picture. We are patient and compassionate and confident and heartfelt and custom-designed for your soul needs—the best therapists you can find anywhere. We are ready to help you. . . . That’s right—you are exhausted. Time to recharge from your new place of awareness / into your new place of awareness. Do only what makes you feel better: stretching, walking, listening to music, reading, singing, watching DVDs, sightseeing, writing, talking to us, meditation / stillness. Let them fill you up (plus healer Dr. Adam). Getting filled up is what you’re looking for. A human filling station. . . . Bless you for your courage to move to Courtenay, to get a new start—part of leaving the past behind. Still more to go, and we are with you in it—all the way: until you are in your career and happy and healthy (and holy, of course). Then we will celebrate together. Indeed, we will. Just thinking of it lifts your spirits—a party! . . . Keep going, keep growing, Neall. Ask for help. You’ll get it. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self, Tuesday edition.

July 15, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health / healing / recovery right now? There’s a lot of change going on, I sense.

Hello, Mr. Neall. Greetings from your Higher Self—source of light, freedom, love and fearlessness and much else. That’s right, Neall, we live without fear. . . . Hard for you to imagine sometimes, but we do; and also, as you just saw in your mind’s eye, we know everything there is to know about happiness—thus we can help fill you up, and be teachers to you, helping you move into the light of human happiness, of enlightened living.

Thank you. That’s what I want: more love, peace, joy, connection, creativity, smiles, good health, a positive future, feeling good about myself, self-esteem, laughter, a good home, a career path.

And we want that for you, and are willing to help, and will help. Just keep letting us in; making us a priority. You are getting some hints about joy these days—joy and empowerment; joy of empowerment. Keep growing these, just like a garden—love it, nurture it. “Feel it out,” as you do in such things; try out things, see what works. Keep learning the language of happiness. Why not? What else would you want to do? . . . Emerging from the past into a brighter future is possible; it has been done. You can do it too: with perseverance, discipline, study, courage, intuition.

What about my home? So much stress. I really want and need to live alone, in retreat.

Look at all the feedback you’re getting on your personality, your style of operating. You couldn’t buy such a course if you tried. Take holidays, as you just did (congratulations: you created a campfire setting with a forty-mile view of the BC coastline). Use your support systems to grow. You are becoming known and loved. That’s what you want, isn’t it?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

Okay, lightworker, you’ve got it. . . .

Male friendship—big lack in my life. It’s always been tricky for me. How can I change that, other than the forgiveness work I am doing on my father and brothers and uncles?

Keep coming out of the past, as you are doing. That’s where these problems lie. . . . Learn to stop judging people—they’re not judging you. That’s one reason they’re happier and more connected. Big lesson, Neallerino. Take it a step at a time. Keep reading your books for new ideas {Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer currently]. We are with you—eternally. Again: no abandonment, no hidden agenda—the straight goods, straight from the heart / straight to the heart—“the best place on earth—or anywhere else.” Making it a priority changes you—forever. (You just witnessed a heart encounter between the two senior ladies at the next table.)

Thank you. Thank you for everything you are teaching me. I’m willing to learn. My darkness isn’t easy to look at.

No one’s is. But better to look at it now than later. We salute you, Neall. It takes courage to change. . . . This is like our “old days” together in Vancouver. You’re getting filled up, and you know it. You feel good; “life is good” again. So we’ll depart. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. Keep asking; we’ll keep answering. That’s the game, and, as you know, it’s a good one. . . . Until next time: Sayonara.

July 20, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, Neallerino.

Thank you. I could use an infusion of joy, humour, courage and more energy.

All right. You’ve gotten things started with your growling session in the car. You’re getting stronger, Neall. Again we say, don’t quit. Don’t quit learning to be love and be loved. It’s the best place to live. Don’t quit learning about Spirit, which is everywhere; learning from movies like Peaceful Warrior [on DVD last night]; learning how to fill yourself up; how to provide for yourself; how to live well; how to smile and laugh and be happier; how to feel more connected; how to love yourself more often; how to stay on your path to enjoy the journey—knowing the destination; how to let go and let God. . . . So—lots to learn, keeps you busy—and in touch with us, your Guides. We are glad to help you. We are teachers of Love and Light, serving / helping to uplift humanity—which includes you; seeking to develop relationships of trust and courage. We do this 24 / 7, all over the planet. Do your best to receive us and your life will improve. We teach through humour as well—whatever works, so that you feel good; empowered; innocent—free of guilt and shame. . . . Even you, Neall. We’ll help you with this as well. We are the best therapists, most knowledgeable.

Thank you. I want help in these areas. Especially with my counsellor on vacation for three weeks.

We never need vacations, and are ready to give at all times. Growth is possible through us at this time.

Thank you. I accept your help. I want to feel good, energized, empowered, et cetera—and free.

We’re your team. Stick with us. You can’t do better anywhere—and we do mean anywhere.

Okay, you’re my team. Let’s play ball. I’m asking for: (1) help while I’m sleeping, and with my sleeping; (2) guidance in health; (3) guidance in making more connections with others; (4) a peaceful home; (5) guidance in recharging my personal batteries; (6) help with car repairs—solving wheel bearing / brake problems this week; (7) new sources of income, especially for high-powered nutrition; (8) peace of mind / healthy nervous system; (9) clearer sense of purpose / direction of growth; (10) holiday time. . . . That’s my list.

We have received it. Thank you for speaking up. Your prayers have been heard. Keep finding your courage. Keep up your studies. School agrees with you.

It does indeed. I feel youthful quite often.

There’s more to come. More empowerment; more courage; more energy; more integration; more of everything. . . . Keep growing, Neall. It looks good on you. Worthiness and deservingness are attainable “where tragedy confronts eternity.” We are eternal, Neall, and not bound by the strictures you know in day-to-day life. We are unlimited in our scope, and can always help. There’s the good news you’ve been waiting to hear tonight. We can always help—always. Believe it; know it; live it—it will change your life. It cannot help but do so. . . . We are here to help—period. We know our job. We are always available. We are invisible. We can go anywhere / everywhere. We are caring. Nothing can stop us. We live in your heart. We are like the father / mother you never had. As the Inner Child, we are playful and energized. We can fill you up; answer every question, without anger, resentment, upset, sarcasm, cynicism, et cetera. As we’ve said—we know our job; we are good at it; we cannot fail. Yes—quite a package. All the “tools” to get even you unstuck, Neall—think of that. We’d have to be good, wouldn’t we?

You would indeed. Thank you for that. My “problems” of the evening are dissolving. That was what I wanted. I’m getting what I want, so I’m happier.

That’s the program, Neall. Be ready for it. You have nothing to lose but suffering (as you know). Thank you for hearing us. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall—student, seeker, scribe, artist, receiver.

July 27, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

I realized I could have more fun by talking / communicating with you tonight, so why not do it?

We fully support your joy, lightness and ease. You’re learning to deserve it; letting go of old ideas that haven’t worked. Lightness = Light. We are teachers of Love and Light, and we are glad to help. We do nothing else, so we bring a lot of focus to the task. And great skill. And unlimited energy. And a source of new ideas / knowledge. And friendship. And companionship. And freedom from fear and worry. . . . Everything for the Good Life—and always available. Never be abandoned again, Neall. Be safe, secure, supported. Learning and growing is the way to be happy, Neall. You’re on the right track. Vaya con Dios. Your constant companion.

July 31, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, indeed.

Thank you for all your guidance and upliftment over the years. I appreciate it. Rereading these pages tonight, back to June 26, 2010, reminds me how valuable it is to have you in my life—my “mentor of love” who came to me on the beach the other day in my inability to relax over my housemate situation and said, “Love is the only way, Neall.” This is exactly the kind of guidance and nurturance I want and need: to be uplifted in just this way when things look difficult. Thank you again.

You are welcome, Mr. Neall, indeed you are. As we’ve said before, “We are glad to help; it is no effort for us and you owe us nothing. Keep accepting the Good Life. Get used to it till you consider it normal. . . . You want to grow—we want to help. A good combination.

That’s what I want: partnerships that work / interesting relationships; a context of growth; safety, security, and support in becoming stronger, in having more courage in day-to-day affairs—and clarity, in order to see what’s really going on and know how to respond appropriately.

Keep asking, Neall. We are glad to have these kinds of relationships. We teach happiness, and connectedness is part of that, as you know, as are wisdom and confidence.

What would be a good way to build confidence and self-esteem at this time? And health?

One thing is what you just did this moment with your energy system—you strengthened your “grounding connection” [by visualizing a golden beam of light from the base of my spine to the centre of the earth]. It’s a good start. When you are effectively grounded, you have more confidence; everything goes easier as you are not so affected by others’ energies.

Thank you. I also get confidence from reading Stuart Wilde’s writing on his Internet website.

Good. He is a lightworker par excellence, and “on your wavelength.”


The best way to build self-esteem is by opening your heart (in “self-affinity”).When you like yourself and come at life with courage, situations and people won’t bother you. People will want to be around you. You’ll be a magnet.

Thank you. In my mind right now I’m singing “Love Can Build A Bridge” which means to me that I’m experiencing your close company, and that my mind has changed out of a problematic state once again.

You’re filling up at the “human filling station”; accepting the Good Life. Congratulations on finding a way again—by putting yourself in a spiritual environment.

I accept; I accept; I accept—freedom from fear and worry; self-esteem; courage; connection; hopefulness; peace. Thank you.

You are welcome. . . . Vaya con Dios, Neall. Go with our blessings—as always.

August 2, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I’d like to speak to my Higher Self—part of me.

We are here. Good opener.

Okay, I’ve done it again. Gotten involved in someone else’s business (housemate / homeowner’s long fussing around choosing paint for the back deck), and now I’m in back pain and emotionally exhausted. How do I escape this cycle, and live my own life, with clear energy?

Good question. First, recognize what’s happening, that you are being “drawn in.” Realize that when people ask questions of you, you feel compelled to answer them (because you are a good channeller and want to help). Know that, in your current state of awareness / energetics, you want to get involved in hardly anything. So you could have said, “I don’t want to get involved. I’m fully occupied with my own affairs” (as you almost did). And, as you realize now, say, “Do what will bring you years of pleasure—as my yellow car wheels give me pleasure. . . . And that’s my final word on the subject.” And then walk away.

Yes, that’s good. I like the “and that’s my final word on the subject”—protecting / husbanding / saving my energy through being assertive.

Yes, yes and yes—new way of life for Neallerino. You’re growing into it. Have to forgive yourself lots. Be patient. Love yourself—and remember: We are with you now. We can help you regroup at any time. We want you to be happy, and we are glad to help with any problem state—anywhere, any time.

Thank you. I accept your help and guidance. I want to be stronger, healthier, happier, and have more income.

It’s coming, Neall. Stick with the program. We’ll get you there. You’ll see it when you believe it.

I know. . . . Can you tell me anything about the effects the whey protein supplement Immunocal is having on my health? It seems quite positive—real change / improvement.

You got it. Like the book The Shack but in the body: new life and understanding; growth; healthy mind / body; standing taller; lots of hope. Go with it, Neall. It’s working for you. . . . Enjoy your walk home. . . . Vaya con Dios. Your Higher Self.

August 12, 2010: My home, Sandpiper Drive, Courtenay, BC

Hello, I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health / healing / recovery today? I’m quite stressed.

Hello, Mr. Neall. Be kind, loving and compassionate towards yourself today. Be gentle. Ask for guidance. We are always near you. We can’t go anywhere. You have a good friend in D. (relaxation group facilitator). Celebrate that achievement—all your achievements in Courtenay. You have moved! (in more ways than one. This quality of friendship is what makes life real and rich. Nurture it and “look forward to life,” to seeing such people again, to being connected.

Thank you. Will you please guide me into “having a holiday”—getting away for a few days—car, income, ideas?

We are on your side, Neall, for fun, laughter, play—all aspects of the Good Life, of the Resurrection, in you. It can happen every / any moment, as you just read (Science of Mind daily readings). Spirit is always available; help is always available. You live in a helpful universe—as you affirm on your daily walks. The stronger your belief in it, the stronger the result. Believe, believe, believe. It’s about “letting go and letting God.” We help you naturally, out of who we are: helpers, helping to uplift humanity. It’s our job—our effortless job. We love what we do—like you with music or photography: a natural expression of your essence. Keep developing these qualities,, Neall. That’s the Good Life you are seeking; the Happy Life. Like your idea to record your piano compositions at S.’s home. What more would you want than such pleasant activities? Enlightened, empowered, engaged, “useful.” That’s the way: the artist, the creator. Enlightened living: going where you want, when you want—as you also affirm daily; healthy living. We are with you in this always, Neall, just as we are this moment. “No worries, mate.” Keep “unwinding” from your editing projects. You’ll feel better as you do. . . . Vaya con Dios, brother, fellow seeker, artist, man of peace. Keep standing tall.

Thank you. Good night.

August 19, 2010: Quality Foods Cafeteria, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, Neallerino, beloved of God, who wants to relax and become happier.

Thank you for that salutation. It feels good to be seen; to be recognized. I am deeply seeking to become both happier and free. . . . What is the best way for me to unwind from this book project? I don’t want this much stress any more. I want to see my path as a healer more clearly. But I guess seeing my future in Australia, and simultaneously freedom from fear of death at the end of my life, as happened as I sat by Millard Creek this morning [“one more kick at the can in Australia”] is a big step in that direction. Thank you (a lot) for that “insight”; I am grateful. No fear of death / nothing to fear in death / my life complete—wow!

You are a seeker, Neall, and reaping the benefits of such a path. You’ve proclaimed a helpful universe [in daily affirmations], and it’s responding in kind. That’s always the way.

What about reducing my stress level right now?

You’re doing the right thing with this “time out” at this restaurant, for a start, and contacting your Higher Self / spending time with your Higher Self. It is “time well spent,” as they say. We will help change your mind, and your body will respond. Love is a great healer, as are compassion and forgiveness. Let us help you “lighten up” today.

Please do. I’m ready to “spend the time.” I know the alternative well.

Love can build a bridge . . .” That means, get into your heart and out of your head. Remember: Everything you want is in your heart—it’s the Good Life. Here and now. Let us in, Neall, if you want something different than what you have now—this painful level of stress. We don’t judge you; we’ll never abandon you; we accept you exactly as you are: faults, failures, hopes and dreams. We will never hurt you or betray you. We will be the most loyal and trustworthy friend(s) you could imagine. And right now you could use a friend like us. And we are knocking at the door. . . . Forgive EVERYONE, Neall. Blaming others does nothing for your health / peace of mind. They are all doing their best. There’s nowhere to look but in your own mind and heart for the source of the problem. And we can help you change both.

Please continue.

Your childhood has severely cramped your life (as you know). Healing such wounds takes time, a lot of patience, the right environment(s), money / income, supportive people to replace the people who wounded you, disciplines to keep you focused and on track, interesting hobbies / diversions, and a sense of humour [Café song: “I Just Called to Say I Love You”—Stevie Wonder]. You are doing well in your recovery. As you see, you are doing all of these things. . . . Now you’ve overworked. Time to stop and recharge. We will help [Café song: “The Greatest Love”—Whitney Huston]. As you know, we are here to help: nothing else. And we get joy from helping. We are your holiday / holy day. All you have to do is schedule holiday time. And since we can always “create results,” as it is said, we are good people to spend holidays with. You do comprenez, don’t you? [Café song: “Wind Beneath My Wings”—Bette Midler]

Yes, I do. I want to feel better “real soon now.” I want to trust someone / trust you. I want so much to open my heart; to become more real; happier; more connected; more musical: “song and dance man from Venus”—to believe in him; make him real—the energized, happy man.

Knowing what you want is paramount. Keep affirming / praying on it; believing in it. Be fearless in pursuing it. We are with you in this—remember? You are not alone. Repeat. Repeat. Keep repeating “I am not alone” till you’ve arrived home. [The restaurant is closing; I have a thirty-minute walk home.]

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

August 31, 2010: Quality Foods Café, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are with you, Neall.

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health / healing / recovery / income today? . . . Thank you, by the way, for all your guidance over the years. I am grateful to know you; to be having this relationship. I understand it can go on forever.

You are learning, dear Neall, to live a different kind of life: to live from your heart. It is, indeed, the Good Life: relatedness rather than aloneness; courage rather than fear and insecurity. We are glad to help with whatever can bring about the Good Life for you. It’s all we do or wish for you, or anyone: happiness; freedom from fear and worry.

What would be the best thing for my health today? I’m having trouble balancing moving forward—in art and writing and music—with preventing overstimulation and its accompanying pain.

Remember “one day at a time.” You’re not ready for “big leaps” right now. Sing. Do yoga. Do photography. Write. Meditate. Celebrate your recent proofreading / book consulting successes. Live the Good Life. Expand your friendships / relatedness. Spend time in Nature. Listen to music. Appreciate your lifestyle—what you’ve dreamed of: no longer a “work horse”: enough time; enough money. You’ve gotten the basics down. All there is to do now is to expand them; to grow a (meaningful) life. So keep going and keep growing. . . . You will always have our love and support, as in moments like these. We encourage growth, and you want to grow, so things can happen. And they are happening. . . .Vaya con Dios, our friend and student. Don’t stop, ever. Learning is eternal.

September 6, 2010: My car, Royston waterfront, south of Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

Thank you for guiding me. I am grateful. I see / know now that you know what happiness is, and thus can teach me about it. I’ve been watching www.swamiji.tv (Swami Maheshwarananda) and he is, by all indications, a happy man—one of the few I have met; a truly spiritual man. I am willing to learn, though it is challenging to my old reality. What could I do to be happier today?

We see and hear you, Mr. Neall. You are finding your courage to “take another step in your own enlightened self-interest”—as you wish to teach. We will be with you (as we always are), helping you to feel strong. Please do whatever you find will relax you today. Listen to music (Cecilia Bartoli DVD you have from the library, for example). Soak up all the “good vibrations” you can. Restore your balance. Keep praying for your “highest and best good” to manifest for you—and for all those around you: Patti, Margaret, Jonathan and Masako, and your friends in Vancouver. You know how to do this, and are being effective with it. Remember Love and Light—like the light in your rose photographs. [insert them here?] Remember—you are doing the best you know how to live the Good Life. Forgive yourself, let go and let God, and step forth yet again—like in that Confucius saying you like [“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall.”] You’re getting a real-life education. Don’t resist: persist. Remember: We are with you. We cannot be separated from you, ever. Believe it. Be it. Just like Barack Obama: bringing light into the world; empowered to help humanity.

Thank you. . . . I want your help around my upcoming dental work: courage and financial help. I’m “working” (praying) to celebrate You as my source, as the source of all Good, including sufficient finances for all my needs, for a relaxed, balanced, happy life. I want to be able to receive more; to let God in more—in every aspect: more love, more health, more smiles and laughter, more ease, more flow.

God is all that and more. God is eternity, and unlimited resources: wisdom / knowledge / compassion / peacefulness / strength / connectedness / humour—though you’re challenged with that today.

I’ve lost my balance. It seems more essential than ever to find a place to live in solitude, so I’m not overstimulated and drained from conversation with my housemate, and then go into these painful “slumps” and have to spend several days recharging. This is a pretty dysfunctional way to live. Would you agree?

We say love. Or Eat, Pray, Love—even better [I saw the movie last week]. Forgive yourself every day—every moment: “Ho opono pono [Hawaiian]: I forgive you, I love you, I thank you.” Find compassion; find humour; you’ve found beauty—with your camera. And don’t look back—only forward. Proclaim peace, live peace, give peace. It changes the world (and you) for the better. . . . Remember, we are always with you. That is worth remembering, wouldn’t you agree?

I do. Worth celebrating, too. . . . Thank you. I want to be in a celebratory mood soon, and I accept your help with this. May God prevail, may Good prevail, may Peace prevail—everywhere.

So be it, always. . . . Never quit (persevere), Neall . . . Vaya con Dios. Always.

September 8, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self. I want to relax and find more peace today—and more hope.

Hello, Mr. Neall. Here we are, together again at the Tim Horton’s School of the Enjoyment of Life. All we do is teach, so we are ready at all times.

So, to sum up:
  • You will never go away;
  • You are part of me;
  • Life doesn’t have to be serious;
  • When I’m unhappy I should do whatever it is that will make me feel better;
  • Never quit; persevere;
  • Keep praying;
  • Keep studying;
  • Think well of people.

Remember, you have survived and become a recognized editor / proofreader / book consultant, in the process earning thousands of dollars—through your own efforts. Time to acknowledge yourself, Neall. You are not “totally adrift”; rather “loosely connected,” we would say—a seeker of freedom and personal expression and peace and good health / happiness. Acknowledge your house-sitting connection in Union Bay as well, with whom you will be earning $600 soon. You have “worked” for that success, on many levels. You have “earned her trust.” Acknowledge that—and your two animal friends there. Also acknowledge “doing your best” with your new housemate: “joining the world” to live in a nicely furnished home, where you’ve grown as a person—seen yourself more clearly than ever before, in this relationship. You’ve become stronger / seen your limitations / personal truths in a world made up mostly of extraverts.

This is good. . . . So, when I’m confused or disoriented, the best thing is to stop and acknowledge all the good things that are happening?

Yes, including your (free) weekly connection with your mentor / counsellor / spiritual friend, and a connection to an auto mechanic who lets you stagger payments on your car repairs. You’ve also made a writing connection, and are gaining energy through your health learning. Your numerology has become positive after the problematic month of August; you’ve remembered that you feel better taking the herb rhodiola (arctic root), and can buy it at two-thirds the price of Vancouver. . . . You are coming out of the past (even your TV watching is helping you [feeling the beauty of Djokovich’s passion for the game of tennis brought tears to my eyes] and into the present, where you can make empowered choices about your future, and gain the needed support.

Thank you. I am grateful for this “counselling” session.

That’s compassion that we have demonstrated, Mr. Neall. Compassion is a beautiful quality to develop: it’s heart. . . . Your tears are welling up, which means your heart is opening—to yourself, out of which it can reach out to others. Approving of yourself is a quality of the heart. . . . You’ve just “Let go and let God,” Neall—and we are glad to have helped.

Thank you.

Vaya con Dios, friend, seeker of happiness.

September 11, 2010: Timmy Ho’s, Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self, to connect to my own greatness, as the tennis players [Federer, Djokovich] I saw on TV today.

We are here, Mr. Neall.

What’s the most important thing to know about my health / healing / recovery today? What is the best way for me to unwind / recharge / regain my strength and find my focus?

Go into the stillness, Neall, into your meditation and early morning walking. They are filling you up, bringing you peace—what you’ve wanted. You are practising peace—good for you. Practice brings results, and you are practising lots. You will like the results, as you are seeing with your renewed connection to yoga and your teacher from Europe / India. Welcome back to the following / teaching; to meetings with fellow students of God consciousness / happiness; to being with others who want to experience more of God’s love, in community; to belonging; to having a context for your soul / life experiences; to being healthy. We celebrate with you this reconnection, and support your growth and development, your end to isolation / unhappiness, your further steps in God-realization and liberation, and thus happiness. . . . Claim all this Good, Mr. Neall; claim your progress; your enlightenment; your heart’s ability to “change its mind”; your expansion of courage.

Thank you. . . . Thank you for helping to keep me “on track” till I could make this change, this rediscovery.

Helping is all we do, so we are “experts” at it—experts in growing hearts and lives. . . . And we never quit.

Thank God” that you never quit. I am grateful to have this change to become happier. And you’ll never leave, right?

You’ve got it: ready, steady for everyone, everywhere, all the time, giving—straight to the heart. . . . Never quit, Mr. Neall, and always “Vaya con Dios” {go with God] with our highest blessings.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

September 17, 2010: House-sitting, Union Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here, dear Neall.

What’s the most important thing I need to know about my health / healing / recovery? I have too much time on my hands, yet my back tells me it wants rest and quiet. I’m seeking guidance—a phrase or sentence that reaffirms I am “on course.”

We talk about Love, as it is such a powerful healing instrument. It brings safety, security, freedom from fear and worry, connection, peace—everything you want. “No worries, mate.” Try to accept your successes—books, images, people, money, intimacy, spirituality—as you seek new friendships from your greater strength, and greater awareness of your spiritual nature and your calling as a healer / artist / lightworker / writer. . . . Don’t look back, Neall—no answers there. Just go forward the best you can—one day at a time: whatever puts a smile on your face and gets and keeps you connected to others.

Thank you [it’s suppertime].

September 24, 2010: House-sitting, Union Bay, BC

I wish to speak to my Higher Self.

We are here.

Okay, I’ve become unhappy here: stressed; feeling hopeless yet again; money and health issues; no direction; and terribly alone—and it’s raining and storming outside. I’m asking for help. I remember what it is like to connect with you: the peace, the love; the freedom from worry; the happiness. I wish to do so again.

Dear Neall: We have never left you. We can’t go away—we are part of you. And we love you. We are doing everything in our power to reach you with this love; to teach you peace in your mind and heart; to give you new ideas, new hope—and a new home: in your heart—the place where you have forgiven yourself, have stopped judging yourself, have begun to open to joy, can experience some of the things talked about in the Buddhist magazine [Buddhadharma] in front of you that you’ve been reading. . . . We understand that, growing up, no one seemed to have time for you, time to help you sort out your feelings, sort out who you were in relation to others, and that you have to do that sorting out now. We have great compassion for your situation. And you know that we will “sit” with you as long as it takes. We have no other agenda than to help uplift humanity. We are here to help—period.

Thank you. . . . Why do I feel so “off course”? I’ve gotten lost again; don’t know where I’m going; seem to have “lost the light.”

The light is here, Neall. We are the light. And we aren’t going anywhere. We just shine and shine and shine, until someone notices. We never get tired. We get happier when you get happy; we like to see our work bear fruit. We are 'biased in favour of love'—as you read on the Kryon website last night [www.kryon.com]. We never “beat ourselves up” or criticize. We are patient. We know nothing of guilt within ourselves, or punishment. . . . We are here to en-courage; to offer hope; to help change minds—beliefs and attitudes—into friendlier paths. We have “all the time in the world” to do this.

Thank you. I’m taking a break here.

*     *     *